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Tonya’s Card

Hello again! I have a couple of minutes to show you a card that I had made for Tonya from TTIC recently. I had told her about Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels a while ago… and the poor woman has never seen the magic that is created with them! So, I made her a card using 2 colors of Mist and one of their fantastic Screens. Blow this photo up by clicking on it. This way, you can see the detail better. So I used Tattered Rose and Patina Glimmer Mist, a Screen from their Blossom mini pack, and some Glossy Accents to highlight the Screen’s design. In this close up, you can really see the Glimmer and the dimension of the Glossy Accents. Of course, I inked the edges of my torn paper and added a 3D sticker from Brenda Walton. There ya go! Fun with Glimmer Mist. I’ll be sure to post up more projects with the stuff. It’s totally addicting and I just love using it! And the colors…mmmmm dreamy. Technorati Tags: Glimmer Mist , Glossy Accents , Glimmer Screens , Ink , Cards

Photo Phriday

So I have been on a little bit of a break from my blog this week. My husband took a few days off from work so that we can do some family stuff, and we have just had a wonderful time! Yesterday we went to the Aquarium… a place that Phoenix just loves, and now Rhi does as well! Here is one of my favorite shots from the day: This huge turtle came right up to the glass and “gave” Phoenix a high-5! He was so excited! I kinda missed the exact moment when they “touched” but it’s a great photo anyway. We had a fantastic time this week. Took lots of great photos, made some amazing memories, smiled a ton of smiles. Family time rocks!

TTIC #44: It’s BOOKS That Brought us Together!

Hello again and welcome to another awesome Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge! This week our challenge was created by Rebecca, and she honed in on a topic that goes way beyond Twilight! She writes: Reading the Twilight saga books is what brought us all together …. so this week is really dedicated to books. I hadn’t stayed up all night reading anything in a very long time, yet that was exactly what I did with the books – I couldn’t put them down! Many of you have shared similar stories with me on that topic. Each of the books have their own sub-theme throughout the series. Wuthering Heights is discussed many times in Eclipse, in fact – bookstores have been reporting that their sales of Wuthering Heights were through the roof after Eclipse came out. Each book in the series was inspired by and loosely based on a different literary classic: Twilight on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice , New Moon on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet , Eclipse on Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights ,

TTIC #43 A Love Song for Bella and Edward

It’s time for another Twilight Tuesday Challenge! This week, my Book Buddy Beth created it; and it’s a good one. Here’s what she wrote: I love music! I relate just about everything I hear in songs to something. I just breathe it in – I FEEL it! So my challenge is going to draw on that. I challenge you to think about the Saga as a whole, and then to decide in retrospect, what Edward and Bella’s song should be. It can be a song about a particular part of their relationship, or their journey as a whole. Be prepared to explain!! This IS a variation of a prior challenge, so I ask that you try and go in a different direction if you participated previously! This will take some thought before project ideas even come into play – I better go start studying my iPod now… Challenge Portion: Choose a song. Explain why it should be theirs. Share lyrics that are particularly poignant, if you can. Create a project scrapbook layout around this song. Comment Portion: Do you have a theme song? One that

A Little Peek

So, I have been trying for weeks now to get some presents and cards made for some of the special friends I have made over the past few months. I Finally got to finish a necklace for one of those friends. I can’t tell you who she is… because I haven’t sent the necklace to her yet… but, I am pretty sure that she will be reading this post. So, she’ll get a sneak peek at her gift. I hope she’ll be surprised when it arrives in her mailbox! I used lots of different beads for this 3 strand necklace. A ton of glass, some acrylic, opalized glass, square, metal… it’s a long list. It’s made of different shades of blue and purple… which I believe are her favorite colors (hope I’m not wrong!). I had fun making this necklace! As usual. I especially love the little baubles I hung off of the chain. So, now I’m off to make some more! That is… if Rhiannon ever takes a nap!

Don’t Divorce…Bury!

That title got your attention huh? So I have had this totally awesome stamp called “Burying Evidence” from Paper Candy for quite a while now… but I never got around to using it. She’s just so cool…I need her to be used properly… for her to be given a place on a really rad card. Well, I think I did it… and now I want to do a whole series with her. What do you think??? Now that I think about it, this card could even be used for this week’s TTIC! The oh-so-pretty pink mixed with the super-gross spiders?! That would definitely be an “Unlikely Friendship!” Here’s a close up of my leading lady: I colored her in with my Spectracolor pencils. The Bury is done with Martha Stewart stamps (I know, right?). Paper from Provo craft and Reminisce. I am loving this card. And I absolutely need to do more with her. Maybe you can help! What other things having to death, or burying or digging could I do with her? Gene thought of “Gold-digger,” which I think is a great idea! But what else??? Get on thos

Special Wednesday Challenge – Club Scrap!

So last week TTIC had it’s first special collaboration with Club Scrap. Well, it’s Wednesday again, so it’s time for the second challenge! Here’s what my Book Buddy Beth wrote: We’re back with another special Wednesday challenge! This is our second challenge sponsored by Club Scrap . For today’s challenge, Club Scrap has generously provided members of our Design Team with their Elegant 5×7 Expandable File kits , as well as their Geared Up Photo Flag book kits. You can see the kits, and shop online, at Club Scrap’s site . And today, we’re changing it up a bit – we’re doing an Anything But A Card challenge! It is pretty self explanatory, and will definitely make you think outside of the box! Try and go in a direction you wouldn’t normally. Additonally, we are using the Men & Women of Twilight as the theme or or non-cards. We know the men love their vehicles, and the Cullen women love their couture, and finer things. Take that and run! We can’t wait to see what you come up

TTIC #42 Unlikely Friendship

Hoorah! It’s Tuesday again! This week’s Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge is brought to us by Erica. Erica is a Guest Designer filling in for Margie. She is super creative and I really like this challenge! Here’s the scoop: Breaking Dawn is my favorite book of the series, like many of you, so I was really trying to think about what I loved about the 4th book. Of course I love the romance, but that is throughout the whole series. One thing that I love about Breaking Dawn is how SM really looks into Jacob, especially his relationship with his new pack, especially Leah. “It would be interesting, at the very least, and strange, too, to have Leah as a companion – as a friend. We were going to get under each other’s skin a lot, that was for sure. She wouldn’t be one to let me wallow, but I thought that was a good thing. I’d probably need someone to kick my butt now and then. But when it came right down to it, she was really the only friend who had any chance of understanding what I was


Well, this is for my Twi-Girls. Especially Tonya. I have mentioned in the TTIC forums (we have so much fun there!), how I have been sporting the Goth look (with intermissions of Raver, Medieval, and a couple of other extreme looks) since I was like… 13 or 14. I have been dying my hair all sorts of colors like blue, pink, green, etc since I was in high school. The look had to be temporarily shelved because maternity clothes are SO not cool, and the whole, don’t dye your hair while you’re pregnant thing. So, I had to suffer with normalcy for a couple of years. What a tragedy, I know. But, I finally, FINALLY took the time to bleach out and colorize myself the way I used to. And I am proud to say that Phoenix picked out the color (which happened to be the one I was secretly hoping for!). Feast your eyes on this folks… I also did up my makeup a bit, though you can’t really tell in this photo. I am not the “typical” Alison in this pic… but you can at least get an idea of how I like to loo

Quiet Cat and Bamboo

I wanted to share a card with you today. I needed to make some generic cards, and this is what I came up with. I used a really pretty bamboo stamp, and repeated part of the image a couple of times to make the stalks seem bigger. Then there’s the cat stamp… I love this cat. He’s so majestic and serene. He reminds me very much of my Tomato. He sometimes looks just like this… and yes, he’s all black. I stamped him 2x and popped up the second time. Spritzed him with Black Gold Glimmer Mist and I thought that the results were just what this cat needed. In this shot, you can see the flecks of gold from the Glimmer Mist. It’s SO much better in the sunlight. But, at least you can get an idea of what it looks like. Here’s just another close up shot… See the shadows created by the popped kitty? I also inked the edges around the yellow splattered paper with a brick red and a little black. I think this card is very… chill. And it will work for lots of different occasions, like I intended. It’s

TTIC Special Limited Supplies Challenge – Sponsored by Club Scrap

This is a new post from TTIC. I will be participating in next week’s challenge. Read on for today’s details! We’re back with another special Wednesday challenge! Today we’ll be doing our first of two challenges sponsored by Club Scrap . (See below for information on next week’s second Club Scrap challenge.) For today’s challenge, Club Scrap has generously provided members of our Design Team with their Greetings to Go-From the Heart kits . You can see the kit, and shop online, at Club Scrap’s site . And today, we’re changing it up a bit – we’re doing our first Limited Supplies Challenge! And we are really giving you a challenge today – no embellishments are permitted on this one. We’ll have to stretch ourselves a little bit! Here are the details: Which items are acceptable to use? Paper-related items: Cardstock & designer paper Stamps Ink and other coloring mediums (markers, pencils, gel pens) Die cutting/embossing machine, along with dies and embossing folders Paper punches

TTIC #41: The Love Triangle

It’s Tuesday again! That means it’s time for another Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge! This week’s challenge was created by Eve. Here’s what she wrote: It’s complicated….we all know that. I mean really could you choose? Well for some of us it is easy {Edward for me!} However, for Bella it is a little more difficult. Jacob fills that void {or hole} while Edward is gone. And does a pretty good job at it. It is complicated and for sure- a love triangle at it’s best. Is Jacob more of a brother type figure? Or do you see Bella falling into love with Jacob while Edward is gone? There are so many angles to this triangle…….. For craft challenge: Make a card {or other item} that represents the love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. For comment challenge: What do you feel were some of the down falls of this love triangle? What do you feel were some of the high points? I’ve got to say… I had a REALLY tough time with this one. I also have to say, that my husband Gene helpe

Books to Buy my Kids…as Soon as I Can!

So, I take a ton of books out of the library for the kids. Nix especially, ‘cause he just loves having us read to him! So, I have a long list of books that I just HAVE to get them… when I have some extra cash. He’s the list: 1. The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog by Mo Willems 2. A Girl and Her Gator by Sean Bryan 3. A Boy and His Bunny by Sean Bryan 4. Thank You Bear 5. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. 6. If You Give a Pig a Party by Laura Numeroff 7. Rain 8. Leaves by David Ezra Stein 9. Don’t Worry Bear (same author as Thank You Bear) 10. Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems I can’t for the life of me remember who wrote a couple of these books… I’ll have to look them up. But, if you’ve got young kids, you should check these books out. They’re awesome!