Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TTIC #37: A Little Romance


It’s Tuesday! Time for another fabulous Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge! This week’s challenge was created by Donnaand what a thought provoking challenge it is! Here’s the scoop.

“Creative Portion:
Do you have a favourite Edward and Bella, Jacob and Bella or even a Alice and Jasper romantic moment? Create something that celebrate’s their love or how about creating something for that special person who you love.

Comment Portion:
Tell us about your most favourite romantic moment… be it in the books or real life!”

I have been itching to make jewelry lately! I have had no time for my favorite craft! I know... you're shocked. It's NOT scrapbooking or cardmaking! So for my project portion, I decided to highlight my favorite moment Twilight the movie. Literally moment. If you blink… it’s over. It’s when Bella’s is putting all of the pieces together and realizing that Edward is a vampire. You briefly see a couple of frames where Edward looks like a “typical” vampire and he is about to bite Bella’s neck. I get chills just thinking about that moment. I loved everything about it. The costumes, their makeup, it’s quintessential vampirism at it’s finest and hottest. And it’s only like 4 seconds long! Obviously, this is not in the book, and it never even really happens… it’s all in Bella’s mind. But I think it’s romantic in a twisted Alison sorta way… it’s hot and steamy and I love it. So. I made a necklace depicting it. My sister Pam made the bottle cap charm, which I stole asked for. And I was inspired by an amazing Twilight necklace that she had made me. But, of course, I gave it my own spin. I used glass beads, chain, rubber cord and a couple of other little doo dads. Obviously, the briolette hanging from the bottle cap represents blood… as does the tiny round charm hanging from the back of the necklace. Click on the photos to get a better view. I also made it a chocker style, since the vamps are all about the neck! I am so gonna wear this piece all the time!!!

For the comment portion, one of the most romantic moments in my life was absolutely during my wedding. I’ve mentioned before that it was entirely medieval. Including the ceremony. So, of course I got to knight Gene!

Don - CD2 114

If this doesn’t say romantic… well then I guess you’re just not in to the medieval period! Lemme say it again. I got to KNIGHT my husband!!!! We didn’t tell our guests anything about the ceremony. They didn’t know what to expect… all of a sudden, we are about to exchange rings and he drops to his knee, offers me my wedding band on his sword (which I graciously accepted!) and then I took his sword and… voila! Knighted. Pure magic. Pure romance. It was beautiful and amazing, and… ahhhh… what a wonderful day it was.

Take a look-see at what the other Design Team Members created for this!

Dani ~ Eve ~ Julie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca

with Guest Designer:


Make sure you go to http://www.twilighttuesday.com/ to check out all of the other info for this fantastic challenge! You should participate too!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

TTIC & Artful INKables Sketch Challenge


It’s Monday, and this is the last day of Twilight Tuesday’s collaboration with Artful INKables… although, I can assure you, I will certainly be using the stamps they graciously donated to us quite often! For this challenge, we were to use the June Sketch. Visit the Twilight Tuesday web site for all of the details, plus check out some of the other designer’s projects too!

I once again used many of the same supplies for this card as I did for the other cards I’ve done this past week. EK Success Watercolor Markers, Distress Inks by Ranger, a touch of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist (on the apple… I used Candy Apple Red which has a fab gold glimmer to it!), and a touch of cardstock from Provo Craft and Murdock Country Creations… but I don’t believe Murdock is in business anymore. I also pop dotted the apple. Be sure to click on the photos for a bigger view!

I created a card using this sketch a few posts ago, for my Mom’s 60th Birthday. Take a peek if you haven’t seen it yet. Tomorrow will be a new fantastic Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge so be sure to visit them and me tomorrow!

This has been a great week for TTIC. We have all had so much fun with these new stamps. They’re wonderful. The possibilities are endless with the images they’ve chosen to use. Thanks again to Artful INKables for this great opportunity!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Crazy Lookin’ Kids

IMG_4982So the other day, the kids were hangin’ out on my bed, ad I pulled out these zany Christmas hats that went with their coordinating PJ’s. I just started clicking away with my lovely little Cannon. I used one of my favorite in-camera features: Color Accenting. You shoot the camera on a specific color you want, obviously I chose red. The camera pics up only things with red hues, the rest of the photo is black and white. Cool huh?: Esp. for someone like me who has no time or patience for Photo Shop.


So, I just let them goof off. Of course, Rhiannon had to have at the ball on top of Phoenix’s hat (not knowing she had one of her own). And Phoenix just started acting like a nut… as you can see here. I esp. love how red his nose is! So funny! So cute! I love moments like these. Short little spurts of time that are totally relaxed, unrehearsed, and just plain silly. I hope we always remember to have moments like these, ‘cause they are the BEST!!!


Friday, June 26, 2009

TTIC and Artful INKables Collaboration Day 4


Wow! Day 4 already! Here is my homage to those proud and few Wolf Girls out there. Don’t get me wrong… I really like Jacob. I think he’s funny, sarcastic, strong willed, a real stand up kinda guy (when he IS a guy of course!)… but I will ALWAYS be a Vampire Chic. Haha… back in the day… when I was on the CB Radio all the time (back in like ‘95), that was my “handle” or nickname. Vampire Chic. That’s me! Anyway, back to my card. I think I got this one made the fastest, but I also think it’s my favorite. Yeah, it’s not as ornate as the first one I made… but there’s just something about it that I really like. Part of it is the colors… tried to keep ‘em in the “russet” family since that’s Jake’s color, but I wanted the Imprinted to really stand out. Almost to make it cautionary. Once a girl is imprinted, watch out! ‘Cause if she’s ever threatened, you’ve got the whole pack to deal with. Hmmm…kinda like the shellans in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.

So, my cardstock is Prism and the brown ink is Chestnut Roan from Color Box, and the red is Fired Brick from Ranger. Pop dots from EK Success. And of course… the fantabulous stamps are from Artful INKables!!! Have you ordered your sets yet??? Don’t forget, there’s 2 stamp sets and one really rad charm set.

On Monday, I will bring you one more project using these sweet little pieces of red rubber (although I KNOW I’ll be using them all the time after that too!). Make sure you take a looksie at the rest of the awesome-tastic projects from the Twilight Tuesday chicas. Everyone has put so much time and effort into this challenge (although that’s always the case!). Stop by and show some love!



Thursday, June 25, 2009

TTIC and Artful INKables Collaboration Day 3


Hello again! It is Day 3 of our fab Twilight Tuesday and Artful INKables collaboration! This is the first card that I had made when I received these fantastic stamps.

I so love this focal image and I was stoked when I had gotten it. It (for those of you not in the know…) has the images that are on all 4 book covers. I also used their swirl stamp. In addition, there’s Basic Grey cardstock, Burgundy Stickles, EK Success Watercolor Markers, Black Soot & Fired Brick Distress Ink, and Ranger’s Super Fine Detail Black Embossing Powder.


I distressed the edge of the circle by wetting the edge to soften up the cardstock, and then rolling the edge. I topped it off with Black Soot Ink. I popped dotted the circle too, for dimension. The card was distressed with Fired Brick. After embossing the swirl stamp, the 3 tiny dots of stickles added just the right amount of sparkle and extra little something I thought the card needed.

I haven’t talked about the comment portion of this week’s challenge yet…”how the Twilight saga has changed your own life or made you view life in a different way.” For me, it’s done a couple of things. First and foremost, brought back all of the wonderful memories of I have of Gene and I when our relationship first began, to the forefront of my mind. I’ve mentioned it before, but it needs to be said again. So many things in Twilight (the book itself) reflects how we began our life together. Ya know when Edward asks Bella all those questions… Favorite color? Favorite flower? Totally one of the best parts of the book. Exactly what Gene and I did. Incidentally, that is Gene’s favorite part in the book (yes folks, my husband read Twilight. Actually, he’s now halfway through Eclipse. Yes, he really likes the series. Yes, you can be envious. :) ). This makes it even better, ‘cause we are both relating to that scene. It reminded us of that time we shared. Not that we forgot… but we’ve just had other things to think about… it’s helped us get “us” higher on our “to do” list again.

Also, this series has gotten me reconnected with reading. How is that life changing? Let me say this. As a kid, I was always reading at least 2 books at a clip. Often more than that. My mom couldn’t figure out how I kept track of them all! As I got older…high school, college, work, kids… I didn’t have as much time to read, and truthfully, I kinda pigeon holed myself into one specific non-fiction category. Yeah, at least I was reading, but still… I was reality based. No where to “lose” myself. Twilight brought it back for me. It’s my escape. I need to read again. Have to. I need to get out of the everyday stresses and learn about other worlds, other love stories, other vampires!

So yeah, Twilight has brought some wonderful things back into my life. Made me realize that the were MIA and they were knockin’ on my door to come back into my heart.

Until tomorrow…with another fab card (her Wolf Girls out there… this one’ll be for you!)! Make sure you check out www.twilighttuesday.com for all of the other great projects and Artful INKables to order your set of stamps!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TTIC and Artful INKables Collaboration-Day 2

IMG_5105 IMG_5104 It is day 2 of Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge’s collaboration with Artful INKables! I am really excited to share my next card with you! This is the simplest design of my collection thus far. I only used one stamp, and I drew a HUGE peace sign using my EK Success watercolor markers and then a simple outline with Christmas Red Stickles. As soon as I saw this stamp, I knew what I wanted to make with it. I can go in to really long detail about how I like the look of a peace sign, and why I chose that over a heart… but, I think I will keep my description simple… kinda like my card!

Have you checked out the other TTIC designers??? If you haven’t, then please go and show them some love! We have all worked so hard on this challenge, and we all love your comments!

Check out today’s projects:

Beth ~ Dani ~ Eve ~ Jen ~ Julie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca ~ Tonya

And Our Guest Designers:

Alison ~ Donna ~ Jacquie

Even if you don’t have these stamps (which you should TOTALLY order!!!), you can still play along with this week’s challenge! Take a peek at my last post to get the lowdown and/or visit Twilight Tuesday! And don’t forget, not only is there 4 opportunities to win some blog candy (over the next 4 weeks), but each day from now through Monday, the TTIC Design Team will be posting other projects using these fantabulous stamps! Until tomorrow…spread the Twilight love!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TTIC #36 Special Collaboration with Artful Inkables

IMG_5107 IMG_5109

I am so excited about this!!! This week’s Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge is super-duper special!!! We are collaborating with a wonderful stamp company called Artful INKables. They have come out with 2 amazing Twilight Inspired stamp sets and 1 cool set of charms. And we are helping them celebrate the release!

Artful INKables was founded by Kristin Soboloski to express her love of rubber stamps, art, and all things crafty. After crafting for many years, Kristin began to design her own rubber stamps and her company was born.

I have made 4 cards so far… and will be making more! Here’s the scoop on one of them… I used a total of 5 of the Artful INKables stamps! The harlequin was calling my name, and I liked the chess piece since “Breaking Dawn” is my fave book of the 4. I just started to play… which is easy to do with these stamps! The only materials I used were the stamps, EK Success watercolor markers (my faves!) and a little Amazing Glaze by JudiKins. Oh, and some pop dots! One of the things I think about (and most of you probably do too!) is that Bella and Edward have found their “forever” in each other. The two were living it different worlds that collided and created a romance that is like no other. That’s kinda what I tried to capture here. Make sure you click on the photos to blow ‘em up and get a better looksie!

I really had a blast working with these stamps. They are so well made! Deeply cut, so your imprints are always perfect, and the images are so great! I had so many ideas as soon as I saw them, I couldn’t wait to get started! Each day this week, Twilight Tuesday will be posting up more projects from this awesome collaboration (of course mine will also be posted here!). So please make sure you check back daily!!!

Don’t feel bad that you don’t have these stamps yourself yet… you can still participate in this week’s challenge, created by my new friend Julie!

The theme for this week’s challenge (TTIC36) is What Says Twilight To You?

So many things say “Twilight” to the multitudes of Twilight fans. What images do you think of when you think about the Twilight books and movies?

For some, Twilight means an apple, for some, the chess piece on the cover of Breaking Dawn, and for others, Bella’s truck conjures up the Twilight mood. Many fans love to express their Twilight love by choosing a “team” to root for, and others have favorite quotes from the book that are near and dear to them.

For the craft portion of the challenge: create a piece that expresses what comes to mind when YOU think of the Twilight saga.

For the comment portion of the challenge: Many people often say that reading the Twilight saga has been life-changing. Please share how the saga has changed your own life or made you view life in a different way.

Plus, there will be awesome blog candy TTIC will be giing away for the next 4 weeks!

And of course, this week the rest of the Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge Design Team has used Artful INKables’ new stamp sets for their projects. Check out today’s projects:

Beth ~ Dani ~ Eve ~ Jen ~ Julie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca ~Tonya

And Our Guest Designers:

Alison ~ Donna ~ Jacquie

I’ll tackle my comment portion for this challenge later in the week! Please make sure you go to www.twilighttuesday.com to check out all of the other wonderful projects today, and throughout the week!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Cherished Cards

IMG_5003 IMG_5005

My oh my! What a week it has been! I haven’t been able to blog as I’ve wanted to. There was a bash for my Mom’s 60th to prep for, some special projects I’ve been working on, plus… I often blog my laptop as opposed to our desktop, but the laptop doesn’t take SD cards… so without photos, I couldn’t post! Sometimes it’s too hard to get upstairs where the main computer is…kids, stairs and all, ya know??? Anywho, I wanted to share these two fantastic cards with you. As a crafter, I am always making cards for people, but I don’t often receive them. So, when I do… I am thrilled! And when I unexpectedly found these two cards in my mailbox, I was so happily surprised! The card on top is from my friend Tina who is sadly (for me) moving to Texas, like, as I write this. She sent me this hot little number to congratulate me on becoming a Twilight Tuesday Guest Designer (gosh, it NEVER gets old typing that!). So nice of her huh? She put a whole lotta work into this baby and I just love it. It is currently standing proud atop my wall unit in my living room. The second card I got just last week from one of my fellow Twilight Tuesday Designers, Julie. I had won one of her super cool blog candy prizes (http://www.starsfallscreations.com)she/ not only sent me a great set of alpha stamps (which I cannot wait to crack open!) but I also got this beautiful card! This card is layered, sparkly, and lovely. Her craftsmanship is exquisite. My photos don’t do these cards justice. So, ladies, THANK YOU for your handmade creations. I will cherish them always.

PS: Shhh!!! Guess what? I have a secret! Actually, it's not just me... but TTIC itself! MAKE SURE you stop by http://www.twilighttuesday.com tomorrow!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Sketch #5

IMG_4860IMG_4852 Every month, Twilight Tuesday releases a sketch challenge. Dani comes up with some wonderful sketches and I am happy to show you my version of June’s sketch. My Mom just turned 60 on Tuesday (go Mom!) and this is the and I made her. I was running pretty late that day (big surprise) so i didn’t get to embellish it quite as much as I would’ve liked, but I think it’s quite happy! I just love the colors, and so did she! In the bottom photo, you’ll see her sitting in the background with Baby Rhi-Rhi. There are a whole lotta Birthdays in the month of June, so I better start gettin’ to the rest of the cards that I’ve got to make! Hey! Have you seen the other submissions to the June Twilight Tuesday Sketch Challenge? Make sure you go to www.twilighttuesday.com to see all of the fantastic entries!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TTIC #35 Renesmee

Spoiler Alert!!! If you did not read Breaking Dawn, then please DO NOT look at this post!!! It will give too much awaIMG_4814y!!!

It’s time for another Twilight Tuesday Challenge! This week’s challenge is brought to us by Jacquie, one of my fellow Guest Designers!

Today's challenge is taken from Breaking Dawn, we learn that Bella is pregnant and she makes it through the birth and we meet her and Edward's baby, Renesmee. She is amazingly talented, gorgeous and immediately becomes the focus of ALL the main characters in an individual way.
Renesmee is half vampire/ half human, she has the gift of being able to transmit her thoughts through her touch. She grows fast and as we find out later in the book she will stop growing at 15 and she is immortal. We learn that Jacob has imprinted on her also. She shimmers in the sun, has her mothers brown eyes, Charlie’s curly hair, likes blood over food, she learns at an amazingly fast pace and easily wins over anyone that comes near her. I love how she is so charismatic, I love her character!
"She's like nothing else in the world," he told me... Bella Swan Breaking Dawn pg. 428
"The stranger-child in Rosalie's arms had to be weeks, if not months, old...Her shiny bronze-colored hair fell in ringlets past her shoulders. Her chocolate brown eyes examined me with an interest that was not at all childlike: it was adult, aware and intelligent"....Bella Swan Breaking Dawn pg. 438
Challenge Portion: There are so many options for this challenge, you can focus on the relationship between Renesmee and Bella, Edward, Jacob, Charlie, Rosalie, Aro. You can think of her powers, or just her looks. Anything goes!!
Comment Portion: She has so much power over everyone right away, is there anything or anyone that has pulled you in so swiftly, a friend, a spouse? Do you know a sweet little girl like Nessie without the being half vampire of course. Tell us a little about it!

As always, our Design Team has fantastic projects to display for this week’s challenge – please go and check us all out!

Beth ~ Dani ~ Eve ~ Jen ~ Julie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca ~Tonya

with Guest Designers:

Alison ~ Donna ~ Jacquie

Yes folks, I did it. Well, I didn’t really do it… Gene did it and the TTIC girls helped a lot. I actually got the actual post up! Go me! I mean… us!!!

So, here is the story about what I made. First, I have to say that it’s been a long time since I sat down to draw anything, but I really wanted to do something different from a layout or a card. So I came up with this. In Twilight, Edward and Bella reference themselves as the “Lion falling in love with the Lamb.” And in Breaking Dawn, Bella gives birth to Renesmee who is nicknamed (to Bella’s dismay) Nessie. So, I decided to draw a lion, a lamb, and Nessie. The Loch Ness Monster. I had seen a t-shirt that had a silhouette of the 3 animals, so I wanted to make mine different, of course. I wanted to do something cute and cartoonie, not realistic. I used pencil and watercolor marker for the piece. I think it’s cute. I’m happy with it.

For the comment portion…of course I could tell you about how I was instantly taken by my kids, but any mom could tel that story. I’ll tell you about a little girl that won me over as soon as I met her. Her name was Sarah, I met her when she was 6 and I was working at Michaels. I don’t remember the circumstances anymore, all I remember was falling in love with this girl instantly. I needed to be around her, to hang out with her, to build a relationship with her. It was so weird! What was great was that she really liked me to. She would hang out with me at my floral design counter (because her mom would bring her to visit me), because we had instantly bonded. I loved this little girl. Loved her so much that I would actually tear up when I saw her coming to me. So weird for me. I wanted this little girl as my own child. She was so smart, funny and creative. It feels so weird for me to even be writing this stuff… I even told her mom that I loved her but couldn’t really explain why. Sarah even made me a diorama of us hanging together at my floral counter! I have it in my workshop to this day… I had even invited her to my wedding (with her mom’s accompaniment of course!)… but she didn’t get to come. The family moved soon after I got married (though it wasn’t supposed to be far) and I never saw her again. Bu this time she’s probably about 14 or so… and I wonder what she’s like now. This short little paragraph about her doesn’t really do her justice, but she captured my heart in a big way. I wonder what would happen if I saw her today… Would she remember me? Would she still wanna hang out with me? I’d like to think that she would… She was a great kid. I can only hope that she’s doing well. She gave me the tiniest taste of what loving a child you created would be like, and I am forever grateful to Miss Sarah for that.

IMG_4815IMG_4816 Here are close-ups. But, you can just click on an image to view any of the photos larger!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Rhiannon is Rad!

Hello again! Before I tell you about my layout here, I'd like to mention 2 things. First, I am the proud winner of Julie's Blog Candy! Check out her fantabulous blog at: http://www.starsfallcreations.com/! Second (and this is pretty crazy!) you MUST go to http://www.twilighttuesday.com/ and check out the latest post (which just happens to be from Julie too!). Uhhh, yeah...that's ME! That's my mug that you see as soon as you get to the site! Holy crow! May I just say that I was shocked to see it?!?!? But SO EXCITED!!! What wonderful things are happening to me!

So, on to radical Rhiannon! I made this page a few weeks ago and never had a chance to post it. I just LOVE this picture of her! And her little outfit ROCKS! I thought that it went perfectly with this paper. I cut out one of the rads that wound up behind her and glued it on top of the photo. I did the same with the little silver fellas that look like happy tribbles. I also used some great pink glittered cardstock as a mat and of course Stickles!!! Plus a couple of random brads that I had.All in all, it's a pretty simple layout but the paper make it look crazy! I just love this paper. It's from Bam Pop! which is one of my fave little scrapbooking companies. Their stuff is amazing. Check out their site: www.bampop.com. Don't forget to click on the photos for a close up! The colors are actually brighter in person, but, you'll get the idea. Ain't she cute?!?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Love Custom Work!

I love to scrapbook. Not just my photos, but other people's photos too! And sometimes, it's fun to scrap without any photos at all! Custom work can sometimes be tough (ie: when they give me horrendous pictures, which is what often happens), but I still love to do it. I love the challenge. I had gotten an order a couple of weeks ago to do an 8.5x11 album for a Bat Mitzvah. My customer told me that she wanted in to be black, white, and hot pink. She told me to make it "WILD!" Her words. I've done some work for her in the past, so she knew my style and told me to run with the project. She stressed the "wild" part to me a few times, which made me really excited because I often have to restrain myself. Folks don't always "get" my style... but this customer, totally gets me. So, away I went! Here are a couple of layouts I made for the book. I also had the joy of painting the covers because we used an American Crafts naked D-Ring Binder (LOVE!). I think that the entire book came out really cool. I'll be delivering it to her tomorrow. I hope that she loves it. I think it's rad... but there's always that little bit 'o doubt in the back of my head! Unfortunately, this is the last bit of custom work that I have at the moment. Sniff. Hopefully I'll get some more soon. However, that just frees me up to do some of my own scrappin'! And I sure have a whole lot to do!!! (Click on the photos to get a bigger picture!)

PS: I have officially added a stat counter! So, keep coming to visit my little blog, and tell your buds to visit too! Make my blog feel special pleeze!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TTIC #34- Project Portion

Well whatdaya know? TWO posts in one day!!! I had to get this done, even though I still can't get the original post up fro TTIC. I've gotten some great recommendations, so tomorrow I'll try 'em out. I shant be doin' any experimenting at 10:40PM!

Here is my project for this week's Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge! This project is extra special because it's for my husband and it's my first challenge as a TTIC Guest Designer!!! Again, it's supposed to be about the Summer. Please go to http://www.twilighttuesday.com/ for the whole story. I will try to repost it tomorrow... I made this card for Gene (please read why in the post below). He hasn't even seen it yet, or know that I was making it... so surprise Babe!!! The outside of the card simply says "Remember..." and, sorry folks, but the inside is private! :} I used real sand from Nix's sandbox and this adorable Adirondack chair stamp that I have. Inks created the look of the sky, the sea, the sand, and the sun. I used an ivory cardstock for the card itself (I'm really into ivory lately... I don't know why!) in order to keep the tones muted. I'm so please with how it came out. I just hope that Gene likes it! I guess I'll find out after he reads my blog! So, I guess that's it. Please make sure that you go to http://www.twilighttuesday.com/ to see all of the other wonderful projects!

TTIC #34 Celebrate Summer- Comment Portion

It's been a really hectic time for me as I mentioned in past posts, so I only am posting the comment portion for this week's Twilight Tuesday for the moment. I will have the project portion up soon (I hope!). This week's challenge is from Jen. Here's her Comment Challenge:
Do you have a favorite summer adventure of your own? I want to hear about it!It could be from your childhood or currently.Do you have any exciting things planned for THIS summer?I'd love to hear about those too!

So here's my story. It was the Summer of 2000. Actually it started about 2 weeks before summer actually began... June 14th to be exact! It was such a special time... Gene and I had just gotten together. Every Thursday, was "our day," and we would go to the beach. Not to be among the masses and tan, but to a more private beach to just be together. We would also go to Starbucks (which I am SO craving right now... and I haven't had it in, well, YEARS!). We would just be together. It was lovely. That was one of the most important times (and most wonderful) of our relationship in my opinion. This was the time that we learned about each other. We bared our souls to each other and discovered that we were meant to be together forever. We talked so much... there was always so much to say... we held hands...we kissed... it was pure magic. Every year, at this time, I think back to that very special Summer and wish we had time to go back to the beach (alone) and back to Starbucks (alone) and revisit all of those wonderful memories that are locked up in my heart. We'll get to go back sometime... Just don't know when (cause sometimes it's just hard to get a babysitter!). But sometime soon I hope. I think that as the years go by, and things change/happen (kids for example), it's important to revisit the things that originally got people together or helped with the process of falling in love. So, a visit to the beach would be lovely, for so many reasons.

I'd just like to say, that I'd really like to copy/paste the links to the other ladies projects, but I've got no idea how. I tired it this morning... but to no avail. I'll have to ask one of the girls at TTIC... so for now, just go to www.twilighttuesday.com and check out all of the other wonderful projects!!! And hey... maybe you could participate too!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catch Up Week on TTIC

Big exhale for me... There has been SO much going on right now... I've been busy packing up my store (sniff), working on Custom Albums, re-doing my craft room, and of course, gearing myself to be as good as I can as a Designer for Twilight Tuesday! This week was a catch up week, so we could redo a project or create something for a challenge we didn't participate in. A few posts ago I had done the Northwest Challenge I had a vision or what I wanted right away... I even was going to incorporate the May Sketch Challenge into it. Time escaped, couldn't find the right stamps, blah, blah blah... So I made a real quickie card that I wasn't too keen on. Thankfully, I took the time to redo this baby exactly how I wanted it. I'm quite happy with it now. It's got dimension, a bit of color, and a wonderful story behind it. For more info, check out the original post on this topic. I think this version is so much better! Now... on to my next project! Hmmm... which should it be? Clean my craft room? Finish my custom work? Another TTIC redo? Decisions, decisions... :}

Friday, June 5, 2009

Twilight Midnight Release Part Mini Album

First, let me say that I am still having a hard time figuring out how to get my pics in my blog properly. Second, allow me to apologize for having lame carpet in the background of the 2nd photo instead of the pretty clovers. Let's just say that I got a little "delete" happy and it's been raining like I live in Forks since then. Now that that's out of the way... here is the mini album I created for my Design Team submission for Twilight Tuesday! I wanted to make this book since, like, March 22nd (the day after the movie came out for all you non-Twilighters!). So, this was the perfect time to make the book since I really needed something good for TTIC. Pam, Terry, Diana, and I had such a fantastic time, as you may be able to tell from my photos! :} And, I had the BEST time making this little book! I was Stickles-happy, used some of my favorite paper, plus a lot of other way-cool products that I love. I really am very happy with how it turned out... and I guess the girls at TTIC are too!
If you click on the images, you'll be able to view the photos larger, so that you can check out each individual page. For some reason, some of my shots are uploading sideways, and damned if I know how to fix it! I think one of my faves is the back cover. It says: "The worst movie I ever loved." At the Borders Release Party, they had a sign in board (I have no idea why.). So, all the Baby Twihards were signing "I love Rob," or "Future Mrs. Cullen," etc. So, being the outspoken person that I am... I decided to add my 2 cents. That was what I had written. I am quite sure that as soon as I walked away, the Baby Twerds cursed me and ceremoniously scratched out my comment. So, I used it on my book not only 'cause it's totally true, but the Baby Twifans can't scratch that one out! :) I know... I've lost it...
So there ya go! Enjoy my book, and make sure you visit www.twilighttuesday for the other Design Team winners, Donna and Jacquie! Oh, and don't forget to check back here for my next submission to TTIC!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainbows in Twilight

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! There have been many rain clouds hanging over my head lately. But today, I caught a rainbow! I am one of three Guest Designers for Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge!!! I cannot explain how badly I wanted this. With all that's been going wrong recently, I needed this. And, I worked my ass off... it worked! We needed to submit one of the previous challenges and create a new Twilight piece to the admin team for judging. I submitted my "Void" project (see my Void blog from April 11th.) and a mini album all about the Twilight Midnight Release Party (and my after-party). I will show you the mini album I made in my next blog (no brain to upload photos now... but you can check out a couple of pics on the TTIC Blog!).
I've just gotta say thank you to all the TTIC gals. They're all fantabulous and I am honored to be a part of the TTIC experience. I so look forward to creating awesome projects right along with them. I've already had so much fun with their challenges, I cannot wait to do even more! And now... I'm a Guest Designer!!!!!!!! I'm so proud!!!!!!
If you haven't been to the Twilight Tuesday site, PLEASE go and check it out! This is about more than just Twilight, this is about great designers. Oh, and a whole lotta fun too! http://www.twilighttuesday.com/

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Hilarity of it All

Dear Blog,
I have not forgotten you. I have just been so busy. I think about you all the time... truly I do... But, what with my store closing (yesterday), the TTIC design team submission (I SO WANT IT!), babies, and Joel McHale... I just haven't had a whole lotta time. You understand, don't you? What? Wait a sec Blog.... you don't know who Joel McHale is? From The Soup on E! No, no, no... it's not called Talk Soup anymore! It's just The Soup. Joel is the host. Best host the show ever had really (sorry Jim!) . So yeah, Gene and I saw Joel the other night in Westbury... what? How was he? Freakin' hilarious Blog! uh? You wanna hear about it? But I was busy giving you an apology for not using you lately... ok OK!!! I'll tell you about Joel! Geez...

Mr. McHale is a tall, lanky guy who is I believe part Finnish (which makes Gene very happy). This lank of his just adds to his comedic nature. He started off Sat. night talking about all things Soupy. From stupid Spencer (does anyone really watch that mess of a show?) to of course, his arch nemesis Tyra. Now picture this... the Theatre at Westbury is a small space and the stage is round. So the bit of bouncing he does on The Soup has now been brought into the 3rd dimension (no not only because he was standing in front of us live), because he's now bouncing and leaping around the stage to give his whole audience a good look at his... well, all of him I guess... So that alone was funny. But then he goes in to other things, like the mysterious bees that keep appearing on stage dying (what's up with that Westbury???), and his grandmother who apparently hates his show. His iprov is amazing (freaky dying bees on stage... come on!), and Gene and I were hysterical the whole time. And then Mr McHale bagins to talk about his 2 sons. Now, if I wasn't a parent with kids around the same age as his, maybe I wouldn't have thought this part to be as funny... but my goodness! Gene and I were crying because we laughed so hard! His older son has an obsession with lights... just like Phoenix. He also appears to be a genius puzzle master although he for some reason he cannot keep his own saliva in his mouth... just like Phoenix. Is this funny to you Blog? Just thinking about it is making me seize with laughter! This guy is ridiculous. We would see him again in a heartbeat. We laughed more with Joel than we did with George Carlin (yes, we got to see him live too!). Blog, do you have some free time? You should go see a Joel McHale show. He's amazing. And if you don't believe me... just ask MagicKat. She'll tell you the same thing. GO SEE JOEL!!!!!

Ahh, thanks Blog. I feel so much better now.