Friday, April 24, 2009

TTIC #28 Part 3

So here is the project that I made for this week's TTIC. Spoiler alert!!! It's a wedding invitation for Bella and Edward. I used a palette similar to that of the bouquet I posted 2 days ago. I didn't put in the brick/rust color, I used a brown instead. I kept the whole look soft, but with an edge. I achieved that with the Forever stamp I used. I used Cotton Candy Stickles to add dimension and sparkle. I of course used Distress Inks all over the entire piece. They are one of my favorite types of inks (colors: Milled Lavender, Tattered Rose, Antique Linen, Vintage Photo). The inks give a beautiful wash of color, and they blend fantastically. Of course I also used the Edward font from Twilight as well. Paper and cardstock is from Daisy D's and Prism. Stamps: Inkadinkado and Fancy Pants. Phew! I think I am finally done posting stuff for this challenge! Margie had me workin' hard this week! But it was so much fun! Visit to see all of the other projects! Plus, be sure to scroll down to see my other 2 posts about this topic!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TTIC #28 Part 2: The Commentary

Margie wanted us to discuss memorable weddings/wedding moments. Well folks, here ya go! My wedding... I could literally post hundreds of photos of the most magickal day of my life (and, if anyone is really interested, ask & ye shall receive!), but I'll settle for just 2 for now. The entire wedding, ceremony, reception, etc. was pure magick and joy. We had a Medieval themed wedding (yes, all of our guests came in costume!), and our ceremony was a handfasting (that's where "to tie the knot came from!), preformed by a priestess. Everything you see that I'm wearing (sans my headpiece) was made by my amazing mom (yes, that's where I get it from). My sis Pam & I designed my dress, I picked out my flowers (all silk, of course!), and the fabric for my cape. She went to town. My husband's outfit was custom made for him. Isn't he stunning???

Moving on... Gene and I made our wedding about US. It was custom created for US. Nothing like it anywhere- ever. We had the greatest time planning it, and the best time celebrating it. Could I pinpoint a favorite moment for you??? That would have to be when I knighted him (I TOLD you it was amazing!!!). Our guests had no idea what to expect- we told them nothing. All they knew was that it was medieval. So, when Gene drew his sword, got down in one knee and offered it to me, EVERYONE gasped. And then, I knighted him. Pure magick...

So, I did make another project for the TTIC... but my darling little boy would like me to read him a Miss Spider book. Kids come first! So, I will be posting Part 3 ASAP. Watch for it! Hope you enjoyed Part 2!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TTIC #28 Part 1

Spoiler Alert!!! If you haven't Breaking Dawn, then you shouldn't read this post!!! So I made this wedding bouquet years ago when I was a floral designer. When I saw Margie's latest challenge, I instantly thought of this bouquet. I don't know if it can count towards the TTIC because it wasn't made for the challenge... but I plan on making something else anyway.

So, for Bella and Edwards Big Day (the one they actually planned for... the couple have shared many other "big days" that they didn't expect!), I thought this bouquet would be perfect for Bella. It's traditional, simple and not overpowering. I think it would work quite well with the theme that Alice created for them. It's made from really beautiful cream and pink hybrid tea roses, brick colored ranuculus, white calla lilies, and a touch of greenery. All silk. The bow is made from cream satin, and brick (or rust) colored organza.

I don't really envision the wedding having a bold color palette. I think that with Edward being so traditional, the colors would be soft. Plus, Alice used roses as part of her scent combination, so I really like the thought of Bella having roses in her bouquet. Plus, if you recall, the vampires decorate their home in very soft colors, so the wedding would probably be the same way.

So, I think that's it! I'm going to try and work on something else for this challenge now. Thanks for the great topic this week Margie!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TTIC #27 Jasper Hale

So, I was pretty excited to do last week's Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge. I instantly had some cool ideas in my head that I thought would be different from all the rest. I'll get into that in a minute... But, I needed my copy of Breaking Dawn in order to have a quote/get my facts straight. My sis had my copy though... which you probably wouldn't think would be a big deal since she lives right next door!!! I also need to reference Eclipse, which I do have in my possesion. Unfortunately, she never gave me the copy, and now it's Tuesday again, and there's a new challenge. I still would like to try and do it, but since the week's up, I'll just blog a little about it and if I have time (and she brings me my book), I'll make the project I had in mind. Fingers crossed that I get the time!!!

SPOILER ALERT!!! So, in Breaking Dawn, you finally hear about Jasper's story when he first became a vampire, and his "life" before the Cullens. It's told in Eclipse, but after Bella becomes a vampire, she really "sees" him; which I found to be quite interesting. Bella sees his neck and jaw and she realizes the hundreds of bite marks all over it are just like the mark that James gave her in Twilight. She couldn't see these marks with her human eyes. Jasper suddenly seemed dangerous to her. This made me think of this awesome cardstock that I have from Prism. It's called Jade Spring. It's a pearlized white (yeah, I know they sparkle) that has this fabulous, brushy, wispy pattern to it. If I don't get to make my project, I'll post a pic of the paper so you get the idea. Anyway, this paper reminded me of what Jasper's skin would look like. I figured that most of the projects would be about Jasper's ability to change the emotions of people around him... which is all well and good, but I wanted to get into the darker side of Jasper. The military man who was tortured both emotionally and physically. So I was going to make it kind of a "dark" project. Ahhhh, and as I am typing this, Pam brought me my book. Faboo! But, I think I'll start the new TTIC project first.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I've got this Etsy shop. I've got almost 20 things on it. It's got all sorts of fun Alison-ish things. I've got some scarves, a bit of beaded jewelry, some scrapbooking layouts, even a couple of super-cute baby onesies! There are so many things I want to make for it... I have so many ideas, and the supplies to make them all! But... very little time. And, I am slightly discouraged (though NOT giving up of course!) about the fact that I have not yet sold anything. I've checked out a bunch of different shops, some rock... but some, really kinda suck. And yet, they are all selling stuff! Some of the layouts that I have seen are super-duper pricey and super-duper ugly. And yet, they've sold like a hundred spreads. This seems to happen to me and my family a lot. We make some fantabulous items (if I do say so myself), yet the stuff doesn't go to a new happy home. It makes me sad. I think our prices are always reasonable, and comparative to similar items. And our quality is always wonderful. I don't know... it's very frustrating. With my store being on the verge of possibly closing, and neither my or my family's Etsy shops generating no money, I get discouraged.

What to do??? Do I jump on the Twilight bandwagon and try to compete with the thousands of other products out there? Do I just plug along making what I can in the little time I have, keeping my mix eclectic in hopes that I will entice someone with one of my products? Grrr... I really believe in myself, and all of the things that I make. But I just have such a hard time seeing some of the crap that gets sold yet my things just sit there. Am I whining? Maybe a little... But, I need something to happen. I need to feel as though my crafts rally are worth what other people tell me they are. I am always getting complimented on my jewelry (I am my own best advertisement), on my scrapbook pages, whatever. So go and freakin' buy something!!!

I am hopeful, no matter how irritated I sound right now. I just put up 4 new layouts, and I think they're really cute. Maybe someone will find it in their search and say "Hey! Now that's a layout I can see putting my kids' smiling faces on." And then, maybe they'll buy it. And I would be one very happy little crafter.

Here's to hoping! Here's to hoping for my first sale! Here's to hoping for my first sale and more sales after that dreaded "first"...

And just in case you want to visit my etsy shop...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Phoenix and ASL

So I am writing about #10 on my list of things to blog about. Phoenix and ASL. ASL is the acronym for American Sign Language. My husband and I have been teaching it to him since he was six months old (he's now 2 years, 4 months). He did his first sign at 9 months ("more"). He currently uses more ASL than vocal words, but that's fine with us. The kid has no problem communicating with us. He's really good at signing; maybe because he comes from such a "visual" family!

My husband Gene and I took some ASL in an adult ed class at the local community college. We loved it. I had wanted to learn it for quite some time. We bought some books, some flash cards, and practiced quite a bit (it's really cool when you're in the supermarket and you don't know if you need tomatoes or not so instead of shouting from one end of the produce dept to the other, you just sign!). We learned enough key words to teach a baby.

Why ASL? Babies cannot physically form words at a young age. Not until they are closer to a year can they potentially control their vocal chords to make a word. So, if you can get a baby to communicate his/her needs at an earlier age... think about how much less crying they would do? That's why they cry... it's their only form of communication. There are lots of other benefits too, but Gene and I were most interested in getting our kids to tell us what they need earlier in life. Plus, we wanted to learn it for ourselves. If we teach it to our kids, it forces us to practice!

People are frequently asking me if we are going to continue teaching Phoenix ASL or not. We absolutely are! Why wouldn't we? ASL is the 3rd most popular language in the USA, so knowing it gives him lots of opportunities. Some argue that he's not speaking enough yet. Just because it's not "out loud" doesn't mean that he's not speaking! If you teach a baby English and Spanish, but they favor Spanish for whatever reason, are you gonna stop teaching the kid Spanish? No! You just need to define the fact that not everyone knows both languages... but that's not until the child gets older. If a child can communicate effectively and feels more comfortable/confident with a certain language, then why would you discourage it? Since the beginning of April, Phoenix has actually been speaking a lot more new words. We knew at some point his vocal speech would explode... well, this is the month.

We are so happy with ASL that we look forward to teaching it to our daughter in a couple of months. I may actually take some ASL courses so that I can become more proficient and learn proper grammar. I certainly do not want to teach it to my kids incorrectly!

So, if you're thinking about it for your kids, do it. If you think I should stop, sorry, I'm not. It has made our lives much simpler. In a lot of ways. It's a beautiful language and we all really enjoy learning it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #26

"The Void"

I thought about this project for a little while. Spoiler alert!!! We had to create something that represented the "void" that Bella felt after Edward left in New Moon. She lost her love, and there was nothing she could do about it. It was so emotional... Stephanie Meyer merely wrote one month's name on a page to show the passing of time. It made me feel awful! So, allow me to describe my project.
The black Void takes up most of the piece. It has been distressed to show the red hidden underneath. I chose the red because a.) It's the color of love and passion and b.) red is used on all four of the book covers. I sanded the paper in a diagonal direction going from the small corner of Bella to the larger area of Edward to show, sort of the vibration of her emotions going towards him. I scratched the title in to give the feeling of pain. I used a clear heart that I colored with 2 shades of red that I placed on top of Bella's name. Her heart is transparent... everyone knows that she is lost without her Edward... The color is splotchy... she is in pain. Her name is underneath the heart because all that matters to her is her love for Edward, her void has taken over her life... she is hidden underneath it. Edward was also done in clear, but I kept it clear because he wanted it to "be as if he never existed." Of course she remembers him, and hopes that he still exists... but now he is nothing but a memory. I used staples to hold the heart and Edward's name down to show that they are both in pain. He hurts more than she realizes. I also used a sad grey for the background. Both Bella and Edward are "in the light," but it is grey. It's depressed. But it's the same color. They are on the other side of the same void. They just don't know it yet. Edwards section is bigger than Bella's because she's stuck nin Forks/La Push, while he is all over the world (as Bella belives). So, yeah.. I'm in to symbolism.
Here are the materials I used: Coredinations cardstock, Prism cardstock, Heidi Swapp Ghost letters and Heart, Ranger Alcohol Inks, sandpaper, scissors, and some good old fashioned staples.
I wish I knew how to arrange the order of the pictures... I obviously wanted the full layout shot first... but damned if I know how to do that!
Well, I guess that's it. Hope you like my piece and all of it's meanings. I do. ;} Check out all of the fun for yourself!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

10 Things to Blog About... When There's Time

So, I'm busy. Who isn't these days? But is different. The moon is soon to be full, so the lunacy is overtaking my family. Hence, the first of what will probably be many lists. Here are some things I will blog about- eventually.

In no particular order:
1. The Birth of My Kids
2. Pregnancy
3. Some of My Favorite Layouts
4. Twilight (sorry- had to throw that in!)
5. Phoenix Sayed the Silliest Thing Today...
6. Custom Albums
7. Those Freakin' Medication Comercials
8. Twilight (oops! Did I mention that already?
9. My PT Cruiser
10. Phoenix & ASL

That's all for now... Rhiannon is up...again. Until next time!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TTIC #25

This week, Twilight Tuesday has a 2 part challenge. One is to create a project showcasing what you love about Twilight (sorry gals... no time for that this week!). The other is to discuss what Twilight has meant to us. I have so many things I could write about here. Of course, my favorite scene is the meadow. I love Alice. The relationship between Bella and her dad holds a special, envious, place in my heart. So many things meant something to me... from just one little book.

But, I think I will discuss Chapter 11: Complications. I just loved when Edward asked Bella everything from her favorite color to which flowers she likes best. This part is special to me because it reminds me of when my husband and I just started going out so many years ago. That was us. Talking. Question after question. Discussion after discussion. Delving deeper into each other's souls further than we ever had with someone before. I think deeper than I had with myself before! I remember my face hurting at the end of each Thursday we had with each other. It hurt from smiling so much. That was such a magical time for me. I loved learning about, not only his life, but his soul too. I don't think there was much of anything we didn't talk about. And it was all so comfortable. Don't get me wrong... we talked about the "hard" stuff too. But it was good. It was good to talk to him about that stuff. And it was easier than it would've been with any other person. There was so much emotion too. Laughter, tears, kinda weird silences from time to time as we tried to digest whatever was just said.

It was wonderful. I loved that time. I love having deep conversations with him even now. But, those beginning discussions... those moments are precious. So yeah, I could tell you how rad the meadow scene is in my head (and how it was destroyed in the flick), or how much I enjoyed vampires playing baseball... but, that's what most people will tell you about. For me, this is a love story that is helping me to relive my own. And what a wonderful story it is...

Number 2

Alright... you may think, she has already lost interest... look how long it's been since she's posted! Honestly though... I have been thinking about Post Number 2 excessively. Do I talk about my kids 'cause they're my kids? Do I discuss the next Twilight Tuesday Challenge? Do I make a list of stuff I will eventually blog about? Gah!!! So I realized... who gives a crap? Why am I already making myself crazy over a blog??? Don't I have enough stress? So, I will write about whatever I can and feel like when I actually get 5 minutes in front of the computer (you should know that in this particular 5 minutes I am typing with one hand because I am nursing my daughter. Super Mom? Crazy Mom? I'll let you decide.). I am pretty sure my kids aren't gonna give a shit if I don't blog about them immediately. And I'm also pretty sure that the blog police aren't gonna arrest me if I don't discuss anything but Twilight for a while. Ahhh. I feel better now that I have liberated myself and my blog. Funny thing is... no one has even seen this blog yet, and I'm already going nutty over it! OK. Blog Number 2 is finished. What's next? We'll see in the next "free" 5 minutes I guess!

Friday, April 3, 2009


This is my very first blog post. I'm actually really surprised that I'm even doing this. Many people have been trying to convince me to do this for a while. I resisted... and failed obviously. I really don't like working on the computer. But, I wanna put myself out there. Wherever "there" is. Me, my art, my stuff. I hope you enjoy the journey... and I hope I don't get too lost!