Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Halloween!!! Plus, the Bombshell Hump Day Hop!

Happy Halloween! My post may be getting up later than I would have liked, but at least it's going up! As many of you know, I am on Long Island, which got pummeled by Hurricane Sandy this week. I had no power for 24 hours, but I am certainly one of the lucky ones. My power is back, though I have no internet, phone, or TV. Thankfully, my Mom's internet is up, so I scurried over to her place so that I could get my post live.
On to my project. It's the last Wednesday of the month, so that means, not only is it my last 31 Days project (major sniff!!!), but it's also the Bombshell Stamps Hump Day Hop! My challenge for this month was Black and White Halloween.

I used one of the Halloween Costumes. I love this Steampunk-y outfit. I colored her using 4 shades of Copics. N2, T0, C3, and 110.

I also used Banner Sayings to write Happy Halloween in.

I'm keeping my post short and sweet, because service isn't fully back to where it should be...and I worry my mom's wifi may kabitz out at any moment (though I hope everything stays in it's proper working order). It's been an awesome month, and I wish we could keep it going. I have so many more projects I want to make! But, Halloween is all year for us Wicked Bloggers anyway, right??? Please be sure to also visit the Bombshell Gals. The full hop list is below. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fang-tastic day!

I am entering this into the latest Tuesday Alchemy Challenge: Dark, Gothic/Spooky

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 30 of 31 Days

Hello! This is going to be a very short post, as I am about to lose power any second. This image is brand spankin' new from Dilly Beans. She's called Mimi's Witch Costume Framed. I <3 her....="her...." p="p">

I colored her with watercolor markers and Copics. I did the background in glitter. 

Again, my purples look like crap. 

Wicked Bloggers are all in my side bar. Have a fang-tastic day!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29 of 31 Days: Skellie ATC

Hello! Today is a very special day for me... It's my Anniversary! 8 years ago today I married my wonderful husband, in the most magical celebration you could imagine. I am a very lucky lady.

For my project, I made an ATC using a Dilly Beans image called Skull, Pumpkin and Candy #471. I colored the image with watercolors.

My sentiment is from Smeared Ink. It's just a cute, simple ATC. It's all about the watercolors here.

I am hoping to have my last couple of posts written by tomorrow morning......I'm in NY, and Hurricane Sandy is looming. Hopefully we will not lose power. For those of you also on the East Coast, stay safe!!! Now off you go! Off to hop to the rest of the Wicked Bloggers. They are listed in my side bar. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fang-tastic day!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28 of 31 Days: 4th Tile and an Unfinished Project

Hello! I have the 4th tile in my Dilly Beans Sugar Skulls set, and sadly, an unfinished Bombshell Stamps pendant.  Allow me to show you my tile...

As you'll see in a moment, I reversed the image. I didn't want two of the "same" I thought reversing this one was a good fix.

I colored this using Copics and Sharpie markers. I colored it using pretty different colors from the other Sugar Skull, again, to make it feel more different.

Wanna see the whole set????????????????????????????????????

I am soooooo happy with it! I don't know if I can sell it....or, maybe I'll just make a second set for myself and sell this one. What do you think of the 4 together?
As you are aware from a post I had the other day, Bombshell Stamps came out with 2 awesome new sets. Indian Princess and Indian Warrior. I made started to make a pendant with one of the images from Indian Warrior.

So. I had her colored, cut and ready to go. Then she disappeared. Up and flew away by her pig tails. So, at the last second (I'm having a busy weekend), I had to recolor her and try to get her n the pendant. Well, at least she's sitting on it, right?

The plan is as follows... I am going to mount her on to the chipboard oval that I colored with Distress Inks. Then, I will punch a few holes. One for a jump ring, and a few for some dangles. Then, I will probably be adding some of the fabulous Bedazzlers that Kathi sent me, and emboss the whole thing. At least, that's what I envision.
I apologize for not getting this pendant done. But, if you go to the next stop on the Bombshell Hop, which is Susie, you are sure to see not only something complete, but something fabulous. Here is the full hop list in case you get lost along the way.
Alison (you are here!)

And, for those of you who want to also visit the rest of the Wicked Bloggers (as you should), they are all listed in my side bar. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fang-tastic day!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27 of 31 Days: Flying Bats

Hello! Today I bring you the 4th in my series of "simple" cards. Kraft cardstock, a swoosh of color, and a hand-drawn border.

I love these bats. They are from the same set that the witch image in this simple card series is from. The set is from Inkadinkado, and it is for sure, one of my most favorite Halloween sets that I own.

I swooshed on some purple ink, where I wanted the bats to be, then I stamped the bats on top. I added a few white highlights with a pen, and drew in my little border.

I am happy to have a set of 4. And tomorrow...I will have another set of 4 to show you! I have my 4th tile complete! Remember those fabulous Dilly Beans images that I have been working with? Yay! I am really excited to share that with you. So do come back tomorrow! For now, please visit the rest of the Wicked Bloggers. They are all listed in my side bar. Thanks for stopping by. Have an inspiring day!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26 of 31 Days: Halloween Challenge at Dilly Beans

Greetings and salutations! It's Friday, so I have a new Dilly Beans Challenge to share with you. This week, the theme is Halloween. How simple is that?! And Megan has a ton of amazing digis that fit this theme, so you can head over to her shop, snag a few, and make something fab for the challenge.

I used Teeghan Happy Halloween Framed. Have I mentioned how much I love Dilly Beans' framed images?

I used watercolor markers and Copics to color her. I gave her a pale blueish face...I wanted to do something different! I like the color for Teeghan a lot.

Kind of a cheery Halloween card, huh? I'm cool with that! Now it's time for you to hop off to the rest of the Smeared & Smudged 31 Days of Halloween Wicked Bloggers. They are all listed in my side bar. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fang-tastic day!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25 of 31 Days Plus a Bombshell New Release!

This is a really exciting day! Not only do I have a fun 31 Days project, but I am also previewing (along with my fellow DT members) new Bombshell Stamps!!! And since I am so excited about these new sets, I am going to start there.
The name of the 2 new sets are Indian Warrior and Indian Princess. These are available in digi form now, but will soon be available in fabulous red rubber!I will be sharing a card using the Indian Princess set.

Isn't she exquisite? I colored her entirely with my Multicultural Pencil set from Crayola. Yes, Crayola. For those of you that frequent my blog, you know how much I adore this set. And I thought it was quite complimentary to this new set. 

I am looking forward to coloring her all different ways. I popped her off of the ovals to really show her off, though I don't think it's too obvious in my photos.

I sprayed the background with some sprays from Tsukineko. Make sure you check out the rest of this set and the Indian Warrior set too! Let's move on to the 31 Days of Halloween!

The latest Wicked Wednesday challenge is "Full Moon." How could I not play along with that??? I have been wanting to use my little House Mouse dressed as a ghost all month...and when I saw this challenge, I knew this fella was perfect for it!

My boo-tiful moon is from a set I had gotten many "moons" ago at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I colored the mouse with colored pencils, and the background (of the mouse) and moon with watercolors. Yeah, all that is Crayola too. I am sensing a theme here.... Yes, I have higher-end art supplies, but Crayola makes me happy! The birch trees, which I am sure you recognize from my Pumpkin Witch card, was done with chalk. Not from Crayola. ;)
So there you have it! 2 more projects and 1 day closer (sniff!) to Halloween. Please be sure to visit the Bombshell Blog to see more with the 2 new, fabulous sets. And also, please visit the rest of the Wicked Bloggers. They are all listed in my side bar. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fang-tastic day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24 of 31 Days: Simple Ghosts

Hello! Thanks to all of you that told me I should get some rest. Maybe November 2nd! ;) I am sure that you are all exhausted too. But, this sure has been a lot of fun, right? Today, I am bringing you another one of my "simple" cards. I had a thought today...I thought it may be fun to do a bunch of these for several major holidays, and sell them as a giant pack on Etsy. What do you think? 4 fr Halloween, 4 for Christmas/Winter, 4 Birthdays, etc. I think that'd be kinda cool! We shall see...

This is another fab stamp from Inkadinkado. I used some white paint, and I applied it with a very high tech pointer finger. Honestly, it was just too much work to dirty up my brush and then have to worry about washing it off. I just wiped my finger clean with a baby wipe instead. Way easier. Yeah, and lazier.

Look! It's the Momma Ghost and her Baby! I used the same simple border around the card as I did my others. Need a refresher?

This was Card #1 in the set.

This was Card #2. All 3 have movement, which is why I chose the images I did. They seem to fill up more space than they actually take up. They keep your eye moving. I totally need to make a 4th card. I am also thinking that there are still too many things I want to make for the 31 Days, and not enough days left to do it! Ugh! But for now, it's time for you to hop along and visit the rest of the Wicked Bloggers. They are all listed in my side bar. Thanks for stopping by! Have a fang-tastic day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23 of 31 Days: Pumpkin Witch

Hello! Today I have a card featuring an awesome image from Delicious Doodles called Pumpkin Witch. I think she is really cool, and I am sure you will agree.

I colored the Pumpkin Witch with watercolor markers, Copics, and finished her background with watercolors. The fabulous Birch trees are a stencil from The Crafter's Workshop, and I brushed Black Gold Glimmer Mist on to the base of the card. It has such a lovely shimmer.

I've gotta be honest, as I type this, I am exhausted! It's been a busy month! And I have more work to do on the computer tonight. So, I will show you another photo and then I will bid you adieu.

Please be sure to visit the rest of the Smeared & Smudged Wicked Bloggers. They are all listed in my side bar. Thanks fr stopping by. Have a fang-tastic day!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22 of 31 Days: Best Witches

Hello, hello! I have another Dilly Beans card to share with you today. For this, I used Teeghan's Sider Framed 2. It's one of the newer Halloween images in Megan's Shop.

I kept the card pretty simple, but I like it. Lots of lovely webs, and that spider is actually pretty cute....not something I would run away screaming from!

Watercolor markers and Copics are what I used to color Teeghan and her spider friend. And I used some Bedazzlers around the edge.
Not sure if you can tell, but the cardstock that I used with the web punch has some glittery confetti bits, and metallic fibers running though it. It's really pretty. Now off you go! Hop along to the rest of the Wicked Bloggers. They are all listed in my side bar. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fang-tastic day!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 21 of 31 Days: Tile #3: Lila

Happy Sunday! It's Day 21 of the Smeared & Smudged 31 Days of Halloween. Today I am bringing you Tile # 3 from my Dilly Beans Sugar Skull set. Today's Tile features Lila. You've seen me use her once before this month on a black and white card.

She looks so different now that I've used color on her instead of just black, white and gray, right? I used the same techniques to make this tile as I did the others. I really love using the tissue paper to print these images. I think they come out so nice.

Here's a closer shot of the top of the tile. I wanted you to see the colors I used in the flowers ans her eye. I used Copics and Sharpies to color her in. The Sharpies are working better than I had originally expected, though they of course don't blend the way watercolor markers or Copics do.

One more tile to go! I hope you like my set, and are perhaps even inspired to make some tiles yourself. Now it's time for you to hop along to the rest of the Wicked Bloggers. They are all listed in my side bar. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fang-tastic day!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 20 of 31 Days: Rick St. Dennis Witch

Greetings! It's Day 20 f the Smeared & Smudged 31 Days of Halloween. Today I am sharing a project with you that I won during last year's 31 Days. It's from Rick St. Dennis, who recently started a challenge blog. I am entering this card into his 2nd challenge which is Sweet or Spooky Halloween. I guess I went with a bit more sweet than spooky this time around.

I love this sassy witch's outfit. And her crooked broom is wonderful. I colored her with watercolor markers and Copics. The blue background is done with watercolors. 

She was a lot of fun to color. But I feel bad for her frightened-looking kitty! I used a doily that I cut up and sprayed with Black Gold Glimmer Mist. I thought it added a pretty element and some nice texture. 

I used some black Stickles too, and my sentiment is from Inkadinkado. I have a few more images from Rick St. Dennis that I hope to get on to a project before the 31 Days is up...but I am running short on days! Now it's time for you to hop along to the rest of the Wicked Bloggers. They are all listed in my side bar. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fang-tastic day!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19 of 31 Days of Halloween: Cute and Creepy for Dilly Beans

Ugh! How is this month going so fast?! I cannot even keep up! It's Friday, so I have a brand new Dilly Beans challenge to share with you. This week, the challenge is "Cute and Creepy." Well, that certainly fits into the Smeared & Smudged 31 Days of Halloween, now doesn't it?

This is "Frida's Sugar Skull." I love her. This is such a great image. I plan on printing her very large for my kids, so that they can be on our Dedication Table for our Day of the Dead celebration. I colored her with watercolor markers and Copics.

I really like how she came out. Especially her hair. It's very different from how I normally color hair, but it totally works with the Dilly Beans images. The fabulous lumpy-bumpy-shiny stuff around Frida, is more of the awesome Bedazzlers I got from Kathi. I share a different mix of colors with you on Wednesday, with my Bombshell card.

Here's a close-up of the good stuff. Love it! What a fabulous mix of colors! For my background, I watercolored a piece of textured cardstock, and I applied some Kosher salt to it while it was still wet to get an interesting look to the wet paint.

Once dry, I stamped it with one of my all time favorite's from Basic Grey. I adore those beautiful webs. They are so intricate and lacy. I hope you will join us with this fun challenge! Please visit the Dilly Beans Challenge Blog for more details  and of course to see what the rest of the DT has created. Also, it's time for you to hop along to the rest of the Wicked Bloggers! They are all listed in my side bar. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fang-tastic day!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18 of 31 Days: Sugar Skull Tile #2

Hello! Today I am bringing you the second tile in a set I am making with some fabulous Dilly Beans images. I am making a set of 4 coasters, using travertine tiles.

Just as I did with the first tile, I printed the image on tissue paper, and I colored it with markers. I used Copics, and this time, I gave some Sharpies a go. They worked out beautifully.

I applied a few layers of Matte Mod Podge and a few layers of Krylon Matte Acrylic Sealer. I backed the tile with cork so it's really a usable tile.

Have I said it before? I love making these tiles. They are a blast. And totally a conversation piece when you have guests using them. You'll see tile number 3 soon! Please be sure to visit the rest of the Smeared & Smudged Wicked Bloggers, they are all posted in my side bar. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fang-tastic day!