Friday, July 27, 2012

Help for Betty via The Pampered Chef

Hiya everyone! Today I am not sharing a project with you, rather asking for help. We crafty folk tend to run in the same circles, so I am sure that everyone that visits me is very familiar with Betty of Simply B Stamps. You may also know that Betty’s son Christian has cancer. Needless to say, Betty’s bills are piling up not only from the cancer treatments, but the gas to get to the hospital (which I believe is over an hour away), hotel stays (when Christian needs to stay at the hospital), food, etc. It is all taking it’s toll not only on Betty mentally, but on her pockets as well.
Tori, from Smeared and Smudged, came up with a great idea to have a fundraiser for her. Tori sells Scentsy products, and thought that it would be a wonderful way to raise money for Betty and Christian. I recently became a Pampered Chef consultant, and decided to follow Tori’s lead. So, I am hosting a fundraiser in Betty’s name to try to get some money raised to cover some of their ever-growing expenses.
Please click on THIS LINK to to visit my Pampered Chef web site. Then, click “shop online,” and enter “Betty Roberts” in the boxes on the next page. Here’s some more background on Christian, via Betty.
Christian was first diagnosed with Stage 1 throat cancer October of 2011, he was 17 at the moment. In a panic not having insurance I had a special digi set to help us get through his first surgery. We were told that luckily it is stage 1 very early but cancer none the less. Radiation would be administered five days a week for 15 weeks... every week was a trial. We have to travel off the mountain we live on to get to his therapy. Gas alone was a small fortune as you can imagine. My daughter had to be put on homeschool because I had to go down with Christian and couldn't leave her up here alone while I was down the mountain. It was one heck of a journey. 15 weeks passed and Christian needed more therapy. It wasn't over. Here we are well passed the 15 weeks, the extra therapy and unfortunately again a 2 month therapy schedule. Luckily it's only 2 times a week this time around whew! It's still loads of stress on me, but I do it with out a second thought for my kid. He's a great kid, a teen, but still a great kid. He's had to "fail" his senior year and not graduate with his class because he missed sooo much school, but that just means he's home for another year with me before leaving for college and the real world. He's always goofing around, but with the therapy he was so tired and sad all the time and now he's back to being stressed. But he is a great kid... I know we will get through it and he will be a wonderful adult and put all this behind him one day.
If you are not familiar with Pampered Chef products, they are wonderful, high quality kitchen tools. From incredible sauté pans, to the best stoneware on the market, to fun gadgets, let The Pampered Chef help you to discover the chef in you. When perusing the site, think holiday gifts, shower presents, or those little things that are “missing” from your own kitchen. Every purchase you make will help with Betty’s bills.
Cool and Serve Tray
Pizza Grill Pan
Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a beautiful day.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Smooth Sailing Tile

Hello Friends! I am excited to share a new project with you today…one that is partially responsible for the return of my lost mojo. I have become rather obsessed with decorating 4x4 and 6x6 travertine tiles. The kind you get at Home Depot or Lowes. I’ve made many of them in the past week, and I will be sharing a few with you. Today’s tile is one that I used stamps with. Bombshell Stamps!

When I had purchased my first pack of tiles, it was sealed. I didn’t think anything of it…it’s supposed to be sealed. But, at the store, there were many, many opened packs. Which is why I grabbed a sealed one. Who wants an open pack, anyway? Well, upon opening it, I found that several of the tiles had huge holes in them. Not at all conducive to the original project I had intended them for (more on that in another post!). My husband came up with a rather clever idea for sealing some of the smaller holes…but then there was this one. Who’s hole is actually rather lovely. It has a great shimmer to it, and the shape is so cool. So I decided to work with the hole, rather than against it. And it just screamed Homeward Bound to me, which is the set I used from Bombshell.

I stamped all of my images on tissue paper with StazOn. Then, I colored them all in with Copics. Yes, Copics. I really didn’t have any bleeding. As long as the ink is really dry, you are usually pretty safe. Next, I tore around the images; I didn’t want very defined edges. Applied Mod Podge to the tile. Added my images. More with the Mod Podge. I repeated that 3 times. And lastly, I sprayed the tile with an acrylic matte sealer. Now I just need to add a hook to the back.

See how cool that hole is? It would have been a crime to hide it or seal it up. I am really happy with the outcome. And it was so much fun to make! Ok. I’m off to make some more! Thanks for stopping by. Have an inspiring day!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Bombshell Stamps Hump Day Hop!

***I apologize for this not being up on time. I thought that I had set the time properly, and then I lost my wireless connection, and I guess it didn't take. Grrr.....and now back to your regularly scheduled blog post. 

Ok seriously. Where is this summer going. This is one summer that I wanted to stretch out like a cat basking in a window sill. But alas, it is moving quickly....and since it is the last Wednesday in July, that means it's time for the always-fabulous Bombshell Stamps Hump Day Hop! This month, my theme was "Iconic." I wanted evryone to work their crafty magic by using those itty bitty awesome little icons that come with all of the Bombshell sets. I "allowed" the hoppers to use 1 major image, but I encouraged them (no, there were no whips or chains involved), to not even use 1. All icons. Wanna see what I made?

I am on a bit of a jewelry kick, which, if you know me...shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Jewelry and Christmas presents. But that's a whole 'nuther bag of tricks. Anywho. I broke out my very first (and still one of my most favorite sets) from Bombshell, Pirate's Life. This pendant also goes hand in hand with the July Pin-Up theme.

I had some more wonderful bleached chipboard from Technique Tuesday, which I stamped my icons on using StazOn. Next I added the eyelets, in an antique gold color. Then I took some Distress Ink and went to town. I used Antique Linen, Vintage Photo, Walnut Stain and Weathered Wood. My original four colors, if anyone was curious. Then I embossed the hell out of them with my JudiKins Amazing Glaze, as I did with the other pendant I had up a few days ago. Check out that pretty little number HERE. I attached the pieces together with jump rings, and called this baby done.
So now it's time for you to hop along to the next stop. The full hop list is below. Enjoy, I know this is going to be a rockin' hop. Thanks for stopping by. Have an inspiring day!

Sparkly Engineer Mary:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bring the Heat: S&S Hop

Hello again! It’s time for a Smeared & Smudged Blog Hop! The theme is “Bring the Heat.” “This is totally up to interpretation....some ideas would be using heat embossing, hot glue or fire. Or even using imagery of fire, heat, or even something SEXY! Step outside your comfort zones - the HOTTER the better!!! It can be a canvas, a card, a scrapbook page, an altered item, an art journal page, etc. Use your imaginations. Also, don't forget the S&S rule that is has to be stamped somewhere (digi stamps are fine).”
I teamed up with my Bombshell Stamps Babes, and used several sets for my “hot” creation.
I started off using Harley Bikes, knowing that I wanted to use the flame from the Hula Girl set on the tank of the bike. I stamped the bike, then the flame- in 2 colors, and I embossed the flame so that it would really show…especially after I colored the rest of the tank in.
Then I went for a stamp I hadn’t used before…the devil from the Cherry Bomb set. I stamped him in clear, several times, and then embossed him in clear as well, to get a raised watermark effect.
After that, I pulled out some Distress Inks and went to town with inking my edges, to give it a bit of that burnt paper look to it. I was going to actually burn the edges, but I decided to go with the safer, inkier route.
But it still needed something, so I used the banner from the Homeward Bound set. Thinkin’ the person riding his bike, may just be riding into Hell. So it’s time for you to continue hopping! Here is the complete blog roll, so that you don’t get lost.
Enjoy the rest of the hop! Thanks for stopping by. Have an inspiring day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Pin Up Challenge with Bombshell Stamps

Hello! Today I am sharing the latest Pin-Up challenge from Bombshell Stamps. As you probably know, each month, Bombshell has a guest Pin-Up, that gets to create a challenge for everyone to play along with. Well, this month, we have Susie, and she has chosen something super cool. Your challenge is to make jewelry using your Bombshell Stamps and paper. No altered pre-made jewelry. I did ask Susie if chipboard was ok, and she said yes. So that's what I used. 

I used the focal image from Mi Amor. I stamped her with black StazOn by laying the stamp on my crafting table and bringing my piece of chipboard to her, to ensure proper placement. Then I went to town by using my brightest colors of Distress Inks. I applied those with my Cut-N-Dry Nibs. 

I used 10 colors of Distress Inks. After I was done coloring, I applied abut 5 layers of Amazing Glaze from Judi Kins. It's an embossing powder that looks like glass when you apply more than one layer. My favorite embossing powder, for sure! You can see the shine on the piece in this photo. 

Before I had applied the Amazing Glaze, I punched a hole in the top of the pendant and added an eyelet. After all was said and done, I added a jump ring and a simple black cord. I love how vibrant the colors look on this. And it looks like it's painted ceramic in real life. Please be sure to visit the rest of the Bombshell gals over at the Bombshell Blog, to see even more amazing pieces of jewelry. And then, please play along! Thanks for stopping by. Have an inspiring day!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DICC #34 with Jellypark

I have a Desert Islands Crafters Challenge to share with you today. This challenge is being sponsored by Jellypark, who sells very sweet, adorable little digis. Play along with us for a chance to win an image of your choice! This latest itinerary is from the brilliant mind of our very own Suzi. Here it is. 
1 -Sunshine  
2 -Trees
3 -Fluffy Bunnies
4 -Picnic time
5 -Kraft coloured card/paper
6 -add some texture
7 -friendship 
8 -A happy sentiment 
9 -Brads and eyelets 
10 -Anything but a card

For my card, I used numbers 1, 5, 7, 8, and 9. My image is called "Follow Me." I chose it, not just because I really liked it, but also because the proceeds from the sale of this image will be donated to Little Havens Children's Hospice.

What a joyful little image, right? I really enjoyed coloring it. I need to print it out for my kids too, since they wanted to join in as soon as they saw it. And I love that the proceeds benefit children.

I used watercolor markers and Copics for this image. My translation for the "sunshine" in Suzi's itinerary is a little loose, but that's where creativity really shines, right? ;) I think that yellow paper I used looks just like sunshine. I stamped the sentiment with individual letters from Inkadinkado.

I do hope that you will join us for this DICC itinerary. Remember that you need to use at least 3 of the items listed. Thanks for stopping by. Have an inspiring day!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Bombshell Stamps Sketch

It's sketch challenge time with the Bombshell gals! Kathi has come up with another wonderful sketch for us to work with. I decided to use Bombshell Stamps' Peek-A-Boo Geisha and Man's Ruin for my card.

I altered the sketch only slightly. I have to say, I really enjoy coloring in the parasols that come in this set. You can really change up the feel of the geisha with how you color her parasol. What a fun set to play with!

I used Copics for my image. And I stamped my sentiment with a watercolor marker. It's a little tough to see the colors...I used very pale shades. But the parasol itself has a pretty gradation of color on it. But my photos make it look a bit washed out.

I sprayed the background with Lily Pad Glimmer Mist, just to bring out the green in her shoes a bit. Have you checked out the other versions of this sketch? No? Then you should head over to the Bombshell Blog to see what the rest of the gals have come up with! And don't forget to add up your own take on the sketch! Thanks for stopping by. Have an inspiring day!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Very Late DICC

Hi, my name is Alison and I have lost my mojo. I have no idea where it went...but I am a little concerned that    it is on summer vacation. I've had a bunch of thing I've wanted/needed to do, but I just can't get them to come to fruition. Which is frustrating on many levels. Granted, I have wanted to take things easy lately, to enjoy my time with the kids as much as possible before school starts, but I feel a little lost when it comes to my crafts right now. I think I know why....but I wish I could just get over what I am bummed about and just move on and start making stuff again. But enough of the sobbing....I managed to finally get my DICC project done, which is really great since a.) we were sponsored by Just Some Lines, and b.) I'm the one that came up with this itinerary. Go me for being a slacker. Here's my itinerary...which I think is a pretty good one, by the way.
Alison's Itinerary
1. Spooky
2. Teal
3. Time (either use a clock or the word)
4. Inked Edges
5. Sketch (find a sketch challenge and use it!)
6. Glitter
7. Animal
8. Use a rubber! (stamp, that is!)
9. Silver
10. Non-craft item

For my card, I used #'s 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8. Not too shabby!

I used Little Witch from Just Some Lines. I thought she was so sweet. And in my never-ending quest to find fabulous Halloween stuff, I knew she would be perfect in my collection. I colored her with my watercolor markers and my Copics.

I didn't blend my colors as much as I normally do. I wanted it to be kind of brushy. Which actually really worked out because of the way I did my background. For that, I used a Tim Holtz screen with an orange Glimmer Mist. I brushed the color on with a fan brush. 

I inked the edges with Distress Ink, I used some Stickles around my Little Witch, and I added my sentiment (from Smeared Ink) for a little bit more teal ('cause you can never have too much teal.). Overall, I think it's sweet...for a Halloween card. Not to bad considering how blah I've been feeling. Though, my family time has been fabulous. Which, really, is the most important thing. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have an inspiring day!