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TTIC #37: A Little Romance


It’s Tuesday! Time for another fabulous Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge! This week’s challenge was created by Donnaand what a thought provoking challenge it is! Here’s the scoop.

“Creative Portion:
Do you have a favourite Edward and Bella, Jacob and Bella or even a Alice and Jasper romantic moment? Create something that celebrate’s their love or how about creating something for that special person who you love.

Comment Portion:
Tell us about your most favourite romantic moment… be it in the books or real life!”

I have been itching to make jewelry lately! I have had no time for my favorite craft! I know... you're shocked. It's NOT scrapbooking or cardmaking! So for my project portion, I decided to highlight my favorite moment Twilight the movie. Literally moment. If you blink… it’s over. It’s when Bella’s is putting all of the pieces together and realizing that Edward is a vampire. You briefly see a couple of frames where Edward looks like a “typical” vampire and he is about to bite Bella’s neck. I get chills just thinking about that moment. I loved everything about it. The costumes, their makeup, it’s quintessential vampirism at it’s finest and hottest. And it’s only like 4 seconds long! Obviously, this is not in the book, and it never even really happens… it’s all in Bella’s mind. But I think it’s romantic in a twisted Alison sorta way… it’s hot and steamy and I love it. So. I made a necklace depicting it. My sister Pam made the bottle cap charm, which I stole asked for. And I was inspired by an amazing Twilight necklace that she had made me. But, of course, I gave it my own spin. I used glass beads, chain, rubber cord and a couple of other little doo dads. Obviously, the briolette hanging from the bottle cap represents blood… as does the tiny round charm hanging from the back of the necklace. Click on the photos to get a better view. I also made it a chocker style, since the vamps are all about the neck! I am so gonna wear this piece all the time!!!

For the comment portion, one of the most romantic moments in my life was absolutely during my wedding. I’ve mentioned before that it was entirely medieval. Including the ceremony. So, of course I got to knight Gene!

Don - CD2 114

If this doesn’t say romantic… well then I guess you’re just not in to the medieval period! Lemme say it again. I got to KNIGHT my husband!!!! We didn’t tell our guests anything about the ceremony. They didn’t know what to expect… all of a sudden, we are about to exchange rings and he drops to his knee, offers me my wedding band on his sword (which I graciously accepted!) and then I took his sword and… voila! Knighted. Pure magic. Pure romance. It was beautiful and amazing, and… ahhhh… what a wonderful day it was.

Take a look-see at what the other Design Team Members created for this!

Dani ~ Eve ~ Julie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca

with Guest Designer:


Make sure you go to to check out all of the other info for this fantastic challenge! You should participate too!!!


Erica said…
Lovely! That piece is absolutely gorgeous. I like that part in the movie too!
Eve said…
LOVE your pictures! Thanks for sharing. The necklace is wonderful....I am at loss for words......That charm is amazzzzzing!
ellepaulette said…
Great necklace!! That is so perfect!!
Sounds like you had a beautiful and unique wedding!!
Julie said…
BEAUTIFUL necklace! I love seeing jewelry that you made! And you and your husband at your wedding - STUNNING. You are GORGEOUS in that dress, sweetie! You write a great post!
Anonymous said…
WOW WOW WOW!! WOW!!!!!! I'm in LOVE with this necklace! That bottlecap charm is simply....DIVINE!!! And your arrangement of it all is breath taking! Holy Crow GIRLFRIEND! LOVE this!!
Unknown said…
Ohhhh Alison...I am in LOVE! That is just one beautiful necklace!!! And you beautiful lady are absolute gorgeous!!! Xx
Jamee said…
wow! your necklace is beautiful!!!
TheScrappyMama said…
Love, love the necklace! Are you going to sell it? ;-)
Beth said…
WOW! That is fabulous - really exquisite!! And what a wedding! How cool is THAT?!
susy said…
beautiful, love what you have done. I love that scene too, glad they have still shots of it 'cause it flashes by so quickly.
Jacqueline said…
Oh heavens how AMAZING is this necklace!!!!! WOW I am in love with it, that part was a perfect reminder of the Twilight series in my mind, maybe in breaking dawn movie we will see more juicy vamp stuff! I would of been bawling at your wedding for sure, that is pure romance!!! great job sweetie!
rebecca said…
Love this necklace! Its amazing, incredible, fabulous :-) and did I mention how much I adore that bottlecap????

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