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Black Dagger Brotherhood Challenge: Vishous

It’s time for Fandom Friday over at Twilight Tuesday ! This week Beth brings us a challenge about Vishous, one of my fave Brothers. I loved his book. I think he’s just awesome. Love his relationship with Butch, his brilliance, his curse, his Mommy! Woah! Didn’t see that coming when you read his book did ya??? Here’s what my Book Buddy Beth wrote on TTIC: Vishous is amazingly complex character – he is brilliant. A technical genius who speaks 16 languages. He is tortured. Life was never easy, largely unbearable, for him before the Brotherhood, and not simple since. He is a warrior, with a battler’s soul – no weakness in himself is ever acceptable. Much like Rhage, he is physically cursed, though his cross to bear isn’t managed by a soothing shellan like Hollywood’s is. And V is just plain hard-nosed and not at all warm and fuzzy. Then the unthinkable happens… Comment: V is a polarizing character – what is your opinion of him, and why? Craft: Create a project that captures some

Black Rose Fairy, Version 1 ; HDH023: Darkside Bride

Ok, after putting up so many posts this week, I’m in for a real quickie right now! I made this with one of my latest and greatest stamps from Sweet Pea , it’s the Black Rose Fairy. I also made her with the Haunted Design House’s latest Macabre Monday Challenge in mind… Darkside Bride. Doesn’t she look like a blushing bride waiting for her vampire husband to be??? Mixed media again here… Colored Pencils, Twinkle H2O’s and a dab of chalk. And this bride just HAD to get her Glitz on! Glitz Stickles in Tiara, of course! Ok, really, no more time to chat! Have a fang-tastic day!

Rock-N-Rolla Type O Negative Layout

Post No. 2 for today! If you would like to see my latest card for the Greeting Farm Relay, please click HERE . So Smeared and Smudged has a mess of different groups that you can participate in. Vamp Kamp, Oh the Horror, Perfect Pinups… I think it’s pretty self explanatory as to what kinda art you’ll see in each group! As a Design Team member ( yay!), each month we participate in one of these groups. This month I got Rock-N-Rolla, which is perfect for me ‘cause I’m such a metalhead! Although, I have to say, I had a tough time deciding what to do. Use a song title? Lyrics? Nah, lemme do a layout on my fave band Type O Negative! I have met them a couple of times at release parties, and I never got around to scrappin the pics. You HAVE to click on these pictures. There’s no way you can see what the heck is goin’ on with this mess if you don’t! Of course, I had to use green-their official color. I made an O Negative symbol at the bottom too. Sprayed the heck out of it with Black Gold Glim

The Greeting Farm Relay Day 3: Toby

Howdy Partners! It is the 3rd day of the Relay with the Greeting Farm , and I am so happy that I’ve gotten to this point! I have put some of my other projects aside to get it done… but I am really trying to finish everything on my plate! Come and meet baby Toby! My friend Tori just had a baby girl. Her name is Charlotte (I know… Charlotte was from yesterday…but, she wasn’t exactly good for a baby car ya know?). So, I thought this little bear was perfect for her! I had this nice big “C” from which I thought was perfect. The patterned paper is from Imaginisce. I colored Toby in using my Spectracolor pencils. I sure am getting to use them a lot lately and it is fabulous! They had been neglected for so long, it feels great to have them out again! I was thinking of adding a couple of jewels or pearls to this card… to embellish it a bit further. But, I’m on the fence about it. I kinda like the simplicity of it. I mean, it’s a baby card… it shouldn’t be too overdone should it? Wha

The Greeting Farm Relay Day 2: Charlotte

I know, I know! 2 posts in one day (and it’s not even 8AM for me yet!!!). If you’d like to see my Twilight Tuesday project (please take a peek!), then click HERE . This post is all about Day 2 of The Greeting Farm’s Relay. Today, I bring you Charlotte. She is super sassy! I was a bit wary of her at first… I knew what I wanted to do… but wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. I had never done such a dark complexion before, and I didn’t want to screw it up. I think she turned out just fine though! Here’s a closeup…of course, you can click on any of my images to see them bigger too! The stamp I used (which totally makes this card!) says “Oh Snap!” it’s from Bam Pop! and I love them! I thought that that sentiment was purr-fect for Charlotte! Ok! So I’m off to give the kiddies breakfast now!

TTIC Color Challenge #2: Thoughts of Bella

Happy Tuesday! Today marks the second Twilight Tuesday Color Challenge , and I am so lovin’ this combination! But first, I have some exciting news! Some of the Smeared & Smudge Girls were making projects for the Haunted Design House blog. In fact, the fab woman that owns the blog is part of the S7S group! Well, last week, she issued a challenge about Fallen Angels. HERE you can see my contribution to the challenge. Well, I won! I am part of the Gruesome Twosome this week (which is awesome in and of itself!) but I also won the challenge so I’ll be getting this crazy cool stamp that I cannot wait to work with! Don’t worry, you will see my creations as soon as I have, well, created them! But on to this week’s Color Challenge! Hello! Happy Tuesday! Alison here with our Second Twilight Tuesday Color Challenge! This week, my colors were inspired by Bella. I chose Garnet because originally, that was her favorite gemstone (before she went & changed it to Topaz for Edward's ey

Twilight Tuesday Scrapbook Challenge #4: The Unflattering Side of Pregnancy

Yeah, yeah… I know… it’s a doozy of a title. I’m sure it’s giving some of you the willies just thinkin’ about what you looked like when you were with spawn ..I mean child (I totally called the kids Spawn while they were in utero!)! You should know by now.. I like to do projects that make people think… make people feel… push the envelope a bit! So, play along with me won’tcha??? Here’s what I wrote on the TTIC blog: Hello! It’s Alison bringing you the next Twilight Tuesday Scrapbook Challenge! Ok, hear me out with this one. Think of this as a celebration of the New Year. As a purging of the soul. As a way to get out the nasty feelings we sometimes have about ourselves that will make us feel better. I betcha you’ll feel a lot better! Spoiler Alert !!! If you have not read the entire Twilight Saga then STOP!!! Go finish it already and then you can come back to read this post! Bella looked like…well, she looked like hell in Breaking Dawn when she was pregnant. I think all women at so

The Greeting Farm Relay: Mer Ian

Hey out there! Yes, I am posting on a Sunday… weird, I know, but there is just way to many things going on, so I needed to get this new card up! The Greeting Farm is having this way cool Relay going on. You can go over to their site and download a free digi, and then, if you complete the requirements, you can score up to 5 free digis this week!!! All the deets are on their site. How cool is that? So, I got my butt in gear and used digi #1. His name is Mer Ian, and I just love him! Ain’t he cute? I kept the card simple, I wanted to highlight the coloring I did on Ian. I used my Spectracolor pencils, and I think he came out great! I was channeling my inner Donna…and I think it worked! I just had to add some Stickles, and a couple of baby pearls (thanks Terra!), plus of course some pop dots to give the card some nice dimension. And here is a close up of my coloring. I have so much fun doing this!!! Can you tell? Click on any of the pics to see them bigger! So, now I am looking forward

Macabre Monday #22 Fallen Angel

It’s Friday! Busy day for me today… running to the Motorcycle Show in the city with the Husband and Boy. The Girl will be hangin’ with Grandmama. So, this will be a quickie post (I often say that, and it’s never true!) Anyway, some of the chics over at Smeared and Smudged have mentioned Macabre Mondays . Macabre Mondays? Why have I not heard of this before??? Why am I not participating??? Well, I clicked on over to find out that it is just my type of challenge blog! I am so stoked that I know about it! Halloween all the time? Uh, a big Hell yeah to that, thank you very much! Yeah… this post is already getting long! So this week’s challenge is Fallen Angel. Cool. Should be pretty easy for me right? Wrong! I have some pretty awesome wings… but no “body” good enough to put them on! Then I remembered this sick stamp I have from Stampers Anonymous, that looks pretty at first, but al I usually see is creepy and gothic… I love this stamp. So many ideas for it… I used a few types of markers

Faerie Song Stamp Version 1

Howdy! I received in the mail yesterday a couple of new stamps! They’re from Faerie Song , and the Smeared and Smudged Design Team have been asked to create some fab art with these images. Here is the first card I’ve made: When I first saw this fairy, I couldn’t picture her in pastel colors… I see quite a bit of sass in her, which begged for bright, bold colors! She and her butterfly friend are colored in with my Spectracolor pencils.. I colored her without a whole lot of shading and color gradation. She’s got a bit, but not too much. I wanted her bold and kinda gritty. I wonder what kind of sweets are in that box of hers??? Click on any of the photos to see it bigger! I had some awesome paper from the Paper Company that has a fabulous feel to it (almost like a fabric), and the colors are wild! I didn’t do anything to the papers… they were perfect without any help from me! I added a couple of tiny brads, and inked the edges of the card, and then it was done! How would yo

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #60: Red

Hello Blog friends! It’s Tuesday, so I have another Twilight Tuesday project to share with you! This week’s challenge is brought to us by my darling friend Erica. Here is what she wrote: Hello everyone! This is Erica and I am bringing you this week’s TTIC project. I love red. It is one of those colors that evokes so much emotion. Whether it be love or hate, red is passionate. When watching New Moon I just love the visual of all the people in red capes at the Saint Marcus Day Festival. Red was all around during Christmas time, and now with Valentine’s day, there is so much inspiration around. Creative portion: Create a project either using the color red or expressing what red means to you. Comment portion: Tell your best “red” story. Is it that great red dress that caught everyone’s attention, have you “seen” red before, anyone like Red Velvet cake? Anything goes! I too, love red. I love to wear it, I love to see it… it is such a strong and beautiful color. I have plenty of stories that

TTSC #18

Hello Everyone! It’s Monday again, so it’s time for a sketch challenge from Dani! I really love this one, I hope you get inspired to make something with it too! Isn’t it really cool??? I decided to turn the sketch and make it into a layout. I have been working really hard on a custom album (you may have seen one of the layouts I made for it last week), and I thought that this sketch would be perfect for one of the pages I needed to make! I even made it in Twi-colors!!! So, let me apologize for the crummy pictures. My Cannon’s battery died and until the new one comes, I am stuck using an Olympus, which I’m not very good with! But, you can still click on a photo to see it bigger! Here’s a detail shot of the focal point. I cut the photo with my Coluzzle. But, it was too small for the photo! So thankfully, Dani’s sketch had those wonderful little circles in just the right palces… I only had to add one extra! And, I think it turned out great! I was really stumped with what to do with thi

Winter Watcher Version #3

It’s no secret that I am totally in love with the stamps over at Sweet Pea . And I have been busy coloring the stamp that I have from them. I have a couple works in progress, but I just had to get this one done… it has been in my head for a while and I didn’t want to lose the inspiration! I needed to do a blue version. She’s the Winter Watcher, so it was just begging for blue! I used mixed media this time around… Twinkle H20’s and colored pencils. I am so pleased with how it all came out. Everything blended together so well… take a look at the cat’s eye! Remember, you can click on any of the photos to see them bigger! I put the card together a bit differently. As you may have noticed, I have the stamped image coming off of the card. Yeah, it may be a little trickier to mail, but I love that it’s unexpected. I just didn’t want to do another vertical card, and i really wanted those mats on there. I added some fiber and some awesome foiled paper from K & Co. See the foil shine??? I

Delurker Day

I know you’re out there……………………!!! Today is Delurker Day. For those of you out there who check out my (or anyone else’s blog) and never leave a comment… now is the time!!! Show me some love! Let me know you are out there! Tell me what you like (and even what you don’t!). But I need to know that someone is out there reading my blog! Otherwise… why am I doing it right??? So PLEASE leave me a comment!!! Oh and by the way… make sure you go to the Smeared and Smudged blog tomorrow. Why??? Because I will be the featured artist!!! Yeah! And feel free to show me some love over there too! ;}

So Handsome!

I have been busy working on a Custom Scrapbook for one of the women that used to shop in my store before it closed. She has 2 adorable kids, and some fabulous photos. I wanted to share some of the layouts I’ve been creating for her, so here is one of my favorites. I have the Mom’s permission to show the layouts with the pictures of her children on them. How cute are these photos??? Please click on any of my pictures to see it bigger. As you can see, I was pretty inspired by the crib bumper. I love the simplicity of the flowers. The colors of the room are great, and let’s face it… this baby is a great inspiration too! I decided to mimic the look of some of the flowers by cutting out some strips of paper. I love the finished look! The patterned paper I used (Basic Grey) has a touch of the blue wall color, but not enough, so I chalked the edges of the entire page with a teal-ish mix of colors that I created. It really cooled the page down perfectly and added an extra pop of color that

Twilight Tuesday Color Challenge #1

Hello Twi-Hards~ I have an exciting new type of TTIC for you today! A Color Challenge!!! This is going to be so much fun! Instead of having a theme to work with, we are going to be using colors to create our projects! Make anything you want! A card, layout, jewelry… anything! Here’s what I wrote on the TTIC blog (woah! My 2nd blog post for them this week!) Greetings and welcome to Twilight Tuesday’s very first Color Challenge! Every couple of weeks, we will be giving you a brand new color challenge. This is going to be a lot of fun! Your first Color Challenge is going to feature Edward’s coloring. The first color is Butterscotch for his eyes (when he isn’t hungry!), second is Alabaster for his pale, pale skin, and third is Reddish-Brown for his fabulous hair! Have fun with this! Can’t wait to see what you all make!!! So, as you can see, I’m pulling colors right from the books! But, your project does not have to be Twi-themed (but of course we would love it if it was!) Here’s my c

Twilight Tuesday Scrapbook Challenge #3: Happy Birthday!

Hello all! Yeah, it’s Monday, but what a glorious Monday it is! Today is my Birthday! I turn 32 today, and I can hardly believe it! I am actually looking forward to 32… I’m not really sure why. I wasn’t thrilled about becoming 30 0r 31, but 32 seems to have a nice ring to it… So, because it’s a special day for me, I decided to represent that in this week’s Twilight Tuesday Scrapbook Challenge! Here’s what I wrote on the TTIC blog : Today just happens to be MY Birthday!!! And, as you Twi-Hards all know, Bella’s Birthday really is the catalyst that sets New Moon in to motion. So, to help me celebrate (and to continue to celebrate the release of New Moon), I want YOU to make a Birthday scrapbook page! It can be about anyone! You, your kids… or, if you want to keep it purely Twilight, make a layout about Bella’s Birthday!!! So, please celebrate my Birthday with me and make a totally rad scrapbook page!!! Then, go and have some cake! I actually made 2 layouts for today! Go me! Gene took the