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TTIC #56 Your New Moon Experience Part 2

Wowie! Did this past week just fly by for you or was it just me??? I had a great Thanksgiving (I think the food this year topped ALL other years!!!), and then the babies and I came down with this nasty cold that we are still fighting… But it’s on the outs so I’m hoping we’ll be back to normal within a day or so. But let’s get to the topic you visited me for shall we??? It’s Twilight Tuesday time! We are finishing up Your New Moon Experience this week. Here’s what I wrote (that’s right… my challenge! Gosh, that never gets old!!!) on TTIC:

Happy Tuesday Twilighters! So, have you seen it? How many times??? I know some of you have gone 2 or 3 times already! Now, the most important question… Did you take pictures???? If so, then join us in making a layout of your New Moon Experience! If you didn’t, that’s ok! Scrap your ticket stubs, journal about the evening’s events, etc! Just have fun with it! Even if you haven’t scrapped before, join in! We can’t wait to see what you make and read about your time at the movie!!!

So, here’s my disclaimer… I really wanted to do a different layout. I had a great idea… but no photo for it. So I was going to get stage the pic so I could make the page. Then the sickness entered our lives and all was lost. Maybe in a couple of days…? I’ll show you what I did make, then I’ll tell you the funny story that inspired the currently non-existent page.


As usual, please click on any photo to see it bigger.

So my sister Pam thinks of everything. She is so attentive to people’s needs and wants, all the time. She knew we were going to be at the theatre for a long time (since we were not only seeing New Moon but Twilight as well), so she decided to bring us a goodie bag. A HUGE goodie bag!


I usually have a little food stash for myself no matter where I go… but this was unreal! We had snacks galore! Yes, we did splurge and buy popcorn (esp because we were at the theatre that has the melted butter pumps…. ahh, heaven!). But I must say… those brownies were divine! I wish I had one right now….


So the funny story goes like this… I had decided to dress in a nice outfit, with makeup in my goth style. Nothing over the top, just dark. I had on a white shirt with bell sleeves and a velvet jacket. These items are from Newport News. It’s a pretty straight laced, normal catalog right? Plus, I had on my Tripp pants (ok, a little different, but around here? Normal.) Again, makeup was kinda goth. My pics don’t really do it all justice (yes, I really am that pale.) Anywho, we get to the theatre and this, like, 15 year old bouncing girl wearing Uggs comes up to me and says “I really like your costume!” I look at her and simply say “It’s not a costume.” Now picture this… the aforementioned 15 year old’s eyes mutating to look more like a fish than human, with her mouth becoming practically unhinged like a snake. Poor terror. No, not embarrassment… terror! Why you ask? Hell if I know! My clothes are from the Newport News catalog! My upper half was straight off the cover people! So after this girl does her animal morphing job in a mere 3 seconds flat, she and her amazingly shiny hair does a 180 and she RUNS AWAY!!!! Now, yesteryear, I may have been a little more snide with my comments, playing up the “role” a bit. But this time, I was taken so off guard…. I thought I looked fairly normal! But even the popcorn guy thought I was in costume! I’d love to know what they would have done if I went all out! So, I was going to make a page about this. I still will… I just don’t know when I will have a chance to do it.

So, this has become a super long post… I hope I kept you interested! Now go on and check out some of the other TTIC girls! A few of them will be off this week, but here is who’s in:

Erica ~ Margie ~ Rebecca~ Tonya

Have a great day!!!


Erica said…
Can your sister send some of those home-made brownies my way? It sounds like you guys had a blast! Your story is hilarious! Love your layout and pics. Great work!
Dani said…
Sounds like you had a fun and interesting time! Love your layout, great pictures! :)
Awesome layout and such fun pictures! People are crazy. I can wear about any clothes around here and not get too much hassle, but if I wear dark lipstick I get funny looks. I can't see your entire outfit in these pics, but what I can see looks perfectly respectable. Mmm, brownies...sorry, I'm easily distracted by chocolate.:) I really loved your challenge, by the way.

Stampvamp said…
ROFLMAO...Omg...that's so funny. It must be the lipstick...LOL....I'm going to continue laughing quietly over here...
Beth said…
OMG - That is hysterical!!! I love your layout! It looks like you and Pam had a blast - this is a perfect way to rememeber it! As always - an awesome layout by Ali! :)
Donna said…
Ali...That is soooo funny!!! I really can't imagine you scary!! Your goth look IS you!! I think your beautiful no matter what you are wearing!! LOL!! Gorgeous layout Honey...really!! I LOVE it!! And NO...I don't think it will work.. you maybe able to get me to like doing layouts but I will love them...LOL!! Xx
Jennifer S. said…
Ah alison! This is incredible. You always do such gorgeous work on these layouts. And I look at you with that lipstick, lol. this was a GREAT challenge!! :D
Jamee said…
hahaha, looks like you had a lot of fun!!!

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