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Technique Junkie Bombshells!

The Bombshell gals love to try new techniques using their beloved Bombshell Stamps. How could you not want to experiment with them? Well, we were asked to come up with some tutorials. I decided to go with one that I had been asked about several times. I hope you enjoy it!

I had originally made THIS BRACELET back in December. I got such wonderful feedback (and heck…I had a great time making it!) that I made THIS one in January. As I mentioned, I got some great feedback and a whole lotta questions! So….here’s what you have been asking for!



Wooden bracelet

Bombshell Stamps! :) (I used the Hula Girl Set)

Distress Inks

Mod Podge (I used Matte)

Cream Colored Paper (NOT cardstock!)

Staz-On Ink in Black

Cut-N-Dry Nibs (from Ranger)

Cosmetic Sponges

Paint Brush (Nice and fat!)

Optional: Rhinestones and Distress Stickles


Start off by stamping a bunch of images on to your paper with Black Staz-On. It’s very important to use paper and not cardstock, because the paper is much thinner and will adhere to the bracelet better. I stamped out a few extras because I’m never quite sure where the images will wind up until I start making the bracelet.


Tear out your images. Don’t cut! It takes too long. Tear them. I promise, it will look fabulous in the end. The texture the torn edges have is beautiful.  Don’t worry if you nick off part of the image. You’ll never notice when you’re done.


Apply Mod Podge to about 2 inches of the bracelet. Then lay your first image down. I always start with the largest one. And I try to get as much of her on as possible. Don’t worry about any overhang. We’ll take care of it later. Cover the image with a nice thick layer of Mod Podge. As you apply, the paper will become limp, and it will be easier to form it around the bracelet. You will have wrinkles and kinks. Do not fret! Think of it as beautiful texture!


Work your way around the whole piece in the same fashion. Applying the Mod Podge to the bracelet directly, laying your image on top, and Mod Podging (the technical term) again. Fit the pieces together like a loose puzzle. Empty spaces are fine, we can deal with them later. I hang my bracelet up with a ruler atop 2 baby food jars.

Then we wait. Let it dry. Apply another layer of Mod Podge and then wait again. This is my least favorite part…………………….


Now you can tear the overhanging edges off of your project. If you have any gaps between the paper and the bracelet, fill it with Mod Podge and…you guessed it…wait again.


Now the fun part! It’s all fun really…I’m just impatient. ;) Take your cosmetic sponge (I label mine so that I keep the colors pure), and rub into your desired base color. I recommend Vintage Photo and/or Walnut Stain. I used both on my bracelet. Rub the ink haphazardly on to the bracelet. Feel free to miss ome spots. It’ll look better that way. Get into those fabulous creases and wrinkles and ink the heck out of them. Take a tissue and buff some of the excess color off.


See how some spots are lighter than others? we want to achieve an old look here, folks. And these things won’t age evenly.


And because I got ahead of myself when making the bracelet, I skipped a step….no biggie though. In my empty spots, I used some of the teeny stamps in my Hula Girl set. Like the flames. After I had put the initial base color down, I went in and added the teeny images. Be careful! The bracelet is slippery now, so try not to shift your image while stamping it.


Now it’s time to really play with color! Take your Cut-N-Dry Nibs and start to rub the color into your piece. Again, keep a tissue handy to wipe off any excess. Thin layers work (and stay!) best. See how beautiful Peeled Paint looks on her skirt?


Then, just have fun! Color your Bombshells up any way you like!


How rad is that volcano?


The colors I used are: Vintage Photo, Walnut Stain, Peeled Paint, Mustard Seed, Fired Brick, Broken China, and Weathered Wood.


There she is! All finished! On my other two bracelets, I added rhinestones by attaching them with Distress Stickles. I opted to not do that this time around. I just didn’t think this bracelet needed it. But feel free to give it a go if you wish!

What do you think? Not so tough, right? They are a blast to make, I promise you! But if you don’t feel like taking the leap into jewelry making, I will be selling this piece in my Etsy shop within the next day or so. So if you are interested in owning her for yourself, please let me know! And be sure to stop by the Bombshell Blog to see all of the other awesome tutorials the gals have created for you! Thanks for stopping by. Have an inspiring day!


Carol W. said…
yet another Gorgeous bracelet. Thank you for the how-to.
Arts by Sara said…
This is awesome! Thanks for the tutorial! I really like how this turned out and your instructions are crystal clear! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend! Sara
Susan said…
so very cool!, is there a place to buy these bracelets...cheaply, perhaps in bulk?

PS> do you have a subscribe by email thingy?
Anonymous said…
Ok bracelet is awesome and your tute is fantastic, thanks so much for taking the time to put all that together and share it, I might have to try this on something myself!
sunghee said…
Wow~!!! this is amazing!!! thanks for sharing!
Maria said…
LOVE LOVE THIS! Great job.
Kathi said…
Thank you for doing the step-out tutorial. You did a great job explaining all the steps and created another gorgeous bracelet!

I really would love to try this one day
Jan Garber said…
How cool is that? It's a must save in my tutorial library!
Rosa Witten said…
Oh this is awesome! I am going to have to make some skull bracelets.
Just too cool!
Great tutorial. Love these bangles. Going to have to make some myself.
DonnaMundinger said…
So cool and retro funky! Love your bracelets! And thanks for the tut. Don't think I have the patience for that but it sure is gorgeous! xxD

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