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Darque Obsession2

I have another thrilling new release to share with you today!!! Remember last' week’s release from Tonya? Darque Obsession? Those gorgeous she-vamps??? Well, here come the boys! And my oh my, are they H-O-T!!!

I made a card featuring the guy who happens to now be my favorite vamp actor. Rob who??? Move over all you bad-boy vamp wannabes… make room for Ian Somerhalder, otherwise known as Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries. This image was inspired by him. Behold! The “Smoldering” Vampire…


Uh, yeah. Yum! THIS is what a vampire is supposed to look like in my world. Tom Cruise as a blonde? No. A guy who looks more wolf than vamp? Hell no! But this guy right here??? Oh yeah!


I must say I busted my butt coloring this digi in. Seriously. I HAD to get it just right! I even watched an episode of Vampire Diaries whilst coloring so I could make sure I got the high and low lights of his jacket right! Any excuse to watch Damon the show! His skin color doesn't photograph too well. But, this is the best black hair I’ve ever done. Please click on this pic to see it bigger. I am seriously proud of this one!!! His jacket really looks like leather! And do I really need to tell you how much fun it was to color him in??? Tonya, I love you!


Here’s a bit of a better shot of his jacket. What do you think???


The patterned paper I used is from Tinkering Ink (love!). And the teeny senti is from the Grumpies set from Smeared Ink. It reads “suck it up.” Take it as you wish! ;} Wanna see the other 2 hotties in this set???


Wouldn’t you just LOVE to have these boys in your, uh, collection??? Well, click HERE and they can be all yours!!! Now I leave you to drool…while I go and watch some Vampire Diaries reruns…why is the season over already??? Obsessed? Uhhh, yeah!

Now I leave you with this…

1. Please go and visit Tonya’s blog to see some more crazy amazing creations with these bodacious boys! (Yeah, I said it!)

2. Ian Somerhalder


‘Nuff said.


CraftyMomOf2 said…
hubba hubba hubba Alison!! gorgeous job!!!! you totally rocked the coloring!!

awesome job!!

Sara said…
awesome coloring and i love that you said bodacious :)
margie c said…
gasping! Wow! He is so HOT! Awesome coloring, Alison! You really did an outstanding job on this one!

TGIF! hugs, margie
Barb said…
Fantastic coloring, Alison! And thanks so much for the tastee eye candy at the end of your post :)
Jennifer said…
Wow, thanks for the eye candy. I love how you colored the jacket. GREAT CARD!
How steamy is that card!!!!!!! He's super hot, fabulous new images from Tonya. And your coloring is superb!!!!!!
I love how well the Grumpies saying goes along for the ride; that says it all :)
Erica said…
WOW!!!! You have outdone yourself this time. I love your coloring! It is amazing! I love everything about it!!!!
Dani said…
Wonderful!! Your coloring is spot on!!!
Danielle said…
OK. I am a vampire whore, and I don't know the vampire diaries!!! Maybe, I've been glamoured, and don't remember!! You gotta fill a bitch in!
I thought he looked like vampire Bill from True blood. Who, I don't really think "looks" totally hot, but his actions make him a hottie for sure.

SORRY, back to YOU,and your delicious coloring. WOW. I wrote to you yesterday, and said I need some tips!!! your shading is phenominal!!BITCHIN'!!
ladybrayton71 said…
You've got some mad skillz, girl! I bow down to you this week. Fantastic, all around!
Alyssa S said…
Wow! That is some fantastic coloring!! His hair and jacket are just amazing! Great work little missy!
Toni said…
OMG - it's all your fault! I don't know whether to love you or hate you. It was because of your cute Punked card that you did with Ebony from The Greeting Farm - and through you I found Haunted Design House and several other blogs or companies/stamps to quench my vampire desire.

And then Tonya creates this image of Damon/Cristofer!!!! OMG. And your card is AWESOME. The Vampire Diaries is my favorite show. Damon and Stephan are the hottest - but that show has quite a few good looking guys in it. And now the season is over - what am I going to do??? Man - to be Nina Dobrev (Elena) - getting to kiss both of those guys!!!

I'll have to rent True Blood dvd's, I don't have HBO. I just got done reading the last book today. But I don't think anyone can replace my Damon.

Back to reality - I am in awe of your card. And guess what???? I was just picked as a winner on Tonya's blog - guess what image I'm choosing??? If only I had some Copics to play with. Sucks being unemployed.

Love your blog - and your sense of humor.

You did an incredible job coloring him! And thank you for including the yumalicious pics of Ian/Damon.:D I'm even more in love with him after the season finale!

I found you through the Pink Ninjas.

Omg---I LOVE LOVE that atc!! I have watched The Vampire Diaries since the beginning and at first only thought Stephen was the hot one but the more into it I got I fell for Damon of course.

Is there any way I could get an atc from you? I would pay for it? I actually collect and swap atc's and that one is one I have to have. LOVE LOVE it!!! let me know ---:D
my email--ginastutz(at)gmaildotcom
Randi said…
I think I just fainted a little. Damon is my fav!!

Cool card! Your coloring and highlighting is amazing!

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