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Bombshell Hump Day Hop & Jude and the Rockers Preview Day 4!

It's a big day today! Not only is it Bombshell's Hump Day Hop (which is now one of my favorite days of the month!), but it is day 4 of Simply Betty Stamps Jude and the Rockers preview! You are in for a big treat with both stamp companies, so I really hope you'll visit all parties involved! Let's start with the hop.

For this month's Bombshell Stamps hop, I decided to go with a theme that is close to my heart. Pirates. Here's the challenge: Aaaarrrggg!!!! In honor of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean flick, and the start of Summer (cruises and with me here, folks) I decided what better theme than pirates! More like the phrase "Shiver me timbers!" Now, I am thinking pirates...but what do YOU think of when you hear that phrase?

I used my beloved pirate from Pirate's Life, plus some of the smaller (yet still awesome!) stamps from the Hula Girl set. I love creating backgrounds with those little stamps. I was inspired by my June Sketch's card, so I decided to do a spin on that creation. Click HERE to see it.

I colored the pirate in with my colored pencils, where as I did the background with watercolor markers and ink.

You can see in this photo that I embossed the flame. I think it looks pretty cool! I have a lot of innuendos on this card. My sentiment says: "Excited to see me?" The volcano is erupting, and the palm tree is standing big and tall. I was going to have her holding her sword at attention, but it looked a bit weird, so I omitted it.

Here is the hop list for the Hump Day Hop.
The Incomparable Sparkly Engineer:  

And now for the fabulous Simply Betty Day 4 preview! It's time to meet Ali...who looks a lot like my little Rhiannon! What do YOU think???

As soon as I saw this adorable little gal, I knew I had to dress Rhiannon in her outfit that is so similar to Ali's. Yup. I'm a true scrapbooker. I will set up a photo shoot and make a page based off of a stamp, as opposed to the other way around. How could I not in this situation?!

Every time I look at this layout I giggle! It's just so funny to me! Rhiannon thinks she is such hot stuff! I did a lot to the background of this layout. Polka dot stamps, painting with acrylic, Glimmer was a blast. I adore making pages in this way. Not a lot of paper...but a lot of supplies. Ali was colored in with my watercolor markers and pencils.

So there you have it! Two fun projects that I was really excited to share with you! I hope you've enjoyed them both! Please visit the Simply Betty Blog to see the rest of today's fabulous creations. And, be sure to stop by the Bombshell Blog on July 1st for when I tell you about the next Hump Day Hop. Have an inspiring day!


Lelia Pierce said…
Love, love, loving the scrapbook layout! Your little Rhi is a doll!

Card Couture said…
Argh great card me landlubbing chum.
Riane said…
YES!! Excited to see that girl! I never realized there is a Bombshell vulcano.....Now I sure do know! Great card!
CraftyMomOf3 said…
Gorgeous Alison!! And so subtle!! ;) Love your coloring and the layout is awesome. I love the SBS layout as well!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Kathi said…
Both are fabulous!

That card is amazing. Great design and coloring and such subtlety. I never would have guessed what you were implying. *giggle*

Your daughter is totally adorable. I love all the details in the layout, including that super-cute stamp. Enjoy these days of staged photos... They end way too soon.
Let me begin by saying I love how you listed me. lol.

Next I knew you would rock that pirate image I just knew it. The background and all the inuendo is great.

Your second project with the layout is superb. Your daughter and that image go together so well.
Hey Hey Paula said…
Love your card, especially the background that you created and what a perfect sentiment.
Mary G. said…
Love, love, LOVE your Bombshell card!! Great layout!!!! Beautifully done!!

That little Rhiannon is beautiful!!!! She looks so much like you! Perfect photos to go with that image!! You rocked both of these projects!!
Debbie said…
Shiver me timbers - your pirate girl is hot .. and lol on the innuendo's! Reminds me a bit of my tattoo - Ive a volcano erupting behind a japanese samurai woman. I surely have to add these stamps to my growing list. I love your card Alison :)

And hahaha, yes, a 'true scrapbooker' matching your daughter to a stamp! Tell me who hasn't done something like this before, lol! Anyway, this worked perfectly. Fantastic layout, I love the colours and Rhiannon is really cute and so well matched with the clothes and pigtails to the simply Betty stamp. Excellent!
Alaine said…
EEEEEEk so cute. I love the flames! I love all of it, but the flames turned out so very cool!
Cheryl Valadez said…
Hey, Alison! Love your pirate girl card and all of it's "innuendo"...LOL! The volcano is a fab addition to both! Thanks for coming up with such a fantastic challenge!

BTW, the layout is superb and your daughter is adorable!


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