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Feetie Ghosts! Day 3 of 31 Days of Halloween

It’s Day 3 of the Smeared & Smudged 31 Days of Halloween! I have been so very anxious to share this project with Especially with   you Mommies out there that have young ones. But I needed to wait for a day where I can share only this project, as I believe it deserves to be on it’s own. I’m sure you’ll agree.


This is a super simple (and quick!) project that you will for sure want to make. I saw it originally on Pintrest, and knew I just had to make them with my kidlings. All you need is a cheap-o wood plaque (mine are from Michaels and cost $1.50), black and white paint, and some ribbon. And feet.

2011 September 177

After painting the plaques black and letting them completely dry, paint your kid’s tootsie white. They will find this highly amusing as you can see from Rhiannon’s face. :)

2011 September 179

Then carefully place your child’s foot on the plaque, with their heel close to the top. Push gently, but firmly. Make sure all those little piggies make it on there.

2011 September 185

They really love the tickling of the paint brush on the bottom of their feet! And what kid doesn’t love to get a little messy?

2011 September 189

A perfect stamp of Phoenix’s foot! Next, you’ll want to write the child’s name and the year on the plaque, under the toes. Then make 2 eyes and a mouth by painting in ovals (on the heel) with your black paint. After it’s completely dry, attach some fun ribbon to the back with hot glue. Voila!

2011 September 260

Easy peasy! And now you have their adorable footprint in  spooky-cute ghost form! I love this project, and so do my kids! I hope you’ll try it with yours. Now hop along to the rest of the Wicked Bloggers…they are all listed on my sidebar. Thanks for stopping by. Have a spooktacular day!


ldfdesign said…
aw! great project for a perment memory. i love this idea, and your kiddos are so adorable and proud of their work!
Alison... I am loving this project even I don't have kids; maybe I need to make one for Michael... LMAO!!! Okay, seriously... I really love your project and do believe you were correct... it needed it's own post!!!
~Lady B~ said…
Awww...this makes my icy heart melt! I love that you used your childrens' feet as stamps! I'm sure they had a blast with the paint and their mommy and now they will always have a memento of their childhood. Thank you so much for sharing this project! I may have to try this with my nephews!
ike said…
AWESOME - thanks for sharing the lovely photos of the creation of these. They are fabulous - wish I had seen this when my KT was young... she would have loved it.
Ike xxxx
DonnaMundinger said…
ADORABLE project and your kids are just PRECIOUS! Love, love, LOVE it! xxD
Laura B said…
Really cute project! I just love seeing the smiles on your kids faces, so sweet!:)
Sugar said…
awww cute! love it!!
Monique's art said…
so cute both the project and your kids
Susan said…
first and foremost your children are adorable! it makes me happy to see such smiling happy faces!

This project is UBER COOL, and I wish I had thought of it when my kids were little.

VERY,VERY awesome project!!
This is a wonderful project and YES it totally needed it's own post. Look how much fun they both had, love the smiles.
Sharon Sahl said…
Darlin' lil kiddos and a really fun project. Do you have ghostie footprints on your floor?
Unknown said…
Love them the kids looked as if they were having fun
Luv Jane xxx
jennifer said…
super project, I will have to get the paint and and some feet this weekend! tfs
DK Spins said…
What a fun project for you and your kidlets, Alison! Love it and 20 years from now you can show them how teeny tiny their feet were. Great idea!
KristyLee said…
How too cute and so cleaver, and your kiddos will treasure that for a long long time. That is so sweet!
It turned out to well too! I like how you did the eyes, or well, the lack there of, of eyes.
Scrap Vamp said…
An awesome and cute project! I must do this with my son before he gets much bigger!
bonniebluedenim said…
what a wonderful wonderful idea! so sweet, I want to make them! I bet there was lots of gigggling involved!
Steph said…
So precious! Maybe I can bribe my 10 yr old to make one before his feet get too much bigger, lol. Looks like you all had a great time creating these little works of art :)
This is just such a darling idea, and your kidlets looked like thay had so much fun! :D
MaRyKaY said…
what a gorgeous keepsake. Looks like everyone had a blast doing this project. great way to include everyone. love it
Jamie Phillips said…
OH I love this project!! My oldest would be a little big for the project :) It's awesome and then you can put it in their scrapbooks :) LOVE IT

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