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Mommy Mutterings: Nix-Nax: The Why’s of it All

So, I’m trying something new here. I have a ton of ridiculous things that happen with my kids (as I’m sure all of you Mommies do!), so I decided to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let me know what you think! Today I’ll be writing about my boy. I have a journal that I keep with all sorts of random kid stuff, and I frequently add to my “Nix-Nax” section (get it??? As in Knick Knack but for Phoenix???). This is something that I really need to write in there, but I’ll shar with you first.

Why? Such a simple word. But with endless possibilities. Especially in the eyes of a wee one like my Phoenix. He has hit the stage where he questions everything! And I am a bit surprised because I didn’t think it happened at age 3.

Why do you do the laundry?

-So you can have clean clothes.

Why do I need clean clothes?

-So you don’t wear dirty ones.

Why don’t I wear dirty ones?

-Because it’s nice to be in clean clothes.

Why is it nice?

And on, and on, and on… this is merely one tiny example of how my entire day goes. I consider myself to be a very patient person when it comes to certain things. Explaining, or teaching my kids something is one of them. However, when the “why’s of it all” go on for what seems like eons with no hope of an ending??? I get a bit tired of it.

I really do try to give him valid answers. None of the “It doesn’t matter sweetie, now go play in traffic,” nonsense that many parents do. If he wants to know why he has a penis and I don’t, well, I really do want to give him the truth. But the why’s never stop. Even if I think I have given him an answer that he can in no way form a new question out of, he finds a way. So clever, that little guy is!

After hours upon hours of questions (many of which have already been answered 2-4 times over already), I am just exhausted. Wiped out mentally. The brain cannot function anymore. And I feel awful about not giving him a good, honest answer but oh. My. Goodness!!! Do you need to ask what’s in Peanut Butter? Really???

Yes, he is only 3. And the world truly is his oyster. It’s just up to me (and my husband) to make sure he finds all the pearls, I guess. Which is pretty gratifying. It totally is. But, I do plan on teaching him how to read and research via the encyclopedia ASAP so that he can research everything from bugs to blizzards whenever he feels the need! Of course by then, The Girl will be at the “Why’s of it All” stage.

I must say though, I am thrilled that he is so curious. His vocabulary is amazing and he really seems to grasp what I’m telling him most of the time. Which is why, even though I needed to vent about it a bit, I am really happy that that simple little question pops out of his cherubic mouth so frequently. He is full of wonder, and there is not many things more beautiful and inspiring than the wonderment of a child.


Jennifer said…
I know how you feel. My 11 year old was doing that to me yesterday. By the tenth why I was done. (Hello, doesn't she know I don't know everything.) LOL! I'm glad she's curious but give me a break and google it. She can read. It's cute at 3 not at 11.

Sorry, I'm venting too.
Erica said…
Izzy asks WHY all the time. Amy and I have learned to turn it around on her and ask her should hear her answers! Maybe you should write down the questions then research the answers and write a book to help other parents. I will help do research if you need!
My daughter does this to me all of the time. She gets a twinkle in her eye, and just keeps repeating "Why?" no matter what I say to her, she's 5 and a half. My son is 19 months, so, it hasn't started yet with him, but I figure with his sister around it won't take long for him to pick it up. I try to give legitimate answers when she really wants to know something, but usually she just wants to see me get that crazy look in my eyes. LOL! It's always good to know that I'm not the only one going through these kinds of things.:)

Alyssa S said…
Such a beautiful post! I haven't gotten to the *why mommy?* stage yet, but I'm learning that it should be coming in a few short months! They are such a challenge and such a gift at the same time...

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