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Twilight Tuesday Farewell Blog Hop

The end is here. This is the Twilight Tuesday Farewell Blog Hop. And I can honestly say that I never thought I could have so much fun with people that I have never met! But before I start getting all mushy on you, let me share what Rebecca wrote on the TTIC Blog:

Hey everyone!

It’s Rebecca, bringing you something special for our last Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge. For this event, we’re doing a DT blog hop. Our challenge theme???? ”Love of books, the printed words on a page” since that is what brought us all together. I love to read the newspaper online but nothing beats a printed newspaper on Sunday mornings. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t abandon books (hardcover, softcover, or paperback) to a digital reader. Are you totally digital or do you prefer a good old fashioned printed page in your hands?”

Creative portion: Create a project that uses printed text: a page from a magazine, book, dictionary, etc. within your project, as the background or focal point.

The hop trail will be in a backwards alpha order…
Starting here …. at the Twilight Tuesday Blog

… and ending HERE at the Twilight Tuesday Blog. There’s Blog Candy along the way, so make sure you go through the entire hop!!!

So, you should be coming to me from Beth’s blog. Wanna see what I made??? I’m going to warn you, it’s pretty sentimental. And you guys should all know by know that I’m into symbolism. Here it is:


Please click on any of the photos to see an image bigger. I used the photos from the entire Design Team to make this very special layout. I needed it to be about us. I wanted this final challenge to be about the friendships that were wrought through Twilight. These special books brought us together and I wanted to showcase that. To complete Rebecca’s Challenge, I chose page 118 from Twilight. It’s when the kids all go over to La Push and Bella “meets” Jacob for the first time since they were little kids. I thought this was the perfect page to use. Here’s why: They are a bunch of people just wanting to hang out and have a good time. New friends are made in this scene. Friends that, as the Saga goes on, lasts a lifetime and beyond. I hope to be lucky enough to have made bonds like that with my Twi-Girls. Some of us have gotten very close to each other, and these friendships are so special. Jodi is unfortunately not in my layout. I didn't have a pic of her. Sorry Jodi!


Of course I used the Twilight font for my title and journaling.


And a compass stamp was the perfect addition (thanks for the great idea Pam!). I have it pointing Northwest of course, but the compass also symbolizes that we Twi-Girls come from all over the world.

Here’s what I journaled:

It’s been less then a year since I’ve met these girls. But in that short time, I have connected with many of them in a very specail way. This is the Twilight Tuesday Design Team, and every one of us is so talented in our own way. It has been a pleasure to get to know them, to become friends with them, to be inspired by them. I cherish the time I had with them and I will miss Twilight Tuesday so very much. This group has meant so much to me. These girls have meant so much to me. Twilight Tuesday may be coming to an end, but fortunately, our friendships don’t have to.

I do have to make one important point. There are some other ladies who were not a part of the Design Team that I have become very close to as well. Tia especially. I love her dearly. Laura, Steph, and Liz… all such wonderful ladies and I hope that we all stay in touch. But I really wanted to focus on the design Team here. We have done so much together in cyber space. They will all have a very special place in my heart forever.

As far as the comment challenge from Rebecca, (I don’t wanna get too emotional here folks!)… I love to have a good meaty book in my hand. I love hard covers. I love to turn the pages, to feel the weight of a book… there is no way I could buy a Kindle or some other digi reader. I gotta feel my books. I get such joy turning those pages. Sometimes it really is the little things in life that bring you the most joy.

I think I need to end this here. Otherwise, I’ll keep writing until next Tuesday! To my Twi-Girls. I love you all. I am inspired by all of you. Thank you so very much for the gifts of your friendship. Thank you for including me, for making me feel special, and welcome. This group has been amazing. You were all the light on the other side of my eclipse. To now, to forever, to friendship. xxoooxx

Now hop on back to Twilight Tuesday to complete our farewell Blog Hop!


Heather said…
This is such a touching tribute! I've been a long time stalker of the blog and an occasional participant. I am truly going to miss you guys. Thanks for inspiring!!!
redapron said…
How sweet :) I {{{heart}}} you, too. I adore your layout and how meaningful it is.
Lelia said…
What a heartfelt post and last TTIC creation! It has been a blast to stalk the DT for TTIC and read your posts every week. Thank you for sharing your love of sparkly vampires, your talent and your thoughts over the last year!

Tonya Klar said…
I'm not sure I can respond properly here...Ali, you rock. Your project're an amazing friend...and I've got to stop or it's going to get really, really emotional. I love you. And thank you... This precious and highly cherished...thank you so much.
Jen Shults said…
Oh Alison, this is such a gorgeous page. You an just see all of your love for the design team in this page... stunning work. You are such a sweet and genuine person. I'm going to miss our TTIC adventures, you have been such an inspiration to me one this journey and you are such a wonderful friend. Hugs!!
Alyssa S said…
This is so sweet and such a beautiful page! I'm with you too...I have to hold a book in my's almost like a ritual with all the right elements.
This is so beautiful! I knew one of you would make me cry today.;) I'm so glad I found Twilight Tuesday, you've been there for me and helped me through things when you didn't even know it.

huge hugs,
Jodi said…
Wow! Alison this is such a great page and wonderful idea!! No worries about my pic, I am just truly happy that I was able to be on the DT even if it was so short. Thank you for your wonderful inspirational creations!!
Jodi =)
Rebecca said…
ROCK ON Twilighter! Love your project, it totally takes my breath away! I esp. love how your compass points to a twilighters "true north" which is actually northwest!
Julie said… Gods...Alison -- this is too much! I mean that in the best possible way. This is such an incredibly moving project and post. You are a true artist, my dear - you really know how to channel your emotions into your work. Your posts, and your work, is always filled with honesty and integrity and I love that about you SO MUCH. Sigh -- this is making me all about saving the best (blog hop stop) for last! I know we will not lose touch, so this is definitely not a goodbye. "Talk to you soon" -- how does that sound? :)
~Jeri~ said…
WOW!! Your layout is incredible!! How awesome that you made it so personal and about the Twi-girls. Through your layout I can see how close you all are and how much you meant to each other. I hate to see TT come to an end!! I wish you all the best of luck in your next endeavors and how appropriate the page you used from the book. I'm sure your friendships will last forever! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!!
Chelsea said…
great layout! The traditional Twilight colors and the clock on your layout are great! So sad TT are over :(
Erica said…
Ok, that did it! I am officially verclemped. Thank you for those sweet words. The page is perfect and that is about all I can say. You are a doll. I am blessed to have you as a friend and to have created "side-by-side" with you. I love being able to talk to you on the phone and can't wait for our next convo! Hugs! Eri
Dani said…
Wow. You have absolutely, positively wow me with this super, wonderful layout! Oh my Edward!!

I love you sweetie and I so value our friendship! You just rock!! :)
Donna said…
YOU MADE ME CRY!!!! Oh Ali...This is just the best farewell gift ever!! Even though I plan to visit you often..cause I just love you heaps...Know that beacuse you were there, cause you were apart of something amazing, YOU will always have a very special place in my heart!! Thankyou...Thankyou for your friendship and support and for just being you... This is not goodbye, this is just another chapter of our friendship which I vaule and cherish....Love You! Xx
Shaz said…
A scrap- page great Idea! And your journal entry is so sweet.
Juanita said…
Wow I love how you made this layout oh so special and personal. I'm sure you will cherish this page forever, TFS :).
Beth said…
Damn! I was doing so good holding the tears to a minimum!! For once, I am literally speechless. The project is amazing in every single detail - well, even if it does have my picture on it! :S Anyway - you know I love you righteously and I think you are the coolest, ass-kicking chick EVER! I will definitely be seeing you very soon, but still, this is as good a time as any to spill. Talk to you soon - rock on! xxx
susy said…
What a great idea, this is something I'm sure you keep and cherish forever.
Jennifer said…
WOW Alison, that was so sweet. Amazing layout.
mousekemom said…
What a great page! I think it is great that you used pics of the girls. I love the compass too! I think that it completes the page beautifully!

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