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October Bombshell Hump Day Hop & Day 26 of 31 Days of Halloween

It’s time for the latest Bombshell Stamps Hump Day Hop! And, it fits right in to the Smeared & Smudged 31 Days of Halloween. My challenge for the Bombshell fans this month (since I am the official “Hump Day Hottie!”), was a “Very Skellie Halloween…or Day of the Dead.” I wanted everyone to use a skeleton, a skull, or bones in their Halloween or Day of the Dead project. Preferably making a decoration as opposed to a card. for the S&S 31 Days, you are allowed to make Day of the Dead projects, so again, this theme works for both!

We are starting a new tradition in my family. We are going to start having Day of the Dead celebrations on November 1st. Sadly, we lost my beloved Mother in law last year on Halloween, and my Father in Law on December 20th…just 6 weeks later. A few weeks after that, on January 17th, we had to put our dog, Oliver, to sleep. It was a rough couple of months for us, to say the least. On top of this, my Dad passed away 10 years ago this past March. We have lost amazing and wonderful family members…people that I want my kids to know so badly. Hence, the celebration. We will remember them, and celebrate them on the 1st.  We do it on a daily basis anyway…but this will be even more special.

I made the project I am sharing with you today for a friend’s Birthday. He likes skulls, and I’ve seen him wear jewelry, so I thought he would like this. After making it, I realized that this could be a great party favor if we were to ever expand our Day of the Dead celebration past my husband, kids, and myself.

I took the largest Sugar Skull in the Bombshell Sugar Skulls set and stamped it onto a wooden disc that I had painted white. I colored it in with markers (not watercolor markers), and then drilled a hole in the top.

Then I took one of the smaller sugar skulls and stamped it on to the back, which I had already painted black. I used my acrylic paint to stamp the image.

That’s it! It’s a really simple pendant, but it’s also pretty cool since it’s reversible. My friend put it on right away after I gave it to him. Wouldn’t this make a great “thank you” gift for guests?

Here is the entire Hump Day Hop list. I hope you will visit everyone, as they all have amazing projects to share.

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Alison: (me!)
Mary G.:
Glittery Katie:
Sparkly Mary:

Also, please be sure to visit the rest of the Wicked Bloggers, all listed in my sidebar. Thanks for stopping by. Have a spook-tacular day!


Mary G. said…
Wow, Alison, this is wonderful!! I'm sure your friend will LOVE it!!
ike said…
This is fabulous - he will love this. I think your Celebration idea rocks !! xxx
This is wonderful Alison. I also love you celebration coming. I know it will be something to look forward to every year.
Torrey said…
Oh Alison, this is SUPER! What a fun idea! And, you're right, it would make a perfect party favor--or even a fun "make-it-and-take-it" project/activity! I love that it's double sided.
Anonymous said…
Hey Alison,this is GREAT! I am sure your friend LOVES it...if not, his butt will need to be kicked!
Hey Hey Paula said…
WOW! What a great idea. It could be adapted for so many things. Glad your friend liked it.
Kathi said…
Alison: This is absolutely wonderful. I know that your friend will treasure it, since after all, it was made for him by you!!!
I love you necklace! Beautiful Creation!!! I also understand your reasons for wanting to have a special celebration day for your family to remember all the loved ones that have pasted!!! I think it is important and wonderful what you have planned!!! Hugs to you!!!
Steph said…
Great gift idea! Love that it's 2 sided too.
Your celebration for Nov 1st sounds like a wonderful idea :)
Sharon Sahl said…
Your day of celebration sounds wonderful. Yes, we do it every day in our memories but this makes it special for your whole family. Love the skull necklace!
GlitteryKatie said…
Cute project Alison!!
CraftyMomOf3 said…
Super fabby Alison!!! Loveeeee this!!!

Crafty Hugs!
Wow - who wouldn't like that! It is totally kewl.
Unknown said…
I'm sure your friend will love it awesome
Luv Jane xxx
Laura B said…
Very cool! I love that it's reversible.:)
KristyLee said…
These are great necklaces Im sure your friend will love it especially if he likes skulls. BC yours turn out so FAB!
Unknown said…
What a great Idea.
Celina said…
Great looking pendants!
Milo Lilja said…
Wow! It´s cool, I like the idea, and I think your friend is going to love it!
Hugs, Milo <3
Alaine said…
very very cool. I want to make something like that for my daughter. She can't have anything nickel near her skin, so I need to find a finding.
Susan said…
Wonderful project Alison!
I am also sorry to hear of so much loss.
My dad also passed in March...March 10, 2005. 2005 was a bad year, we lost dad, and I had my semi-near death experience and was in bed for 2 months and on anIV for 6 months, ended up losing the bones etc, that I have spoke off due to MRSA.

2001 was the really bad year, summer I should started on father's day with hubby having a MASSIVE heart attack. it took 18 hours before he was stabilized and the cardiac enzymes came down. 5 days later he had a 2nd haert attack in the same spot of his heart. Obviously a bypass was needed-- so a double one. While he was recuperating in the hospital from this open heart surgery my mom, was rushed to the hospital with chest pains (in FL) she did NOT have a heart attack, but she needed 5 bypasses. they harvested veins from both her legs and her chest where my hubs was just the chest and one radial (from the forearm. She came home, My sister went down to help, and 3 days later she was back in the hospital as they sent her home on too many BP medications, and her BP went so low, she kept passing out.
Hubby came home, then mom had to go back to the hospital as one of the incisions on her legs got infected. meanwhile I was dealing with another kidney stone. A few days later my best friend. my "Honey" (white German Sheppard)started having problems urinating, they thought it was just a UTI. Drugs didn't work, they did tests over night and found a tumor totally enveloping her bladder, and one of her ureters, and it was also pressing on her colon. so August 10th, she was put down at the age of ten. 2 weeks later, I got lithotripsy to break up my stone. (they missed it didn't work) Hubs went back to work on a half day basis the wed. after labor day (so what maybe the Sept.4th), which was for 2 weeks then he would resume, 8 hours.
Then it was Sept. 11, and we all know what happened then.

I totally know what you are dealing with.
MANY hugs to you,
DK Spins said…
Your pendant is beautiful, and I'm certain your friend will cherish it. It hurts to lose those that we love, especially our parents. Each year I put up an ancestor altar, and sadly the number of candles grows. I've found it very healing. Love ya!
DonnaMundinger said…
What a wonderful gift! I really love that it's 2 sided. Your dia de los Muertos celebration sounds ike a wonderful idea. I've been decorating my dining room for the occasion for several years in honor of my parents and other deceased relatives and it's a wonderful memorial. xxD
Cheryl Valadez said…
Hi Alison! Your pendant is wonderful and your friend is going to love and treasure it.

Also, great idea that you and your family are going to start celebrating Dia de los Muertos. Such a positive way to honor and rejoice in the lives of those you've lost rather than focusing on the sadness of losing them. Such a remarkable holiday.

Hugz to you, my friend! Fabulous theme ;D
You have a lucky lucky friend! What a FAB piece Alison :)

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