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Twilight Challenge #50: Charlie

Hello fellow Twi-Hards! It’s Tuesday again, so it’s time for another FANG-tastic Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge! This week’s challenge was created by My darling Aussie friend Donna. Here’s what she wrote:

“One of the best things about Charlie is that he doesn’t hover.”

This has to be one of the most memorable lines from both Twilight the novel and Twilight the movie…

Let’s face it, we all love Charlie….. And Stephanie describes this quite and thoughtful man’s personality and temperament in this one single sentence. But as we all know his relationship with Bella changes from starting out as strangers thrown together in an awkward situation and slowly grows into a bond that any father and daughter would be envious of.

So, this week my challenge to you is simple…

Craft Portion: Create a project that represents Charlie’s and Bella’s relationship or a relationship you have with a ‘father’ figure in your life.

Comment Portion: Tell us about your relationship with a ‘father’ figure and why this bond is so special to you.

Mmmmm…. now, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know the deal with my Dad. For those of you that don’t know, here’s a bit of insight…

My Dad passed away in 2001. It was a complete and total shock. What happened to him was horrific, and still has not been adequately explained by Doctors. I love my Dad. SO much. I always strived to be “Daddy’s Little Girl",” but never quite felt like I got there. I based much of my life around him. What sports I liked, my love of cars and motorcycles, being interested in tools, although, I did NOT like his music! We weren’t nearly as close as I would have liked… he wasn’t real comfortable with his 3 daughters… he didn’t talk much to us, didn’t really ever show emotion… It wasn’t an easy relationship, because I always just wanted him to smile at me, or tell me he loved me, or something…

Now, don’t get me wrong. I KNOW my Dad loved me. I know it. He showed us in his own quiet and reserved kind of way (actually, after he passed, many of his friends told me how often he talked about us… I was shocked and thrilled)… but I wanted a bit more. I don’t really know how to explain it… I don’t want hi to sound like a bad father. He wasn’t. He was just quiet, and didn’t know how to express his feelings…

But when he did… I swear I heard angels sing. I remember that on special occasions, like Graduation and things like that, he would say he was proud of me, that he loved me and then he’d hug me. Those were some of the best moments ever. That was what I wanted from him… Is this getting too personal? I should stop now, before I go on for the next week or two (which I could probably do!).

There were some very special moments my Dad and I shared. We both love Drag Racing. Love it. I always wanted to race a dragster. He didn’t want me to though… but we went to Englishtown, NJ on a few occasions to watch NHRA up close and personal. Just me and my Dad. Yeah, he had some buddies that met us there and stuff, but we went together. It was the best.


This layout was the first layout I ever made with my dad. I made it in 2006. I just couldn’t bring myself to do any LO’s of him sooner. The reason I chose this as my TTIC is because this was US. This wasn’t a Holiday scenario where we had to smile for the camera. No family portraits here. Just me and my Dad, having a grand old time on our terms. So, these photos mean the world to me. My only wish is that I had a picture of us together from this day. Sadly, we never took one. But I am proud of this first layout I made with him.



I’m about 14 here, I’m wearing a watch he gave me and that T-shirt I’m sportin’? That’s his car emblazoned on it. I’m standing in front of my favorite NHRA driver’s car: John Force. It was an amazing day.


See that race car stamp in the background? Coincidentally, that is one of Nix’s favorite stamps to use when he’s making cards!

The great thing (if you can look at it this way) is that the months right before he passed, our relationship took a huge turn for the better. We were talking, going to places together, it was everything I wanted. So for a brief moment, my wish came true. I guess I WAS Daddy’s Little Girl huh? He may not have said so… but maybe I really was…

Now, before I get even more emotional, go and check out the rest of the TTIC Design Team!

Dani ~ Donna ~ Erica ~ Eve ~ Jacquie ~ Jen ~ Margie ~ Rebecca


Tonya said…
Oh wow. Just wow. Your posts are always so touching because they're so authentic! Your layout is fabulous (of course) but I appreciate your personality in all your posts the most!! Your story is semi-familiar to me!!! I can understand SO much of what you have said about your father and not having the relationship YOU wish you had but accepting the one you did have. The six months prior to my own father's death (not a great story either), I was blessed with the opportunity to "settle" our relationship. I am very thankful for that. I think if I hadn't have had that time, it would've left a huge hole in my life. Thanks for sharing Ali. You absolutely, completely, and totally rock.
Erica said…
Thank you so much for sharing. Your dad sounds like a great guy and I am so glad that your wish came true, even if it wasn't for as long as you wanted. I know your dad is very proud of the amazing woman you have grown to be. The layout is beautiful! Amazing job and story.
Unknown said…
Thank you for sharing! I love that little car!
Eve said…
What a wonderful story and the craft portion is amazing! My favorite part? The shirt of course! LOVE it!!!! Thanks again Alison for making my week!
ellepaulette said…
Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us! I love your layout and the story behind it. Wonderful!
Wow Alison. I always am so touched by your awesome stories. You put so much into these challenges, it's very inspiring. I love seeing those pictures of you and your dad. I'm sure he had a hard time showing but I know you were daddy's little girl in his heart. Thanks so much for sharing your story and your fantastic layout!!
Anonymous said…
alison-thanks so much for sharing that. i do understand how that special way of dad to say something special to you feels too-never forget that and i'm sure he knew how much you loved him too!

that's such a fun LO and I LOVE your background!

Unknown said…
Oh Ali....Thankyou so much for sharing your incredible dad with us....You are just the most amazing person and I am sure with all my heart that he is always with you amd smiling because YOU my beautiful, sweet friend are the perfect daughter.... I LOVE your layout!! I lost my mum 4 years ago now and I STILL haven't done a layout or card or anything... Cause I just can't yet! I think you are inspiring and I might even try very soon... Thankyou for all your support with this challenge...Like your dad, I am truly blessed to have you in my life!! Xx
{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} just big hugs for you! Your LO is perfect, thanks for sharing your dad with all of us!
What a beautiful post! and awesome layout!
Thank you so much for sharing your Dad with us :*)
~ margie
Beth said…
What an amazingly touching post - I always feel so honored that you choose to share yourself like you do with us all! Your layout is amazing, and your story is so, so special! {{Thank you for sharing!}} xx
Jacqueline said…
My sweet Ali of course your dad loved you! As we become older we see things so differently dont we.. I am glad his friends told you that your dad spoke of you because I am sure he did every chance he got, you are an amazing, sweet, beautiful person! Your layout is wonderful and just perfect for this! Big hugs, Love ya!
Alyssa S said…
Oh wow! You had me with misty eyes! So sweet. I'm glad you got to spend more time with him where you felt more special.
Your layout is awesome, and I too, love that you were able to scrap about a day that wasn't forced *holiday* smiles ;o)
magickat said…
this was really great. i really love this project.

you were, most definitely, the apple of your father's eye. he loved you so much alison, SO MUCH.

so much....

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