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Well, this is for my Twi-Girls. Especially Tonya. I have mentioned in the TTIC forums (we have so much fun there!), how I have been sporting the Goth look (with intermissions of Raver, Medieval, and a couple of other extreme looks) since I was like… 13 or 14. I have been dying my hair all sorts of colors like blue, pink, green, etc since I was in high school. The look had to be temporarily shelved because maternity clothes are SO not cool, and the whole, don’t dye your hair while you’re pregnant thing. So, I had to suffer with normalcy for a couple of years. What a tragedy, I know. But, I finally, FINALLY took the time to bleach out and colorize myself the way I used to. And I am proud to say that Phoenix picked out the color (which happened to be the one I was secretly hoping for!). Feast your eyes on this folks…

Bella's Lullaby 001

I also did up my makeup a bit, though you can’t really tell in this photo. I am not the “typical” Alison in this pic… but you can at least get an idea of how I like to look. I am thrilled with the color; it’s always been my fave color to dye my hair. And little Phoenix said “Mommy, Phi like your hair.” Precious! I am so happy he likes it!

Now let’s go back in time…

Bella's Lullaby 002

Now, these are all photos of photos, so they look kind of crummy… but here’s some more teal… with my hair nice and short!

Bella's Lullaby 003 Yes, this IS actually Halloween. So it is a wee bit more extreme then my every day look. However, if you just picture a little less makeup, then this is often how my day to day was…

Bella's Lullaby 004 At the Ren Faire! The Dark Fairy (if you only knew how many families stopped me to take pictures with their kids! Now I know what Mickey Mouse feels like!). I have some pink locks here… another fave color to use.

Bella's Lullaby 005 My Birthday. Probably about 9 years ago. Purple and pink goes so great with my red plaid pants dontcha think???

So, there ya go. Me and a couple of my looks… I was actually surprised at how few pics I could find of me… So I put up what I could find here. Hope you enjoyed! And remember… you asked for it! :)


Jacqueline said…
hot,hot and more hotness! ;) You are so cute I cant stand it! :) Love your hair! Love ya!
Jen said…
Wow, you are so cute!!! I wish I could pull of that hair but you totally rock it!! I love the pinks... and the cut and the blue is TDF!!!
Julie said…
LOVE! You are just FIERCE! You look gorgeous at the Ren Faire -- and your current look rocks too. And how sweet is your little guy, telling you that he likes it?
magickat said…
you look STUNNY!!!! i love the green. just gorgeous!
Haylzee said…
WOW. i love the teal colour.
i dyed mine a similar colour a couple of months ago. =] it's pink now though.
Stampvamp said…
WOWZERS!!! I love it!! As Julie said, you are just FIERCE!! You are incredibly brave my lady!! I am so jealous!! I love how your hair turns out. You are REALLY good at applying the makeup. I like the butterfly or fairy (I can't tell) on the side of your face in the ren pic. You look GORGEOUS! How fun your life is! Good for you!!

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