Thursday, December 31, 2009

Smeared & Smudged December Card Sketch Challenge/ Winter Watcher Version 2

Wow! That’s title is quite a mouthful huh? I cannot believe it is Dec. 31st already. I have to say, I had a lot of wonderful things happen this year (like TTIC and Smeared & Smudged!), but this was a really tough year for me. I am looking forward to 2010. It’s gonna start with a bang (there’s a Blue Moon tonight!), and I really hope that this year is a turning point for my family. I want things to start lookin’ up for us. I have faith that it will.

But on to my project! Smeared and Smudged is having it’s first 2 sketch challenges (which are due today…better late then never!). A scrapbook sketch and a card sketch. Here’s the sketch itself:

Created by my fellow DT member Kelli, I was totally into this sketch! I loved all the different shapes. Well, for my card, I needed to use the sketch rather loosely. This is because I wanted to use Sweet Pea Stamps’ Winter Watcher stamp. So, out with the oval… then…well, why not just look at it for yourself?


I painted the image with Twinkle H2O’s. Love those! They have an incredible shimmer! The paper is scraps from several companies. I nixed the sentiment… I didn’t really have something I wanted the card to say… so instead, I used some leaves. Yeah, she’s a Winter Watcher, but the colors I used here made me think of Fall.


See the shimmer? I embossed the image in a detail black, it makes it a bit easier to stay in the lines! ;} Plus, I love the raised surface!

The next version of Winter Watcher is probably going to have shades of blue… so be on the lookout for my next one! I am so inspired by these stamps!

I guess that’s about it for now. I’m busy working on a custom scrapbook, so I have to get back to it now… Have a safe and fang-tastic New Year!!!

PS I know it's a little late (again, better late then never!) but my darling friend Tonya is having a sale in her shop! Go to!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Watcher Version 1

Greetings and Happy Tuesday! TTIC is off this week, so I wanted to bring you my very first card using Sweet Pea Stamps! They are Ching-Chou Kuik’s amazing artwork and ALL of these stamps are simply beautiful. The stamp I have is called Winter Watcher. And, being that I am a cat lover, this stamp is quite meaningful for me!


I kept the card itself simple, because I wanted the image to of course be the focus! And how could it not be??? It’s just gorgeous! I colored it in with my Spectracolor Pencils. And I quite like the end result!


Click on any of my photos to see them bigger!


I am especially happy with the cat’s eye and the cape. I used a cardstock with a lot of tooth this time, I wanted to give it a lot of texture, but my next version (which I already started) uses a stock that is much smoother. I hope to have it done tonight…

Now please head on over to the Sweet Pea Stamps Blog for some magical inspiration! You will be wowed!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

TTSBC #2 Jasper Says Relax...

Hello again! Yes, I’ve been on a bit of a blog hiatus, what with the Holidays and the icky stomach virus that took up residence in my house. Somehow, I was very fortunate and was spared from getting sick, but Nix is still not quite right. Gene and Rhi seem to be just fine now. Thank you for all the well-wishes!!!

So, I am pleased to announce that today marks the second Twilight Tuesday Scrapbooking Challenge! I am so excited about giving you these challenges every other Monday (I’ll be rotating with Dani’s awesome Sketch Challenges!). So, without further ado, here’s what you’ll find on the TTIC Blog:

Welcome to the second Twilight Tuesday Scrapbooking Challenge! The Holidays are almost over, so maybe you can find some time to play along with us! This week's challenge is about one of the Cullen boys... Jasper has the special ability to control the emotions of the people in a room. He often made Bella relax in Twilight. Who in your life does that for you? Maybe you have a special place you go to to find peace. What is your "Jasper?" Make a scrapbook page representing that person or place! Or, you can make a layout about Jasper himself!

Here is what some of the Design Team has come up with:

Erica (her post will be up a little later) ~ Tonya

And here is my project:


Ahhhhh…….. this is the place I would love to be right now…. in my warm bed with my husband’s arms wrapped around me. It’s so blissful. So peaceful. I love our room, our bed, just being in that room chills me out and then, add to that laying there entwined with Gene… pure Heaven.


Click on any of the photos to see them bigger.

I set my camera up in a tripod with the timer on to get this shot. Here’s what I journaled on the page:

“There is no better place to relax than right here. There are no arms that make me feel as secure as yours. I love laying in bed with you. You holding me, our bodies touching, your breath on my neck. There is nothing more relaxing than you.”

Gene is definitely my Jasper. He absolutely can influence my mood. Just a look can relax me, or even excite me! ;} And I often count on him to make me a bit calmer. And he does it so easily. Ok… enough of me typing. He’s downstairs right now and I think I’d like him to hold me for a while…

Monday, December 21, 2009

Oi! The Stomach Virus!

So I had every intention of posting today, tomorrow...maybe even Wednesday. Don't know if that'll happen now though. My kids and husband have a stomach virus. I'll probably be joining them shortly. So, have a wonderful Holiday if I don't get to post again.... I'll probably be puking my brains out. Joy to the world! ;}

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh the Horror! S&S December Challenge

Greetings! Today I am bring you a card I made for Smeared and Smudged.  One of the many mini groups in S&S is “Oh the Horror!” It’s about… you guessed it, all things horror. So Terra (our fearless leader), gave us a movie poster to draw inspiration from. Here it is…

I love the colors in this poster (although, overall,, I think the art is pretty rad!). So, the colors are what I used for my card.


Please click on the photos to see them bigger! I used my Spirit of Winter stamp from Stamp Oasis. Isn’t she lovely and mysterious? I used a whole mess of things to color this card in. Watercolor markers, Twinkle H2O’s, chalk, colored pencils. I love mixed media!


A close up of the Spirit.


Do you see the shimmer from the Twinkle H20’s? I am really happy with this card. I abso love the colors. I have sent this card out to Julie. Hopefully she got it already! ;}

That’s it for today… sorry about the short post. I have much to do for Nix’s B-Day tomorrow and the kids’ bash on Sat. Plus, we are headed off to the library now! Until next time!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TTIC #58: A Twilight Christmas

Greetings! It’s Tuesday, so it is time for another Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge! Here is what my darling friend Margie (who I actually have met!!!) wrote this week:

“It’s time for our last challenge for 2009… We have had a wonderful year here at Twilight Tuesday and we are looking forward to having another fun, crafty and adventurous Twilight-y year with all of you in 2010!”

This week’s challenge is “A Twilight Christmas”

Create any Twilight themed holiday project.

Comment: What is something that you are leaving behind in the old year and what are you looking forward to in the new year???

Cool! So here’s what I created:


Please click on the photos to see them bigger! Obviously, the cardinal stamp is the focus. It’s from Inkadinkado and I just love it. Cardinals are one of my fave birds… I embossed him with cherry red powder from Gel-A-Tins, inked the edges in Quicksilver and pop dotted him.


I used a clear stamp from Fancy Pants in the background and embossed it with UTEE in Interference Blue, to give it an iridescent quality.


Then I used my Nesties to cut out the grey piece, and using the same UTEE, I embossed a snowflake from PSX. This baby is going to one of my Twi-Girls of course!

And as always, our Design Team has fantastic projects to display for this week’s challenge – please go and check them out!

Dani ~ Donna ~ Erica ~ Jen ~ Margie ~ Rebecca~ Tonya

Plus, this week's The Pink Elephant Challenge #45 is anything Winter and/or Christmas. So I have 2 challenges in one!

I would like to wish my Baby Girl Rhiannon a Happy First Birthday! I cannot believe you’re 1!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Scrapbooking Challenge #1: Who’s in Your Pack?

What a great day! Actually, this is going to be a great week… but more about that another time. Today is the first time I get to introduce you to Twilight Tuesday’s newest Challenge! A scrapbooking challenge! Now, you should probably know by now that scrapbooking holds a special place in my heart, so I am super excited to be bringing you a new scrapbook challenge every other Monday! How awesome is that? Here’s my challenge to you:

Welcome to the first Twilight Tuesday Scrapbooking Challenge! I am so excited about these new challenges. Every other Monday, I will be giving you a new topic. This topic will be taken from the pages of the wonderful Twilight Saga, and then I will reinterpret it to fit into our “real” lives! Next, YOU get to make a scrapbook page(s) about the topic! We want to know about you and your life! But, you can of course, make it about the books/movies as well! It’s up to you! We want you to have fun!!!

On to the first challenge… The wolf pack is made up of brothers. Not brothers by blood, but by the situation that binds them together. They are a family unto themselves. So, who’s in your pack? Who’s by your side no matter what? Is it your best friends? Maybe it’s actually your blood relatives! Are you a part of an extended military family where those on base with you are your new pack? Make a scrapbook page(s) or mini album about this very important bond!

So of course, I have a sample to show you.


Click on the pictures to see them bigger! As you can see, I did a page about my sisters' and I. These pics are from ‘07, during my Mom’s Birthday Bash. We were pretty goofy that day. You should see some of the other pictures. Ridiculous! My little sibs are definitely my Pack. When we are together, we can be pretty insane. We have a really good time together. Yeah, we fight… but that’s what we’re supposed to do! We’re Sisters!


So I sliced these photos up quite a bit as you can see. I felt like doing a technique I haven’t done in a while, so I thought of this! We are in my Mom’s backyard, which obviously has a lot of green, and I just wanted that to expand through the page. It creates a bit of movement too, which we were def. doing here!


For my title, I used super huge stamps from Magnetic Poetry (of all places!), cut out the letters and faux stitched one side where a shadow could be. I also “stitched” around one side of the photos too, and added the words “Sisters,” “Buds,” and “Dorks.” We are all of those things to each other, for sure!

Wondering about how the pictures came out black, white, and green? Here’s my tutorial from a previous blog post! Click HERE! It’s super easy, and it’s a pretty rad effect!

Now, move along to Erica’s to see her creation!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Smeared & Smudged Sketch Challenge


Hey Everybody! How would you like to participate in a great new sketch challenge for a chance to win some fantastic BLOG CANDY? It’s from the totally rad group I’m in, Smeared and Smudged!

Welcome to the first Scrapbook Sketch Challenge on Smeared and Smudged! The rules of the challenge are simple, just use the sketch above as inspiration for a scrapbook layout. When you've completed your project, add a comment to this Smeared and Smudged discussion containing either a picture of your project, or a link to your project on your blog. Be sure to label your post with "December Smeared and Smudged Sketch Challenge" if you are providing a link. Also include your name and email address. At the end of the month, all of the entries for the Scrapbook challenge and Card challenge will be combined, and the winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator at You have until the last day of December to enter. Winner will be chosen on January 1, 2009. You are allowed one entry for the scrapbook sketch and one entry for the card sketch. Design Team Members are also eligible to win if they provide a project.
Retro Cowgirls from Bombshell Stamps

Here’s the layout sketch:

And the card sketch:

You can participate in one or both challenges for a chance to win that awesome set of Bombshell Stamps! So get craftin’! Have a great day… and don’t forget, tomorrow I will be introducing TTIC’s first official Scrapbook Challenge!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Black Dagger Brotherhood- Butch O’Neal Fandom Friday on TTIC

Time for another Black Dagger Brotherhood Challenge! This week we are working with Butch O’Neal. The ex-cop human who not only wears killer threads, but…shall we say…runs with vampires as well! Here’s what my Book Buddy Beth wrote on TTIC:

PhotobucketPhew! Can you believe we are almost halfway through December? And, oh yes – TGIF! Hopefully you have all found some quiet time somewhere to get in a little reading – and better still, I hope you have gotten your hands on a copy of one of the BDB books! This week, we have the challenge based on book #4, Lover Revealed, which tells the story of Butch O’Neal. Read on:

Butch is a man who has lived a hard life. His heart is big, but his head never really lives up to his heart. He’s rough around the edges, and lives his live hard charging, with little regard to his own well-being. And he is always on the fringe – in his family, his job and in life. Then he finds himself coming to the aid of a friend, and his whole universe shifted. His entire destiny was Revealed.

Craft: Capture Butch! He is so unique, this could focus on any facet of his personality or his life!
Comment: How do you feel about Butch? Tell us what you think!!

I gotta be honest, I made kind of a quickie card. But, I made what I had originally thought of doing for our pal Butch.


Picture this… it’s Butch’s Birthday. What does his best bud get him? Red Sox tix! Yup, V bought the human 2 VIP’s to a homegame. How sweet is that? ;}

I got the image from HERE. It was exactly what I was looking for. It’s pretty cool, even though I ain’t no Sox fan!


I used red cardstock and drew on white stitching with a Chalk marker from EK Success. I wanted a reverse ball look. Then I inked the edges a bit with a nice dark blue. Pretty easy!

How do I feel about Butch? He is one lucky guy! Yeah, he had a damn rough life, but in the end… well, lets’ just say Butch has found his true family (wink!)!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Owl Card

Greetings! Today I have for you my second installment as a Smeared and Smudged Design Team Member. This card is a little bit Winter, a little bit mysterious, and has a little bit of magic in it.


I love this owl stamp from Inkadinkado. It’s got so much going on… the owl has a certain quiet power. And the swirling snowflakes remind me of something out of Narnia. Then there’s the sentiment. Also powerful in my world. And quite beautiful. It’s also from Inkadinkado. I used platinum embossing powder for both.


See the shine? If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you’ll also see that I used a couple of spritzes of Black Gold Glimmer Mist. In addition, I added a couple of gems from JoAnns, and a tag from Basic Grey. The cardstock is from Prism.


Isn’t he majestic? He also reminds me very much of the movie Labyrinth. Which, now I am totally in the mood to watch those 2 flicks!!!

So, that’s my card. Quiet, simple, and strong. Pure magic!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TTIC #57 Celebrate!

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge!!! This week our latest exciting challenge is brought to us by our Design Team Leader, Margie. Who, without her, I may have never even found out about TTIC! Here’s what she wrote:

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm still celebrating the release of New Moon! and my b'day is in a few days! So I'm in the mood to keep on celebrating it all right into the New Year! "
Challenge: Create a "Celebrating" project for the vampire-lover in your life!

It can be any Holiday - birthday, Christmas, Valentine's, etc. Have a ton of fun with this one and don't hold back!
Comment: There's no denying that we all have wish lists, especially with the holiday season on us! Some of our lists are a little more practical than others... Please share with us with what is on your "not-so-practical" wish list???

I decided to make a Birthday card. I have a number of those to do this month (both of my babies’ B-Day’s are next week!!!!!), and I love doing cheery cards. Here’s my creation:


I used “Rosalie” from The Greeting Farm ltd. digis. I put a party hat on her, and gave her a sparkly broach. She is all ready to par-tay!!!


I also made her skin shimmer with paint I mixed myself. I used acrylic paint in the color “sand” and some Pearl Ex (Jaquard) medium in pearl white. I love the effect. It’s got a hint of shimmer, not too much. I colored Rosalie in with my Spectracolor pencils. I used the “Rosalie” stamp from Artful INKables, a bit o’ Stickles and some colorful paper. That’s about it!

So Margie asked us to include our “not so practical” wish list! Well, it just so happens that I had already written one with the anticipation of putting it here on my bloggy so that '”just in case” a special Northward resided elf (or anyone else! ;} ) had nothing better to do than check out my 21st Century Pillow Book! Here’s my silly list in no particular order:

1. Spectracolor Replacement Pencils: #1441 & 1413

2. 10” High Sided Skillet

3. Bombshell Stamps

4. Those freakin’ INSANE stamps from Sweet Pea Stamps

5. Black Dagger Brotherhood Books (I’m not picky… I’ll take any!)

6.Cricuit Expression (I know, I know…it’s from The Dark Side! I’ll even take a Silhouette!)

7. Sesame Street 40th Anniversary DVD

8. Those awesome Spica Markers

9. New Oven Mitts (silicone?)

10. A Dustbuster (Hey! I have two kids!)

11. A whole day with just my husband!!!

12. Wii Sports Plus (Yoga!)

13. A Supercharger for my PT (I’ve been really good this year!!!)

14. Clothes/Boots (Small/ 8W)

15. Skull Candy Head Phones

It’s not too unpractical is it? ;} I have to say though, my husband is SO good at gift giving! He always gets me the coolest stuff! Things I would never have even thought of, but he knew how much I’d love it! He is so attentive, he just knows what I’ll love!

So, now it’s time for you to check out the rest of the Design Team’s creations:

Dani ~ Donna

Erica ~ Jen ~ Margie ~ Rebecca ~ Tonya

Monday, December 7, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Scrapbooking Challenges!!!

Hello again Twi-Hards! I have some really exciting news to share with you!  Twilight Tuesday is going to start hosting Scrapbooking Challenges!!! There are a lot of you out there that scrapbook, and don’t really make cards. We don’t want you to feel left out! So now you will have your own challenges! And for you card makers out there, it might be time for you to start scrappin’!

These challenges will be based on The Twilight Saga, of course but your layouts do not have to be about Twilight! I’ll be pulling ideas directly from the books or movies, and we want you to relate these challenges to your own life!!! But, if you want to make a Twilight layout, you are totally welcome to do that too!

These challenges will be put up every other Monday, rotating with Dani’s amazing Sketch Challenges. Do the challenge as often as you’d like, we would love for you to play along with us! Here are the Twilight Tuesday Scrapbook Challenge Rules:

Please join in and play along with us!

When you do, here are a few guidelines to follow:

1. Have fun! We want you to enjoy making Twilight inspired projects as much as the rest of us. There’s no pressure here, so make what you’d like when you can!

2. The layout does not have to be about The Twilight Saga, it can be about your life! However, if you’d like to base it off of the novels or movies you are of course welcome to!

3. Your scrapbook page does not have to contain photos. You can use ticket stubs, journaling, etc. You don’t need photos to make a killer page!

Posting Guideline:

For posting to a blog: Please indicate that you are playing along with the Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge on and please provide a link back to our site.

For posting on another gallery, such as Splitcoast Stampers or Flickr: Please indicate that you are playing along with the Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge on and please provide a link back to our site. Please use the appropriate keywords for our challenges; an example is TTSBC1 for challenge 1. No number signs (#) or spaces are needed in the keyword. You can also add in more general keywords for Splitcoast/Flickr (such as Twilight, Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge, etc.). Thank you for your help with this!

Comments/Posting your link: Please leave a comment and add your link to Mr. Linky (be sure to check the box indicated that you played along and link directly to your post). We are big fans of comments around here!

That’s all for now! Hope you’re as excited as I am!!! Peace, Love, and Twilight!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Who Wouldn’t Want a Baby Reindeer?

First off, I’d like to mention that I have put up a blog post EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!!!! That is a first for me!!! Amazing! Ok, but the real reason your here is to check out my latest card right???

I came across this stamp the other day… I don’t even think I’ve ever even used it which is sad because it’s so damn cute! I know, I know… I don’t usually do cute… but it’s Christmastime! And really, who wouldn’t want a baby reindeer???


This adorable image is from Hampton Art Stamps, and yeah, it’s supposed to be a puppy dressed up… but in my mind, it really is a baby reindeer! Don’tcha want a Rudolph of your own???


The paper is all from DCWV. I just really liked this combo of colors and patterns. And the embossing powder (from Gel-A-Tins) not only has a bit of sparkle, but it’s CHERRY scented!!! How cool is that? It doesn’t last too long, but I still think it’s pretty rad!


The ink is Green Tea from Color Box. Ok, so I’m gonna run… both my babies are taking naps at the SAME TIME (the stars have aligned this week for me huh?!?!) so I’ve gotta go make some scrapbook pages!!! ‘Till next time!!! ;}

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I’m Finally Making Christmas Cards!

So it’s December 3rd and I am as of yesterday just starting my Holiday cards. I’m not making cards for everyone though, so the folks that are getting the pre-fabbed ones are already out in the mail… so that’s something right???

Today I thought I’d share with you one style that I came up with yesterday. It features one of my fave holiday stamps. A gorgeous pine tree. I love trees. All trees. I have several tree stamps. I am a tree hugger… it’s true!


I have used this stamp (from Inkadinkado) for lots of cards over the past few years… decorating it’s boughs in all different ways. But this time, I used nonconventional colors and Stickles! Yum!


It’s a simplistic design, but I thought they came out really pretty. The one thing I struggled with was how to end the ribbon. Do I make a slot in the card and tie it? Do I just cut it at the end of the card? This is what I came up with…


I thought these epoxy stickers I had laying around added a sweet and unexpected touch! They are from JoAnns, they’re like 4 years old, but I thought they were perfect!

Now I am off to make some more! I actually came up with a couple of other designs last night, so I will be posting those soon!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gold Digger

Hello! I am so excited to share my first card as a Smeared and Smudged Design Team Member! So for this card I created a project that I have been wanting to make for a while. I’ve blogged about the main stamp once before… you can view it HERE. So take a look at what I’ve made this time around…


I just love the stamp of the woman digging… so many weird creepy things can be made for her. Yeah, ok… maybe she’s gardening…but I just don’t see her doing such a mundane thing! I really want to do a whole series of cards with her. I’ve got several ideas, but I’m open to more! Got any???


Sorry the photo is a little dark… I was trying to get a shot of the Glimmer Mist. Click on the photo to see it bigger!

So, what’s Smeared and Smudged you ask? It’s a alternative, gothic, retro, crazy cool stamping group! There ain’t no cutsey kittens here (not that I don’t love kittens…)! The group has all sorts of awesome categories, like Vamp Kamp, Oh, the Horror!, Perfect Pinups, and Fairy Fantasy. Interested? Stop by and visit! Join the forums and chat with us! Put up some of your own super cool creations! Smeared and Smudged is a pretty new group, so we are all just starting to get to know each other. Needless to say, I am so honored to be a part of this totally rad new group!

Back to my card for a moment… My lovely lady is from Paper Candy. Letter stamps from Martha Stewart. Paper from Basic Grey, EK Success, and Prima. Cauldron from QuicKutz. I used some Gold Glimmer Mist in the background. She is colored with my Spectracolor colored pencils. Oh! And I used Queen’s Gold embossing powder from Ranger.


I think that’s about it! Have an awesome day…I’m gonna go and try to make some Holiday cards now!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TTIC #56 Your New Moon Experience Part 2

Wowie! Did this past week just fly by for you or was it just me??? I had a great Thanksgiving (I think the food this year topped ALL other years!!!), and then the babies and I came down with this nasty cold that we are still fighting… But it’s on the outs so I’m hoping we’ll be back to normal within a day or so. But let’s get to the topic you visited me for shall we??? It’s Twilight Tuesday time! We are finishing up Your New Moon Experience this week. Here’s what I wrote (that’s right… my challenge! Gosh, that never gets old!!!) on TTIC:

Happy Tuesday Twilighters! So, have you seen it? How many times??? I know some of you have gone 2 or 3 times already! Now, the most important question… Did you take pictures???? If so, then join us in making a layout of your New Moon Experience! If you didn’t, that’s ok! Scrap your ticket stubs, journal about the evening’s events, etc! Just have fun with it! Even if you haven’t scrapped before, join in! We can’t wait to see what you make and read about your time at the movie!!!

So, here’s my disclaimer… I really wanted to do a different layout. I had a great idea… but no photo for it. So I was going to get stage the pic so I could make the page. Then the sickness entered our lives and all was lost. Maybe in a couple of days…? I’ll show you what I did make, then I’ll tell you the funny story that inspired the currently non-existent page.


As usual, please click on any photo to see it bigger.

So my sister Pam thinks of everything. She is so attentive to people’s needs and wants, all the time. She knew we were going to be at the theatre for a long time (since we were not only seeing New Moon but Twilight as well), so she decided to bring us a goodie bag. A HUGE goodie bag!


I usually have a little food stash for myself no matter where I go… but this was unreal! We had snacks galore! Yes, we did splurge and buy popcorn (esp because we were at the theatre that has the melted butter pumps…. ahh, heaven!). But I must say… those brownies were divine! I wish I had one right now….


So the funny story goes like this… I had decided to dress in a nice outfit, with makeup in my goth style. Nothing over the top, just dark. I had on a white shirt with bell sleeves and a velvet jacket. These items are from Newport News. It’s a pretty straight laced, normal catalog right? Plus, I had on my Tripp pants (ok, a little different, but around here? Normal.) Again, makeup was kinda goth. My pics don’t really do it all justice (yes, I really am that pale.) Anywho, we get to the theatre and this, like, 15 year old bouncing girl wearing Uggs comes up to me and says “I really like your costume!” I look at her and simply say “It’s not a costume.” Now picture this… the aforementioned 15 year old’s eyes mutating to look more like a fish than human, with her mouth becoming practically unhinged like a snake. Poor terror. No, not embarrassment… terror! Why you ask? Hell if I know! My clothes are from the Newport News catalog! My upper half was straight off the cover people! So after this girl does her animal morphing job in a mere 3 seconds flat, she and her amazingly shiny hair does a 180 and she RUNS AWAY!!!! Now, yesteryear, I may have been a little more snide with my comments, playing up the “role” a bit. But this time, I was taken so off guard…. I thought I looked fairly normal! But even the popcorn guy thought I was in costume! I’d love to know what they would have done if I went all out! So, I was going to make a page about this. I still will… I just don’t know when I will have a chance to do it.

So, this has become a super long post… I hope I kept you interested! Now go on and check out some of the other TTIC girls! A few of them will be off this week, but here is who’s in:

Erica ~ Margie ~ Rebecca~ Tonya

Have a great day!!!