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Introducing FANDOM FRIDAYS & the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

I am really excited about this! Beth, one of my many Book Buddies over at Twilight Tuesday, recommended the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward to me a few months ago. Well, let me tell you!!!!! This is one of the greatest series of books (if not THE greatest…shocked, I know you are… I DO believe that there is more to life than Twilight ya know! ;} ) that I have ever read. It’s a vampire series, and my is it YUMMY!!! Here is what Beth about the new goings-on for Fridays at the TTIC site:

Dark LoverWelcome to our first installment of FANDOM FRIDAYS here at TT.  We will be visiting various areas of Pop Culture that are reminiscent of The Twi Saga, and then some other things that we just think are cool and you might enjoy given our similar tastes.  Come back each Friday to see what we have in store for you! This week we have a new challenge, and an amazing book recommendation!  Read on:

Twilight did a wonderful job at capturing our hearts and minds, and bringing us into a world we may not have ever dreamed of before.  Who knew a vampire could be so loving, caring and passionate?   As an avid reader of paranormal romance, I know first hand how wonderful it is to immerse myself in a world so similar and still so different from my own!  Twilighters ache for Edward.  Now I offer you a new series that has gripped several of our faithful readers in our Books With BITE forum (focusing on paranormal fiction & romance), the Black Dagger Brotherhood, by JR Ward.  If you have read the series, you know what I am talking about.  While this series is similar to Twilight in a few obvious ways: vampires living in current-day America, living on the fringe of society but not ‘known’ to them, and passionate characters.  This is not your teenager’s Twilight, though.  These are adult vampires, using adult language and living very grown-up lives.  While I loved Twilight as much as anyone, I can only relive my high school years so long before I start to feel old!  The BDB books captured the ‘feelings’ I got from Twi, and I can honestly say that these are my favorite series books.  The writing is unique and vivid and the characters are to die for.  You will get to know each Brother as though they were real.  If you have not read this series, I highly recommend that you visit our BDB forum for links, reading order and ‘ratings’.

Having made my suggestion, I am excited to offer up the first Black Dagger Brotherhood challenge.  As I mentioned before,  after I recommended this series in the BITES forum, we quickly got a passionate following.  And, really, this series has *the* most passionate fans I have ever seen!  Our debut challenge will be simple and based upon the first book, Dark Lover, the story of Wrath, the reluctant king of the Race.  Until you have the opportunity to read this first novel, please enjoy the challenge and the artwork of our faithful readers!

Theme: Dark Lover. This is the first book in the very unique and intense series of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, by JR Ward.

Dark Lover tells the story of Wrath, reluctant king of vampire race.

Challenge: Create a project that captures the essence of Dark Lover – be it Wrath, or the Brotherhood in general, as this is our introduction to their world in modern-day Caldwell, NY. Explain what it is about the series that ‘grabs’ you ~ since the vast majority of the BDB fans are fiercely passionate about their Brothers!

Beth (and Tia!) ~ Jacquie ~ Alison ~ Donna

Ok, So here is my creation!


Now, if you didn’t read this book, you may not want to read on… I’ll have some spoilers!

This card I created is the Announcement of the Ascension of King Wrath, as created by the glymera. I used the actual Old Language writing for the Announcement, (although, alas, I don’t know what it says as I don’t own the BDB Guide that has a translation yet.) and I used a simple silhouette of  a crown (though Wrath would NEVER wear one!) which I also drew. I used a stamp from Artful INKables, and some gilded paper… ‘cause that’s the way of the glymera!

IMG_6982 A close up to see detail.

I made this because I think one of the most important points in this book is the fact that Wrath decided to finally take the throne.

Now, why did this series “grab” me??? Let me count the ways…

1. Vampires! duh.

2. The romance…and what hhhooottt romance it is! And I had not read “paranormal romances” before. Now, I’m kinda hooked!

3. The Brothers themselves. They are just AMAZING! I’d love to hang out with them.

4. JR Ward’s writing style. She is incredible. You believe every word of it… You feel like you know these characters…she’s just so damn funny!

5. Uhhh, this list could take a loooong time, and I think my post may be long enough. So, why not just grab these books for yourself? I have already recommended the series to 5 people, and they have ALL loved the series!

If you have read it… then come and play along!!!


Beth said…
I LOVE it! OMG! You took the glyphs from Avenged!! BRILLIANT!!! Awesome! And no mention of Rhage? :) LOL
ellepaulette said…
Love it!! Perfect for the Blind King!! :)
Jacqueline said…
This is AMAZING!!! WOw you really rocked this challenge, the glyphs are a perfect touch...I am just amazed by your talent, great elements all put together to represent Wrath!! way to go chica!
Unknown said…
OME Ali...This is just GORGEOUS and AMAZING and BRILLANT...Just like you!!! I love it...You my very talented friend ROCK!!! Xx
Jennifer said…
Wow, that's clever! GREAT card.

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