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Peep Show!

How’d ya like my title??? Let me start off by saying, I had NO idea how to correctly photograph this project. And it’s a shame…because it’s pretty damn cool. My sis who’s a photography pro wasn’t around to aid me in this…so I’m gonna try and snag her to retake these dreadful photos.

Now that that’s out of the way…I started to play with my Nymphs stamp set from Smeared Ink. And I cam up with what I thought was a fabulous (and funny!) idea. You can let me know what you think…


So I painted this little box. I used some branches from the Tree Nymph and a few dabs of Distress Stickles in Peeled Paint…you’ll see a detail shot in a minute. But wait? What’s that blotch on top of the glass???


Why, it’s the dress the Tree Nymph is wearing! And look…there she is down at the bottom of the box! Hello down there!!! I guess she’s feeling a little self conscious…wait a second…maybe not…


Gasp! She’s taking off her dress!!! The glass panel in the box slides out so you can put your treasures inside.


And here she is in all her glory!!!


Here’s a different angle so that you can see the glass.


A couple of detail shots.


So??? Funny right? It’s a Nymph Peep Show!!! Hope you got a good laugh! Have an inspiring day!!!

PS: After seeing the first few comments, I saw just what the other girls were talking about! It SO doesn't look like that in person! I promise, it's a dress...not a big penis!!! Again, my photos are pretty crummy, and the colors didn't come up as well as they should have... But, I do think it's pretty funny that that's what everyone else saw! Thanks for the laugh, everyone!!!


Kim Wilson said…
Alison this is hilarious! Btw I thought the dress was something else ;) Ya sorry, my mind was in the gutter!
Sugar said…
Too cute! And I agree with kim..guttermind.. :)
~Lady B~ said…
This is so freakin' clever! I love it!
Erica said…
Wonderful! Extremely creative! Hugs, Eri
Patricia Mae said…
That is so funny I love it and I agree with the other girls I didn't realize that was a dress at first either, guess were all gutter minds. That or the dress is just made to look like something else, lol. You made my Friday with this. I can't wait to see what else you make. I just poped over here Im going to take a peek around here but I love your work.
Carisa said…
OMG, this totally made me laugh cuz I sooo thought the dress was something else as well. A little old & withered & crooked but nonetheless, that's what I saw...OMG, I'm still giggling - I love it btw, it's awesome now that I know what it is...;)
Daniella said…
I always love visiting your blog, but I am really happy today!!
After much talk on the forum, I expected ???, BUT, when you show the multiple photos, and the way it works, its freakin AWESOME!!! I love how the paint on the box looks. This is fab for sure!! BITCHIN'!!!
Cheryl Valadez said…
LOL! I have to confess, at first glimpse I saw something different and started to think that I was some sort of kooky weirdo until I got to the end of your post and I was relieved to find out it wasn't just me ;D I guess I'm a normal weirdo...LMAO! Now I totally see the dress and I LOVE the idea of the peep show box! So incredibly clever and amazing!
~Lady B~ said…
...and in local news:

"Sisters and owners of Smeared Ink Stamps engage in shenanigans regarding phalec imagery in art".

One witness claims that Tori sites the specimen to be "hard" and "fun to play with". When hearing her sister's response, Terra could only say, "Ick! I'd hate to be on the end of that one...kinda wrinkly and old looking".

Our investigations revealed that Terra is the culprit behind the creation of said image even though artist and Smeared Ink Design Team Member, Alison, was responsible for the upwards animation of the image in question.

What is going on with Smeared Ink? Is it a pre-requisite for members to be depraved? Or is it merely a side effect of inhaling the vapors of their rubber stamps and ink?

More details at eleven.
Okay, y'all just made my night! Great comments :)

Alison, this is stunning! I love this lil treasured box! Beautiful job and all those details, breathtaking! You go girl :)

hugs, margie
Nicole Maki said…
What an amazing peepshow box. I love the distressing and the effect is awesome.

I too failed to see a dress. I was thinking you were making a very saucy craft project indeed :-)
Leigh Ann Baird said…
I didn't see a penis until I read your note, which is funny because I actually see penises everywhere :). This is a very cool project!
Barb said…
This is so clever, Alison :) Very fun project... and I DO see what everyone was talking about ;)

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