Saturday, October 31, 2009

It’s Halloween!!!


Happy Halloween my Pretties! It is I, the Queen of Hearts! What could be better than Halloween on a Saturday?!?! We’ve been out trick or treating a bit, but the kiddies needed a nap, so I thought I would share a couple of photos with you.


Here’s a layout from 2002. I loved this costume. I was Barbie. A blonde and in baby pink lace. SOOOOO not me! But that’s one of the things that Halloween is about right? Being something your not? At least in my world it is! Gene was a pirate… and a darn good one I might add!


That wig is ridiculous. Really.

So, I will of course have lots more to share with you over the next few days. We are already having a wonderful day! Hope you are too! Happy Halloweenie!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Blog Hop!!!


I’ve said it before… this is my favorite time of year!!! Yesterday was my Wedding Anniversary (thank you for all the well-wishes!) and tomorrow is Halloween!!!!! I’m so excited!!!

So, did you start this hop at the beginning? You should have started at Sarabeth’s Blog. To get to me, you would have just come from Cheryl’s Blog. Hope you’re enjoying the hop so far! There a lot more stops along the way!

So here is one of my Halloween creations.


I love this witch! I wish I could tell you who made it… but it’s an unmounted/marked rubber…and I got it so long ago…. Anyway, This card features the Halloween Collection Glimmer Mist, and one of their new Glimmer Screens. The “Best Witches” s from a Cosmo Cricket stamp set.


I embossed the witch with Amazing Glaze to give her a glassy look. Click on any of my photos to enlarge them! Now for a memory…


This is one of my favorite costumes! I LOVE being a pirate!

halloween 212

This was a GREAT year! Here’s a quick story… I live right next door to my Mom. There’s a fence in between the 2 houses. We decided to put a hidden gate there, so that we could travel back and forth between houses through the back yard. So, on this particular year, I decided to make the most of this nifty little gate. I would answer my door before the kids would even get to the door. Sword swinging, and shouting “ARRRGGG!!!! Happy Halloween!” Now, you must imagine me doing this in my best pirate voice… They of course, would be startled. I’d give them their candy, blah, blah, blah and they would be on their way. Well, if they were going towards my Mom’s house, I wuld make a mad (and I mean MAD!) dash through my house, through my back yard, into my mom’s backyard, though her house and make it to the front door, only to repeat the greeting I just gave these very same kids not 2 minutes before! Now, of course I would be jumping out the door towards them, so the parents saw me the first time and laughed. The second time though…? They were a bit startled and QUITE confused! No one knew about the break in the gate! They had no idea how I did it! It was AMAZING!!!! The kids and parents were so creeped out! I LOVED that Halloween!!!!!

Halloween 2005 006

I make a good pirate don’tcha think? Now, off you go! Head on over to my friend Margie’s Blog and see what she’s cooked up for ya! But be sure to come back and visit me all weekend, I’ll be showing more photos and more creations! Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It’s My Wedding Anniversary!

1,825 days ago, I married my Best Friend. My Soul Mate.

Don - CD3 114

I’d like to share a few photos with you and invite you to look at our wedding web site from The Knot. Please peruse around the site to learn about how we met, and a bit of our magical day! Click HERE to view the site!

Don - CD4 174

How amazing are our rings?!?

Don - CD4 235

I love this photo.

Lou 011

I love how my makeup turned out.

Lou 142

How cool is this picture?!?

Lou 091

Another favorite of mine.

Franco 231

This is a great shot of my dress and cape. My Mom made BOTH!!!

Franco 167

Ahhhh… what a moment!!!

I’ll have some other things to share with you, probably early next week. Can’t show you yet!!! But because of the Halloween Hop I’m in, it will have to wait a few extra days. Hey! Did you check out my last post? It’s got some great Halloween photos! Make sure you take a peek!

Hope you enjoyed this post. It brings back such beautiful memories. Hmmm, maybe I should pop in my wedding video! Enjoy your day. I know I will!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Blog Hop Starts Friday! And Some Cool Pics!

Click HERE to start the hop!

Hey everybody! I am going to be in another bog hop this week! This time it’s all about my favorite day of the year.. Halloween! I’ll be sharing some of my crafts, some photos, and probably a funny story or two… you know me, I love to tell a good story! And it seems that you guys like hearin’ ‘em so a HUGE “Thank you!” to all of you!!!

So you need to make sure you stop back here for the Halloween Hop, starting on Friday! I will of course have a list of all the stops. Yes, there will be some candy too! It couldn’t be Halloween without candy right?!?!?!

So, to help us get in to the “spirit” of things (yeah… like I need help with that!) Here is a brief walk down my memory lane… Enjoy!

Thing 1 and Thing 2. Ain’t that the truth! This is of course Gene and myself during my Fam’s Halloween Party. It happened to fall on our One Year Anniversary (which coincidentally, is tomorrow!). The Fam surprised us with this lovely cake! How ridiculously cute are we?!?!

Here I am iHalloween 2005 004n my “October Outfit.” I made this skirt several years ago…obviously, and I just love it. And it seems that I often have blue hair in October… strange, no? Actually, I like to do the opposite of what’s expected. Most would think that I’d do orange (which I have never actually done!)… so I like to go opposite. Check out your color wheels Peeps!

IMG_1715And this is last year. I am a very pregnant gypsy here. Phoenix is saying “Boo!” to the camera. He is a wizard. Gene is in his oh-so-handsome wedding ensemble. And yes, that is my beautiful PT Cruiser in the background. You may all stop to admire it’s fabulousness!!! C’mon! Zoom in to see the flames!!!

So that’s a little peek in to my Halloweens. I have so awesome pics to share with you during the hop. You’ll love ‘em!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Anniversary Blog Hop

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge Anniversary Blog Hop

Happy Anniversary to Twilight Tuesday! I have been actively participating in the Twilight Tuesday Challenges since challenge #24: Carlisle Cullen. That was before I even had a blog!!! Well, for this very special week, we are doing a huge blog hop, filled with wonderful cards, layouts, and surprises! Make sure you show some love to all of the participants! The hop will start and end at Twilight Tuesday. If you’re already on the hop, you should have come from Dani’s blog.

For the hop I decided to revisit one of my favorite challenges, #29, BFF’s Jacob and Bella. We were to make a project celebrating our best friend (or Jake and Bella’s relationship). I made a layout that I have wanted to make for quite some time now. I’ve had the pictures printed and everything… well, I finally got to make it!


It’s not a crazy layout like I sometimes make… I didn’t spend hours pondering what the heck I was gonna do with it… I wanted to focus on the photos… and it just kinda fell in to place. Dontcha just love when that happens???


Please click on the images to see them bigger.

So. We discovered this picture of the Twi-Boys and totally fell in love with it. We all thought that it was hysterical! Those fangs are so huge and ridiculous! It then came time to plan for our Twilight Release Party. My sister Pam (bottom right in the photo) decided it would be hilarious to buy us the same obnoxious fangs so that we could take a similar photo! This, obviously is the result. I dare say, we look even more hideous/ridiculous than the boys do!

So how does this tie in to the Best Friend Challenge? Well, I’ve got 2 sets of Best Friends here. My best friend Terry is in the top left of the photo…I’m sitting next to her (although I am ashamed to admit I could look that bad!!!). Then it’s Pam and her best friend Diana. I don’t really know if we would have taken this picture with anyone else. I think it could have only been a best friend shot. Who better to be silly with???

So even though it’s a layout that went together pretty quickly, and didn’t require a tone of work on my part; it’s one of the most important Twi-project I’ve done. It celebrates the friendships we have with each other, it embodies the silliness that we share, it’s just… well… us! This is who we are and what we do together. And if a dopey picture and a movie release can remind us of that (and how special we are to each other), than ain’t life grand? It really is the simple things… In this case… it’s plastic fangs!

Now go on over to my darling friend Donna’s blog. I’m sure she’s gonna “Wow!” ya with an amazing project.

We are so lucky to have some wonderful sponsors for the hop. Here is their info:

Stamp Happens Shop
Stamp Insanity Stamps
The Greeting Farm
Unity Stamp Co.
Die Cuts R Us
Sassy Studio Designs
Stars Fall Designs

Please visit these wonderful sights too!

Enjoy the hop! I can’t wait to see what YOU make!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

TTSC #12

Happy Monday! I finally got to do the Twilight Tuesday Sketch Challenge #12! I am participating in a Breaking Dawn swap hosted by my awesome friend Tia. These cards are for the swap. But first, here’s the sketch:


And here is my card:



I liked using something other than the traditional Twi-colors of red, black and white. I wanted it to be fresh. Bella is transformed in Breaking Dawn, and I wanted to reflect that here. I used bright, cheery colors and I highlighted the chess piece almost as if it were an icon.


Please click on any of the images to get a bigger photo. I used 2 stamps from Artful INKables, cardstock from DCWV and Prism and markers from EK Success.

Dani just posted a new Sketch Challenge, so make sure you go over to Twilight Tuesday to see it. And be SURE to check in with me and TTIC because it’s our 1 year Anniversary Blog Hop!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chills and Thrills Card

Where did today go? All day I wanted to get this post up… but at least I’m getting to it now! This is a Halloween card I made for a friend of mine that recently moved.


It’s nice and creepy… just how I like my Halloween cards to be! Please click on the image to see the card bigger. The detail in the stamps is really cool!

The skull and spider swirl stamps are from Inkadinkado. The title is from Cosmo Cricket. I embossed the skull in a metallic purple, and rubbed to shades of purple on the edge of my grey paper (which is from Provo Craft). I also threw a little Black Soot Distress Ink (Ranger), around the edge of the card itself.

Seriously, how freakin’ rad is this stamp??? I am so in love with it! And I am IMG_7710really happy that I got the embossing powder to bubble a bit, instead of smoothing out. I think it makes it look a bit creepier.


Now I HATE spiders. Tremendously. Yeah, their good for eating mosquitoes and what out, but they just freak me out. We all have our things… spiders are mine. But these spiders…in this stamp… so cool! This is from a set called Halloween Trails. I’m telling you, if you like this stamp, then you NEED this set! The rest of the stamps are even cooler than this one!

Whew! Another card off of my to-do list. 27 more to go!!! Ok, maybe not 27… but there are a lot! Happy Freaky Friday everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beth’s Halloween Greetings

I wanted to share this Halloween card with you. I made it for Beth. I thought she might enjoy one of my creep-tastic creations!


I started of crinkling the corner of the card for some dimension. Then, I sprayed it with the 3 Halloween Glimmer Mists. Jack O’ Lantern, Haunted Shadow, and Raven. I wanted to give the effect of a sunset, so I sprayed the Jack O’ Lantern first, shooting it horizontally, then the Haunted Shadow, and last the Raven. I dabbed on some Black Soot Distress Ink (Ranger), then I added Amazing Glaze (JudiKins) to the outer edge of the card.

On a separate piece of paper, I stamped the crow and fence image (from Inkadinkado), sprayed it with Jack O’ Lantern, tore the edges and then inked it with Plum Wine (Ancient Page from Color Box). Next I pop dotted the piece on to the card.


But I thought that it still needed a little something…………


A little creepy spider. He’s also from Inkadinkado. And it was just the right little something that I needed to add. Well, Beth said she really liked the card, which made me very happy. So? Inspired to make something creepy? Well, pull out your Glimmer Mists and start spraying!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TTIC #51 Edward Cullen

Happy Tuesday! There’s another great Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge for you to participate in! This week we are focusing on none other than Edward himself! The super talented Jen came up with this one, and here it is!

It's time to focus on Edward. Even though the stories are told from Bella's point of view all of the books with the exception of Breaking Dawn focus almost entirely on Edward, through Bella's mind. Even in New Moon when Edward is gone her every action is focused on not losing her connection with him. So for this challenge I want you to focus on your connection to Edward. What does his character mean to you?

For the creative challenge: Create a project that focuses on Edward.
For the comment portion: How do you feel about Edward's character? Is it like, love or disdain? Have you read the partial draft of Midnight Sun? What did you think about reading the story from his point of view?

This week, I decided to combine the Edward challenge with the Twilight Tuesday Sketch Challenge #13. Here’s my creation:


This is how I like to see Edward. Yes, he is sweet, considerate, attentive, and lots of other wonderful things. But, at his rawest state, he is a vampire. Pure and simple. And, since I’ve been a vamp fanatic for, like, ever, this is how I wanted to portray him. I mean, what could be better than this?


I love Edward. He’s an amazing character. He is absolutely one of the biggest reasons I love this series so much. He has so much depth to him, and as I have mentioned in previous postings, his relationship with Bella in Twilight (as they are becoming a “couple”) reminds me very much of my early relationship with my husband. So, I feel a connection to Edward in that way. IMG_7666

I started to read the Midnight Sun draft, and i loved it. But I stopped… everyone tells me that it “ends” at an amazing part… and I just don’t want that let down. I hope it gets finished. I really do, because I think it is a fantastic idea. And, I know it’ll be a great read once it’s completed.

Oh! And here is the original sketch that Dani created for us:


Pretty cool huh? I actually have a ton of ideas for this one… mostly involving Halloween! I’m going to try to get to them ASAP!

So, make sure you go and check out the rest of the Design Team’s creations!

Dani ~Donna ~ Eve ~

Jacquie ~ Jen ~ Julie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca

(Erica is busy with school this week but she’ll be back next week.)

By the way, did you know that Twilight Tuesday is turning 1? We are having a huge blog hop, and you can join in! Visit the Twilight Tuesday web sit for all the details!

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge Anniversary Blog Hop

Friday, October 16, 2009


It’s Fandom Friday over at Twilight Tuesday, and this week I am super excited about that! Why? Because not only are we once again focusing on my favorite Vampire book series (I wish I could see your look of shock!) the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. Have no fear… The Twilight Saga is a close second! But what makes this BDB challenge even better is that we are focusing on my favorite Brother…Rhage! He’s amazing. Totally. But, before I go on and on, let me have Beth tell you about this challenge:

I know I really shouldn't keep repeating myself, but it bears repeating... Thank Goodness It's FRIDAY! That means we are in for another edition of FANDOM Friday! This week is the second Black Dagger Brotherhood challenge, and we are focusing on the second book, Lover Eternal. If the first BDB Challenge didn't get you to read the books - this one might do the trick! One thing you will learn from the devoted fans of the brotherhood, is that these books ROCK!
Back to the challenge at hand... Lover Eternal focuses on Rhage. Rhage is the carefree, happy-go-lucky Brother. The Player. Rhage is beautiful and strong and loyal. And Rhage is cursed. This book is a fantastic joyride and there is a beautiful story that flows throughout. It is hard to not say too much!
Craft Portion: Create a project that captures Rhage, or the story of Rhage and MaryLuce - anything that you want! But be prepared to tell us about it!
Comment Portion: Tell us who Rhage is to you. Explain what and why you feel like you do... Rhage is special - why do you suppose that is?

There were SO many things I could use as inspiration here! First, I was thinking something with a Tootsie Roll Pop (he loves ‘em!), then, something with his nickname (Hollywood), but then I thought of The Beast. His Beast. I’d love to tell you more, but I don’t wanna give too much away if you haven’t already read the book (what are you waiting for?).

So I made a card. Honestly, I wanted to do more than just a card, but since this day has been- uh –trying to say the least, this was all I had time to do. But, I think it’s pretty cool anyway!


I colored the stamp with pastels and chalk. I wanted a soft look. I used teal on the outer edge to mimic his beautiful eyes.


This is what the original stamp looked like. This is actually the stamp I used for Phoenix’s Blessing favors. See the cool Phoenix? I did the same thing with that as I did on this project. Blocked out the other creature and added the name.


Nothing fancy on the inside, but I think that line says it all! Now what is it that I like about Rhage? Let me count the ways… He’s got the good guy/bad guy thing goin’ for him, he’s big (with boots he’s about 6’8”!), he’s quite the wise guy… I could list some other things, but I think I’ll let you form your own opinion about him. So go out and read this series!

Here’s a link to Beth’s blog: * Beth she’s got her project up too!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge (FTTC #37)

I am really getting into participating in all different challenges. It’s forcing me to get my projects done. Not hat I don’t want to do them, it’s just hard finding the time. So, if I’m doing a challenge, at least I have a deadline. This week the Flourishes team offered 4 sketches to choose from. Actually, it’s one sketch that they rotated, so you could choose your positioning.

I needed to make Thank You cards from Rhiannon’s Blessing, so I used this sketch. And, amazingly, I got all of them made in one evening!


As much as I love circles, I wanted to do something with a little more pizzazz. Do you recognize this shape? It’s the outline of the Petal Point inks from Color Box! I cut around the container with my Coluzzle blade and mat and voila! I was really please with how perfectly my stamped image’s flowers matched the patterned paper I used. I inked the edges of almost everything to add a little “more” to this simple but nice design.


I added some Stickles and that’s about it. I think it’s sweet, which isn’t exactly the way I’d describe my style! But since they’re Thank You cards, I think they are just right! Now… I just have to write out all of the inside messages!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Twilight Challenge #50: Charlie

Hello fellow Twi-Hards! It’s Tuesday again, so it’s time for another FANG-tastic Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge! This week’s challenge was created by My darling Aussie friend Donna. Here’s what she wrote:

“One of the best things about Charlie is that he doesn’t hover.”

This has to be one of the most memorable lines from both Twilight the novel and Twilight the movie…

Let’s face it, we all love Charlie….. And Stephanie describes this quite and thoughtful man’s personality and temperament in this one single sentence. But as we all know his relationship with Bella changes from starting out as strangers thrown together in an awkward situation and slowly grows into a bond that any father and daughter would be envious of.

So, this week my challenge to you is simple…

Craft Portion: Create a project that represents Charlie’s and Bella’s relationship or a relationship you have with a ‘father’ figure in your life.

Comment Portion: Tell us about your relationship with a ‘father’ figure and why this bond is so special to you.

Mmmmm…. now, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know the deal with my Dad. For those of you that don’t know, here’s a bit of insight…

My Dad passed away in 2001. It was a complete and total shock. What happened to him was horrific, and still has not been adequately explained by Doctors. I love my Dad. SO much. I always strived to be “Daddy’s Little Girl",” but never quite felt like I got there. I based much of my life around him. What sports I liked, my love of cars and motorcycles, being interested in tools, although, I did NOT like his music! We weren’t nearly as close as I would have liked… he wasn’t real comfortable with his 3 daughters… he didn’t talk much to us, didn’t really ever show emotion… It wasn’t an easy relationship, because I always just wanted him to smile at me, or tell me he loved me, or something…

Now, don’t get me wrong. I KNOW my Dad loved me. I know it. He showed us in his own quiet and reserved kind of way (actually, after he passed, many of his friends told me how often he talked about us… I was shocked and thrilled)… but I wanted a bit more. I don’t really know how to explain it… I don’t want hi to sound like a bad father. He wasn’t. He was just quiet, and didn’t know how to express his feelings…

But when he did… I swear I heard angels sing. I remember that on special occasions, like Graduation and things like that, he would say he was proud of me, that he loved me and then he’d hug me. Those were some of the best moments ever. That was what I wanted from him… Is this getting too personal? I should stop now, before I go on for the next week or two (which I could probably do!).

There were some very special moments my Dad and I shared. We both love Drag Racing. Love it. I always wanted to race a dragster. He didn’t want me to though… but we went to Englishtown, NJ on a few occasions to watch NHRA up close and personal. Just me and my Dad. Yeah, he had some buddies that met us there and stuff, but we went together. It was the best.


This layout was the first layout I ever made with my dad. I made it in 2006. I just couldn’t bring myself to do any LO’s of him sooner. The reason I chose this as my TTIC is because this was US. This wasn’t a Holiday scenario where we had to smile for the camera. No family portraits here. Just me and my Dad, having a grand old time on our terms. So, these photos mean the world to me. My only wish is that I had a picture of us together from this day. Sadly, we never took one. But I am proud of this first layout I made with him.



I’m about 14 here, I’m wearing a watch he gave me and that T-shirt I’m sportin’? That’s his car emblazoned on it. I’m standing in front of my favorite NHRA driver’s car: John Force. It was an amazing day.


See that race car stamp in the background? Coincidentally, that is one of Nix’s favorite stamps to use when he’s making cards!

The great thing (if you can look at it this way) is that the months right before he passed, our relationship took a huge turn for the better. We were talking, going to places together, it was everything I wanted. So for a brief moment, my wish came true. I guess I WAS Daddy’s Little Girl huh? He may not have said so… but maybe I really was…

Now, before I get even more emotional, go and check out the rest of the TTIC Design Team!

Dani ~ Donna ~ Erica ~ Eve ~ Jacquie ~ Jen ~ Margie ~ Rebecca