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TTIC and Artful INKables Collaboration Day 3


Hello again! It is Day 3 of our fab Twilight Tuesday and Artful INKables collaboration! This is the first card that I had made when I received these fantastic stamps.

I so love this focal image and I was stoked when I had gotten it. It (for those of you not in the know…) has the images that are on all 4 book covers. I also used their swirl stamp. In addition, there’s Basic Grey cardstock, Burgundy Stickles, EK Success Watercolor Markers, Black Soot & Fired Brick Distress Ink, and Ranger’s Super Fine Detail Black Embossing Powder.


I distressed the edge of the circle by wetting the edge to soften up the cardstock, and then rolling the edge. I topped it off with Black Soot Ink. I popped dotted the circle too, for dimension. The card was distressed with Fired Brick. After embossing the swirl stamp, the 3 tiny dots of stickles added just the right amount of sparkle and extra little something I thought the card needed.

I haven’t talked about the comment portion of this week’s challenge yet…”how the Twilight saga has changed your own life or made you view life in a different way.” For me, it’s done a couple of things. First and foremost, brought back all of the wonderful memories of I have of Gene and I when our relationship first began, to the forefront of my mind. I’ve mentioned it before, but it needs to be said again. So many things in Twilight (the book itself) reflects how we began our life together. Ya know when Edward asks Bella all those questions… Favorite color? Favorite flower? Totally one of the best parts of the book. Exactly what Gene and I did. Incidentally, that is Gene’s favorite part in the book (yes folks, my husband read Twilight. Actually, he’s now halfway through Eclipse. Yes, he really likes the series. Yes, you can be envious. :) ). This makes it even better, ‘cause we are both relating to that scene. It reminded us of that time we shared. Not that we forgot… but we’ve just had other things to think about… it’s helped us get “us” higher on our “to do” list again.

Also, this series has gotten me reconnected with reading. How is that life changing? Let me say this. As a kid, I was always reading at least 2 books at a clip. Often more than that. My mom couldn’t figure out how I kept track of them all! As I got older…high school, college, work, kids… I didn’t have as much time to read, and truthfully, I kinda pigeon holed myself into one specific non-fiction category. Yeah, at least I was reading, but still… I was reality based. No where to “lose” myself. Twilight brought it back for me. It’s my escape. I need to read again. Have to. I need to get out of the everyday stresses and learn about other worlds, other love stories, other vampires!

So yeah, Twilight has brought some wonderful things back into my life. Made me realize that the were MIA and they were knockin’ on my door to come back into my heart.

Until tomorrow…with another fab card (her Wolf Girls out there… this one’ll be for you!)! Make sure you check out for all of the other great projects and Artful INKables to order your set of stamps!


ellepaulette said…
Ooooh! I love the layout and how you distressedthe image. Perfect!!
Eve said…
LOVE it. I love the design you came up for this one!
Jacqueline said…
Yes your story touches my heart! Brings all those feelings to the forefront you are right!

LOVE this card!!
and great job with the links on your blog, you are getting the hang of it, I didnt have a doubt you would excell at blogging too! ;) hugs!
Unknown said…
Ohhhh I love that story's so sweet! Andy won't even go near the bookcase incase he see's something Twilight!

I LOVE your card it is just awesome...Wow, you just do some amazing things...your work is fantastic! Xx
Elena said…
This card is so beautiful! I love all of the distressing you have done! Beautiful!
Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful, Alison!
Love the coloring and the distressing too!
You did a fab job!!! :)
Julie said…
LOVE your card - love your post! I absolutely adore all of the conversations between Edward and Bella in Twilight (the book) -- those are definitely some of my favorite parts. And I was so sorry that all of that had to be sacrified in the movie - I just loved reading about them getting to know each other.

And your card - gorgeous and dramatic and a perfect use of the book cover stamp! Beautiful job!
Jamee said…
Your cart is beautiful!! I love your coloring :)

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